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A furry prison server where we can rp in a prison environment, have fun and server our times . Or ensure inmates behave and punish them by sending them to solitary confinement. Keeping violent furs locked up safe from society in their 6 by 8 feet cells.
A simple roleplay server that's based within a complex prison. For those who want to just have some fun and make some new friends! We are a new server so we aren't big, looking for literate roleplayers that can bring some fun to the table while adhering to server rules!
this is a server that is kinda a prision rp and it is very fun. you could also just join and talk to other people
Yes, this server is serious, you join, you roleplay, that's it.
This idea came into my head just now, so I mean, I don't know what to think about it
Welcome to Stockholm Prison, a place where the bad and the worse go! Life here is hard and all prisoners must be accustomed to the strict schedule. One step out of line and to solitary confinement you go.
Have you ever wanted to RP in a prison, being a prisoner or guard?

Well, this is your chance! Welcome to my prison roleplay discord server, we are excited to have you! We hope you have a great time & enjoy your stay in jail. :)
Welcome to this server, this where you RP as a guard or a prison. Besides from roleplaying, you can talk to your fellow members.
**”Welcome to {Hen’na}**
**An Inter-dimensional Prison for the smartest, dangerous, and sly criminals known for universal terror. Can this get any weirder? This inter-dimensional prison facility is built in a time-warped location, and built literally whereas a dead god resides- What’s left, anyways. The Guards and Prison Keep are most likely females. Why? Sounds suspicious, right? Besides that, Security is given a shit load of weapons that are to ensure that the prisoners are kept within this shit hole, one way or another.”**
**”Not only are they armed to the teeth with weapons that are made for each and every one of us, they’ve been enhanced. By the same damned reason why this place is time-warped. They were able to gain powers or abilities from the bone marrow of the dead god’s physical form or corpse by now. This prison was made for us prisoners who had gotten this far to make a name or some other reasoning. This prison...that we’re in...? Yeah, it’s always kept on high alert, and supervised by the one and only “Big Boss.” She’s in charge of this entire facility here. She oversees the punishments, new shipments of arriving criminals, and even weapons and security. Welcome to your new hellish home. Oh- and by the way. I’m Inmate #779, but you don’t have to call me that. Just call me Louie. Watch your back here. And...good luck.”**
!!Please do not join If you are younger than 15, thank you!!
*✿❀Jail HeadQuarters*✿❀
Jail Head Quarters is a community where you can meet new people, share your interest for K-Pop, J-Pop, ETC and much more! (Oh, we're also a jail server~"
✧・゚: ✧・゚: RULES :・゚✧:・゚✧
✧ Respect each and every member in this server
✧ No Drama Is Allowed.
✧ No sort of Hate is Allowed (Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, ETC.)
✧ No NSFW is tolerated (This is a Server For All Ages)
✧ Listen to the Staff, they're in charge when I'm offline
✧ No harassing is allowed
✧ Do NOT raid or spam
✧ No self promo this includes: Instagram, YouTube, Discord, Snapchat, ETC.
✧ Don't act immature, it's okay to be silly once and a while but don't push it.
We hope you join our server, and you enjoy your time here~ <3
Welcome to Cadeia Institute. We will take great care of your lovely miracle. You can take a peek of all of our amazing state of the art hobby and delinquent character building facilities. We hope that we can be of service to you at Cadeia University.

✅ A roleplay set in a juvenile delinquent reformatory.
✅ Exciting channels to explore.
✅Helpful staff.
✅ Organized character system.
Staff needed!!
Welcome new meat! Here is where you will spend the foreseeable part of your future, NOW GET IN LINE MAGGOT! this is an rp based around Kurth Station, a galactic prison floating inside an asteroid belt in alpha centuri. A place for the galaxies shiftiest people, so if you fit that description, or if you just want to check it out, welcome, and get in line.
Welcome to Illwood Dentention Centre, the city designed to take in criminals and get them back on the road to 'normal'. The advert said that it was a place where everyone was safe, people could laugh, sing and enjoy themselves, and where they could help you get realise your mistakes. On the outside, it seems perfectly charming. Just don't talk to the people inside.

Everyone in here has committed a crime, including you. Whether it was on purpose or you got framed, you still did bad. At first, everything is normal, with the occasional person getting slightly out of line, but nothing much more. Then there's a strange announcement, and everything changes - for the worse. Will you make it out?

Create your own character and throw them into Illwood Detention Center. Did they commit a crime? Were they framed? Make them how you want, and see what happens!
Looks like you ended up in this place woops :/
a place to meet new jailmates and start crimes!
also we have the following:
-nsfw channel-
-bots with fun perks-
-friendly people-

Please dont start drama in our server.
Also you must know our prefix of language in this server is English and we would like to stick to an only English server very sorry if you do not speak it.
Have a great time in our prison!

In this server, you can find people talking about all kind of games when it comes to roblox, down to cs:go. This server is kind of new so new channels and voice channels will pop up.
This server also allows you to talk about your personal feelings out. It's okay to have issues going on in your life. That's why people are here to help you.
You can post all kind of pictures when it comes down to art. No inappropriate pictures please. But, you can post memes.
Now we do have some rules which can bring you to jail but we don't use them. We had been thinking to update our rules but that will also change in the future. I hope you would join our server called "Kids Who Play Games". We accept everyone and everything!
Welcome to claudian prison holding! We house inmates that are preparing for trial and have short sentences. After you join you will be classified and sent to a housing unit waiting for trial.
This server was made by realdanish. It was inspired and was supposed to be like a prison, and i hope you will enjoy it!