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Fazbear's Pizzeria is an open and welcoming fnaf rp server that welcomes LGBTQ+ members!
All users are welcome!
You can:
- submit any oc you want
- apply to be any canon character
- request for new rp channels to be added, and even have your own personal house channel!
- have your own personal qna channels for each of your characters, including your canon ones!
- apply to be a staff member
We have a working manual verification system to prevent raiders so you can rp without any worry.

We also have a drawn out layout of the in canon pizzeria, weekly fnaf art competitions, and a healthy community of 90 members. Our staff members are very helpful and friendly and you are welcome to dm any of them if you need help at any time. We look forward for you to join! <3
Welcome to the Fazbear Hotel , the latest location of Freddy's after the last one burned to the ground. Hope you will enjoy your stay , even if childrens will have fun , adults can have fun too !
The FNAF-Verse is a roleplay server , the main themes are FNAF and fantasy , as well as Erotica Roleplay , the animatronics can either be well , animatronics , or furries

All OC's are allowed , don't think it's a server where there can only be nightguards and animatronics , the roleplay areas are :

-A Mansion !
-A city !
-The ruins of a Freddy's strip club !
-Miscellaneous channels such as fangames !

The RP is a story , there are parts divided by important events , the burnt down of the Freddy's is one !

Here we , and you can have :

🍭 40+ color roles you can get by doing "color list" then "color = number" !

🤖 We've got lots of bots for lots of fun , you can suggest bots too !

🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly house , safe haven for ya'll lads !

🍆 NSFW server , you can ERP , or use bots to look at porn !

🎭 You are not forced to ERP , you can also do casual RP !

🍑 Come become a part of the story and join us for a dance with an handsome devil !

Note : Trollers and Raiders will be instantly destroyed upon entering this server , Owner is known to be the fastest banning machine in the West and he's talented in finding trolls and raids
This is a server where you can be baby animatronics. But you can also be a night guard if you want to. And you will probably not find a serious roleplay here.. But we include:

Canon Characters, Fnaf book characters

Nightguard OCs

Friendly Staff

And much more!
Hi welcome to my FNaF RP server where we rp chat and have fun (and maybe ship) but I hope you will join and have a good time
Hey you yes you are you looking to roleplay me to well join this server we offer
Fun bots to play with!
Friendly Staff
Active Owner
Friendly Community
🐻 🐰 🐤 🦊 _________________________________________

- ⓁⓄⓇⒺ -

Once Circus Baby's Pizza World closed, William Afton sold his company to an unknown man to prevent bankruptcy. This figure quickly gained control of Wall Street and had gained a portion of stock in the majority of leading worldwide corporations, even buying a large number of oil fields. The figure did this to distract the United Nations, while he revived and covered up the dark past of Fazbear's. He built major animatronic production facilities in Cornwall, England, and Tucson, Arizona. the Cornwall location shut down in 2008 however, due to a fatal incident.

This event was also covered up by the figure, and the Arizona location worked overtime to make up for the loss. Three years later, a line of animatronics named "American Dream" was produced, which were robots based upon prominent historical figures, which were shown along with prominent figures and in museums. The company had now achieved the most profits it had in its history, and they were able to establish a parent company named Fazbear International, which contained the events of Afton Robotics and Fazbear Entertainment. The older original animatronics were recovered, rebooted and repaired for the company. In the current year, Fazbear Entertainment is prospering, opening a new pizzeria in Carson City, Nevada. But it seems the past still haunts the restaurant despite efforts....

⭐️ Find Out More Once You Join ⭐️


• Various Roleplay Rooms
• An NSFW free server
• Tupper (Roleplay Bot)
• NotSoBot
• Our very own canon & lore
• Groovy (Music Bot)
• Tons of canon characters available for roleplay
• And more...

"The key to FNAF's story is that every tragedy will repeat. The pendelum will always swing back the way it came. Always returning to darkness. A vicious cycle that can only be stopped by itself , which Henry himself finally realizes in the end. And yet , it was already too late. The cycle restarted already , Henry's efforts were useless , and this loop will never end."

-⏱️- Welcome , ladies and gentlemens , boys and girls , sirs and ma'ams , brothers and sisters , Welcome to His Golden Legacy ! A server with an interesting concept : A lore that never ends. Yes , it never will. An endless loop of events that always seems so close to each other , yet so different.

-🤖- Here , we have a few bots , you can always request some if you want !
-We also have eras with multiple canons that changes over time , they never stay the same !
-🌈- An ingenious color system to make you love the design of the channels !
-🔧- A multi-bot named AvaIre , used for moderation and most importantly : Levels ! Not MEE6 levels , those levels have rewards over time you win those ! You gain roles , and with those rules , additional permissions ! At the end , Level 45 , you are almost an Helper ! (One of the staff team's ranks)
-🏳️‍🌈- LGBTQ+ are totally allowed in this server ! You are safe in there !
-☕- I hope you will enjoy your stay in this server ! It's maybe small but it's slowly growing !
This is a fnaf rp server for 13+ cause beware of naughty stuff so yeah just join and have fun rp and do whatever
Welcome to Fnaf Land RP. Where you can rp and have a lot of fun in the fnaf amusement park. This also includes Disney, Pixar, and Nintendo as well even Bendy And The Ink Machine it's a full awesome world. You can either be a Animatronic, Staff Member or just a Civilian the options are endless. Enjoy exploring the world of FNAF.
Hello! Seems youve stumbled upon our server huh? Well, this server is almost entirely based on Fnaf roleplay and kin. It is a community where we all come together and just have fun! And if something bad happens, we will be sure to tie loose ends and sweep it under the rug. Even if you dont kin or want to roleplay you can join to make friends anyway! Welp, I gotta get going! There are some kids to perform for! Ill go grab my banjo and be on my way. See ya on the Flip-Side ;).
♫★"Hello, hello? Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night."★♫
★Sorry for the disappearance, but the Show must go on!★

★Welcome to Showtime at Freddy's, a FNAF Server with active staff, owner, and plenty of locations to choose from!★
A short list of what we have to offer:

★An open OC system where you can make your own animatronic or Fazbear Staff member!
★ An audition service where you can become a canon animatronic or nightguard!
★ Locations from most of the games, and a Combined Location!
★ Owner and staff who will try and help where possible, and be active on the server!
★ And multiple channels to send whatever it may be!

♫★"Well, I think that's it. Uh, you should be golden. Uh, check the lights, put on the Freddy head if you need to, uh, keep the music box wound up, piece of cake. Have a good night, and I'll talk to you tomorrow."★♫

To the wonderful would of Freddy and Friends enjoy our pizza and have a great time. Just make sure to keep an eye on those kids!

This is a server that has all kinds of stuff you can roleplay with. There if Fnaf 1 through whatever. We have all the Fnaf games. We hope you could Join.

The name to this server has nothing to do with the actual roleplay it is just a title and in my opinion a pretty good one, the more games that will be added the more we add to the server.

You may play as an Oc, Human, Canon, Or Fanmade Character. We have everything from a city to a factory where the animatronics were built we even have our own Oc wonderland.
Welcome To Freddys RP, a magical place for roleplayers alike... blah blah blah. Just come on down and roleplay with us! We have every single FNAF location, and even ERP rooms!
Brand-New FNAF roleplay server. Drop by for a bite anytime!
We absolutely love feedback, please tell us about the many things we're doing wrong! OC's are allowed, encouraged, even.
Lookin' for mods, so if you want to mod a roleplay server, just stop by and ask Fox-on-Stilts for an application! :)
Hello? Hello! My name is Ian, the Location Owner! I'm recording this message to welcome you to the fazbear family, we hope you'll enjoy your stay here! Whether you're a day guard, a night guard, janitor, or mechanic, you're an important part of this location! Now, I do want to...issue a bit of a company disclaimer, this place may seem a little spooky after hours, it's a place full of robots after all! But the thing I wanted to bring up was, uhh...the animatronics seem to wander at night, some do during the day too but, erm...they behave much differently...say, you're a dayguard and you show up at the night shift for some reason, please don''ll see a new more....erm, grown up side to the robots, some may even sling a few uh, profanities around..especially that smelly rabbit one we found in an alley-...anywho, I'm sure you'll be fine, it's just your first day or night! Oh and another thing, don't ask for a raise, we're on a tight budget, if you truly think you deserve one, then you better prove it, not trying to be rude or mean, but it's just how we at fazbears do so. Have fun!
(This Fnaf-RP server is for the fans who enjoy a lighter side to the fandom, such as seeing the freddys play a quartet)
◀ Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Where fantasy and fun come to life! Here at Freddy's Ultimate Roleplay, you can talk, chat with friends, and the main attraction, Roleplay! There is plenty of characters to choose from, as well as maps! Come join the animatronic family! ▶
Come party with the gang submit art and creat storys if you want to do 18+ Rp add the other person on discord and dm the rp, come join the fun, we're waiting for you
Hi! Welcome to the Fnaf Rp server!
Roleplay as your favorite fnaf character!
You can create your own oc’s
You can also claim characters from Fnac, tjotc and jollibee’s if you want!
You can claim 2 canon characters and 3 oc’s for different and many types of experiences!
We are lgtbq+ friendly
Join today and have fun!
A five nights at Freddy's rp server, where everyone and anyone is welcome.
Please be sure to read all of the rules and make an intro once you join.
Nightguard submissions are allowed.
Animatronic ocs and child ocs are not allowed at the moment.
Welcome to this server! We have...
Different RP styles (we have more one-liners. Don't join if that bothers you.)
Canon rp
Chill Staff
Hope you enjoy!
Hello my loves! Welcome to our server! Come join us for an amazing FNaF roleplay with our owner and our admins! We'll be sure to give you a warm welcome so you can feel welcomed here! We encourage highly for you to read the rules and make sure to read the canon list over to make sure not to submit a character who is already taken! Alright that's all, take care and don't be afraid to say hi!
Welcome to The Night Shift! Come on in and enjoy some lovely company! Spend time with other FNaF geeks, RP as your favourite fuzzy friends, and, of course, enjoy some delicious pizza! Just don't get too close to Freddy...
(The Night Shift is a primarily canon RP server featuring almost every location from the FNaF franchise!)

Enjoy features such as...

• Experienced Literate Roleplayers!

• Vast Character Availability!

• Self-Assignable Roles!

• Thorough OC Templates!

• Freelance Writing/RP Channels!

...and much, much more!