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Welcome to BedWars Discord

Here we have a rapidly growing community of players across the world 🌍
And we want you to be a part of it.

Why you should join?

- Friendly community
- Active community
- Giveaways (Hypixel ranks, Discord Nitro and Optifine capes and more)
- Monthly tournaments
- And more!

Welcome to DiamondLunatic! We are a Minecraft clan on Hypixel that is growing fast, but we are also a community that everyone is welcome to join. If you are interested in joining our clan, please do /apply in #application. Have a great day!
Do you play Minecraft?
Do you have no friends?
Do you have nobody to play Minecraft with?
Lmao you loser
join our server; everyone here is just like you

just do it pls we’re lonely
(Minecraft Java edition, we play hypixel primarily, but half of us don’t even play Minecraft so join anyways lmao)
Welcome to the unofficial Hypixel Community Hub!
This server is for the community of Hypixel to give their opinions, but not have to be scared that they say the wrong thing and inevitably get banned by a moderator for saying something bad about the server!
We take good and bad opinions and discuss them with each other!
Welcome to the official Discord of! Search Hytale Names and check their availability and see what type of names other Hytale Fans are searching!
Hypixel Community Discord

Redeem your Hypixel rank
Staff Roles: OWNER, ADMIN, MOD, and HELPER
Player Roles: Default, VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+, and MVP++
Other Roles: YOUTUBE and BOTERATOR (bots)
Apply for HELPER, and work your way up to MOD, then ADMIN
Get YOUTUBE rank with only 100 subscribers

Join the newest and most trendiest Hypixel Community Discord:
Join the Hytale Discord! Website: | Forums:
Forum Wonderland is a Hypixel forum related Discord server for everyone!
Fully customizable Hytale Discord Bot! Get all the latest Hytale Blog posts, videos, and tweets. Host giveaways, welcome new members, give invite rewards, collect donations, and much more! Download at
Advertise your Hytale Server, Discord, Youtube Channel, or Website in the largest Hytale Portal Server!
The Biggest and Most Active Hytale Discord Server, based upon Hypixel Studios' new upcoming game - HYTALE!
Welcome to our server! We are a Powerpuff-themed guild on Hypixel! We hope to meet and create new relationships with our members! We are a safe LGBTQ space and welcome people with diverse cultures!
Join the Jampot Nation for fun, games and giveaways!
🎉 Welcome to Hytale Junction 🎉
A community hub for the upcoming game Hytale!

If you're looking to connect with other fans, server owners, developers, artists, or content creators, this is the place for you!

===Why Join?===
► Assign yourself ranks to show what you do in Hytale
► Role-specific channels so you only see what you care about
► Twitter Alerts from Hytale
► Easy list of Hytale Resources

💬 Chat with us on our forum:
Hytale Italia è la prima comunità italiana dedicata al nuovo titolo in uscita dai colossi di Hypixel, noto server popolare di Minecraft. Le persone che hanno creato quel server hanno deciso di spiccare il volo oltre i confini del gioco di Mojang e hanno annunciato un nuovo gioco, Hytale.

Subito dopo l'annuncio del gioco, il nostro team si è messo immediatamente al lavoro per garantire il miglior punto di ritrovo italiano con notizie e una community dove poter discutere del gioco, ma anche divertirsi con la community stessa, infatti sono presenti moltissimi canali e mini giochi! ~ Server fondato dal 07-12-2018 ~
Just a small Hytale server trying to grow bigger.
NOTE: I am NOT the owner of this server!
We are a server that has a nice community that is always ready to play games and just talk. We have a leveling system that you can gain roles from. We also have a bunch of bots!
Привет дорогой друг вступи на наш сервер ведь здесь ты можешь найти напарника для игры minecraft
Welcome to the bedwars gods server!
We are a fun and enjoyable community that you may want to participate in ! We love new and highly experienced players from all over the world.
Топ сервер! Добрые админы! Большой онлайн! Все тут добрые!
Клинусь модерами:D
Lukaip's discord server! Lukaip is a Hypixel content creator, and this is his server. It's a work in progress but we'd love for new people to join in and give suggestions! Here is a good place for meeting new people in this community :)
Learn tips and tricks how to get better at hypixel bedwars! You can also have fun with music bots and active staff. We also give out YT ranks to people with 1k subscribers or more.