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Miscellaneous was originally a Discord server made for anyone apart of the Miscellaneous Guild on the Hypixel Minecraft server, but we are now public for anyone to join! We have over 100 members and tons of fun things to do!
The Biggest and Most Active Hytale Discord Server, based upon Hypixel Studios' new upcoming game - HYTALE!
⚔️ Small Minecraft community! ⚔️
The majority of members play on Hypixel!
We have Economy 💰
Music Channels 🎵
MEE6 Leveling System 💪
Nice community! Join today!
Servidor para aquellos jugadores que desean jugar a Hytale pero... ¿No tienes gente para jugar? ¡Pues este servidor es la solucion! ¡Unete y se parte de Hytale!
Tenemos muchas cosas que te pueden gustar, entra al servidor y mira por tu cuenta, el servidor esta recientemente creado pero poco a poco iremos incorporando mas cosas.
A eso que por ahora tenemos pocos usuarios pero mediante el avance esperamos que venga mas gente con nosotros, queremos formar una gran comunidad.
En el servidor tienes mas informacion asi que... ¿Que esperas? ¡Unete a esta gran comunidad!

Si tienes alguna duda contacta a este usuario de Discrod: Mattplay#1938
The fastest & most reliable source of Hytale news. Stay up to date and join the community!
We cover literally everything, from Hytale's official tweets to youtube videos, blog posts, hidden videos, easter eggs, images & other media.
This server will be community driven, just like Hytale!
Hypixel Community Discord (Unofficial)! CURRENTLY HOLDING INVITE GIVEAWAY! ($50+) Help & Support for all Hypixel/Minecraft needs. Hypixel based text & voice channels. Custom Hypixel based ranks, Hypixel Staff, invite rewards, shoutouts, leveling rewards and much more!
Welcome to the Hyorbis Twitter! We are a team that is working on creating a server on Hytale
🔰 Are you looking for a server with great community, bots, channels and much more? 🔰 Than Kiwi's fruitbowl 🥝 is the one for you! Join today for
🤗 AWESOME community 🤗
🤖 GREAT and FUN bots 🤖
💬 COOL and CUSTOM commands 💬
📘 COLORFUL roles 📗
❓ DAILY questions ❔
📝 and MUCH MORE! 📝
Join now! It's free!
You won't regret it! 😉
Hytale Italia è la prima comunità italiana dedicata al nuovo titolo in uscita dai colossi di Hypixel, noto server popolare di Minecraft. Le persone che hanno creato quel server hanno deciso di spiccare il volo oltre i confini del gioco di Mojang e hanno annunciato un nuovo gioco, Hytale.

Subito dopo l'annuncio del gioco, il nostro team si è messo immediatamente al lavoro per garantire il miglior punto di ritrovo italiano con notizie e una community dove poter discutere del gioco, ma anche divertirsi con la community stessa, infatti sono presenti moltissimi canali e mini giochi! ~ Server fondato dal 07-12-2018 ~
HytaleES, Comunidad hispanohablante de Hytale, entra y forma parte de nuestra comunidad !
Are you looking for a high quality hytale discord server for your future hytale adventure? Well you have come to the right place! Here are some things we have to offer;

A high quality hytale discord server for everything hytale related!
A great community
Experienced staff
And much more!

And if you dont know what Hytale is, go to or watch the trailer!
Hi! Do you like Minecraft and Hypixel stuff? Well look no more! This server is made for fans of a YouTuber, Ploom, and he's channel link is here. Join the server to don't miss recent videos, talk with cool community, play on streams, and have fun!
The Youtuber Mr Risky's Public Discord where he responds to people every day
-Meet new friends!
-Find gamers to play your favorite game!
-Meet youtubers!
-Recieve rewards by inviting your friends and people to this discord server
-Win giveaways and many more...
Hytale Forum is a new fun and friendly (unofficial) community for all Hytale lovers! Growing by over 300 users in one day, the server is a hit with its members. Everyone in the server is hyped for the release of the game. Join today!
Welcome to BedWars Discord

Here we have a rapidly growing community of players across the world 🌍
And we want you to be a part of it.

Why you should join?

- Friendly community
- Active community
- Giveaways (Hypixel ranks, Discord Nitro and Optifine capes and more)
- Monthly tournaments
- And more!

225+ members, active community. Community projects. Giveaways and many more!
Hytale Hype is a Discord server designed specifically around getting ready for the release of Hypixel Studios new standalone title "Hytale". This server is primarily for discussion, speculation, leaks, etc. Anything to do with getting excited for Hytale.
Welcome to Energin, We Own a KitPvP Minecraft server with Tons of Custom features. We have very friendly staff And a Active Community.

Anyone is Welcome to Join.
Hypixel bedwars discord mostly known as Hypickle bedwars a unofficial hypixel bedwars discord server, Feel free to join and chat with the other members! -Staff Team