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Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's RP: Golden Server! Here we have..
Roleplay Roles
Original Characters
Regular RP Areas
Most of the FNaF Characters as roles

Make sure your DMs are enabled, you'll need it for authentication

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¡Welcome to the FNaF: Ultimate Custom RP Server!

Use OCs, or Canon Characters, even Non-Canon, in the different places from Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria to UCN.
And enjoy your stay, with the friendly Animatronics, that brings entertainment to the children!

---Any Suggerence, that is approved will be aplied, To Improve the Place---
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is no more, well at least the name isn’t. Freddy is no longer the highest authority in the joint, rather a new evil has taken over. Charles Fazbear, or what he considers himself to be 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙵𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙵𝚊𝚣𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚛 𝙵𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚢. He’s always taken the reigns, behind closed doors, a hidden menace that watches and knows all from the security cameras in every well-placed corner. He is your boss, and you must treat him as such. He is above every human in the company, as he poses as the current human CEO of the business.

Now is your time to shine at the Fazbear’s Pizza, find your role as a human or animatronic, old or new, canon or your own design.

- ⚠️ Nsfw channel with roles ⚠️
-🎉 OCs accepted 🎉
-🎖Dynamic Roleplay server🎖
-🎀 Friendly Staff 🎀
Welcome to the Vintage Amusement Park. This is a 90s Western and Fantasy theme park. This is also a FNAF rp server but it's not following the lore from the Five Nights At Freddys. Just think of this as a way better old Disneyland lol. Enjoy the park friends.
Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's: Roleplay & Community!


We have:

- An active owner

- Assignable roles ( react for role )

- Configured Auto-Moderation

- Roleplay channels

- NSFW channels

- Tupperbox bot

- Weekly hunger games event and much more!


Come and have fun at Five Nights at Freddy's: Roleplay & Community!
Hello, this is what to expect in the server!

Lots of people to chat and roleplay with
People with a funny sense of humor
FNaF Characters
Fan-Game Characters
Tons of channels, such as an art channel, rp channels, a meme channel, and more!

So if you like fnaf and roleplaying, this is the place to be!

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Welcome to our server we want you to stay awhile be active and most of all invite peeps. we are trying to currently get more people and take new approaches with this server
Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1992, where fantasy and fun come to life. Come join Freddy and the gang and have some pizza, and roleplay for a while! We have specific NSFW channels limited to an 18+ role, every room from the original FNAF 1 location, every character from FNAF 1 including a couple more, availability to OC's, and so much more! You've made a terrible career choice.
The Fazbear Indoor Theme Park is open for business!
This is an rp that takes place at an indoor theme park in the Five Nights at Freddy's universe. You can play as a visitor to the park, a worker, or even an animatronic! We wish to see you join the rp soon.
Welcome to The Pizzeria! Come on in and enjoy some lovely company! Spend time with other FNaF geeks, RP as your favourite fuzzy friends, and, of course, enjoy some delicious pizza! Just don't get too close to Freddy...
(Mostly canon RP server featuring almost every location from the FNaF franchise!)
The Town Of Hurricane

I know, it's name sounds bad, but this town is not what it seems. There have been a number of things occurring in this town for years. This town was one of the first settlements in the state of Utah and it seems to have stayed true to it's... non-technological ideals. But we don't talk about those.
After many years, the town is finally building up again! And it's also the tenth anniversary of the events that transpired a long time ago at that one place. It was a kid's place, it had pizza. That's all the town remembers. Or,
wants to remember...
After a long time, some people are finally coming back, with their families and friends. But there's one guy we don't want coming back. Although, we don't talk about him, either.
So, ignoring the arguing amongst townsmembers, Hurricane is a great place to be! As a matter of fact, apartments are free for the first three months of stay right now!
So come on in!
We'd love to have you.
The people of Hurricane, Utah.
Year: 1997
Welcome to Fazbear’s Late Night Pizza Delivery! A new Discord RP server for FNAF! Here you can play a wide variety of OC’s, Animatronic and Human alike! Play as Canon characters and just have fun with characters without fear of being called cringe!

There is a place for memes, art and even chatting about theories in the canon game! We are a really kind community and just wanna have fun with people who also like Fnaf!

So come on down to the Grand Re-Opening of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria! We have Job Options open and we are ready for you to join the Fazbear Family!
Name says its all, a server for rp
Make friends, roleplay canon characters or even oc's taking place in a fanmade location and fanmade characters in the canon lore taking place after the closure of the fnaf 2 location, but fnaf 1 doesnt take place. Basically an alternate universe.
Are YOU a fan of Undertale, Deltarune, and/or FNaF? If you are, this is the right server for you! This server contains Undertale, Deltarune, and FNaF discussions, theories, roleplay, memes, etc! Come on down and join the fun!
Welcome to Five Nights At Freddy's Community & Roleplay server!

We have a lot of RolePlay channels and a few bots that are fun to use!

Come and enjoy your stay!
This is A Roleplay Sever For FNAF,It’s new so I’m working on things in the Server so,Join if you want.Thank You For your time!
This is a server for fnaf fans with events role play and much more come along for the ride
Welcome to The FNaF RP Center! Here you can roleplay with your friends, or whoever really. We have an NSFW section for all you people out there too, and we will be adding more things as development goes on. You can post your talents on our server, including Art, SFM, and almost anything. Come enjoy your stay at The FNaF RP Center, and maybe stay for a bite!
Bonjour/Bonsoir, dans ce serveur nous ne trouvons pas que du rp, bien-sûr il y'a des salons hors rp pour faire connaissance ou juste partager nos passions.

Voici l'histoire:
A cause d'un malentendu, Le gardien de nuit a transformé touts les animatroniques en humain. Ils ont maintenant une apparence humaine, certains ont changé de personnalité. Le rp commence quand les "humantroniques" se réveillent dans un endroit inconnu qui n'est autre que le Lycée "Academia Night", ils se réveillent en se demandant où ils ont évidemment, leur apparence n'est pas si "normal" que ça. Alors certains élèves prennent peur, d'autre au contraire sont impressionnés et vont même peut être devenir amis avec eux pour les aider a vivre dans leur nouveau corps.

Bien sûr le server est encore en cours de développement de l'aide ne serai pas de refus ^^.