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Want to have an ultra ultimate Slavic experience? A Discord without capitalist pig garbage? The Soviet Union is for you, comrade. Don't delay, join us today!
Welcome to Slavic Union, a comfortable server without any specific topic, although we like fun, vodka, friends and serious political discussion.
Salut, si tu lit ce message, c'est que tu est sur Disboard, alors lit bien :

-Si tu est du délire Slav, et que tu as envie de gens sympathiques avec qui jouer,

-Et que tu as Discord,

Alors L'URSS est fait pour toi !

-Des giveaway,

-Des bots marrants,

-Un casino avec le blackjack et la roulette russe !

-Et un staff à l'écoute

-Et tout ça pour avoir une communauté française et active !

Alors n'hésite pas, et clique sur ce lien !!!
Welcome to the server of the Siberian language and Siberia's amateurs.
Будьте жывы-здоровы на служыльнику глянников сибирсково говора да Сибири-той.
Come slav Come all, Grab your best bottle of vodka and Your biggest ushanka, and join That Slav House you've always wanted to visit!
SlavFeed | We are a Slavic based community server we are open to all Slavic or not, we have VC's, dedicated language channels and also provide Slavic language material. SlavFeed is welcome to all, SlavFeed is created by the same people who created Slavic World.
Welcome to Slav Squat Corner comrades!

We have memes, we have roles, we have shops.
If you want to chill for a evening, listen to some music with our 3 music bots.
If you want to do **that** then we have channels and some bots for that stuff.
We have polls, admins, moderator roles and other staff roles available.

Come and join our server!

The purpose of this server is to find Slavs who are willing to learn/practice Rodnovery, discuss, and share information of all kinds about the Pagan Pantheon, as well as overall Slavic culture. Non-Slavs are also welcome, but must be Aryan/European.

We do not accept wiccans or other new-age believers, people in the LGBT+ community, porn/drug/alcohol addicts, or anyone degenerate. However, if you are one of these but willing to convert to a real Pagan we can offer help.

Spamming/trolling/degenerate behaviour is not tolerated.
Make friends with each other and possibly join our other affiliated servers in the community.

Sława Rodu!
The most Slavic server in the world crack open a cold vodka bottle talk about Slavic things.
Welcome to the most Slavic server you will ever find. We play only for fun-none of that competitive stuff, unless we organize some server events or tournaments. The main games of the server are For Honor (PC platform) and War Thunder. Main language is Serbian/English (EU server). Feel free to join at any time :)
PS: If you came to just sponsor your server, you will just get banned, we are here to play and chat, not spam server links ;)
A server where communists and socialists can talk together. This is a new server, so don't be surprised if it doesn't have that many members. Also, to raiders: We are a non-toxic community of communists and socialists. We do not want to harm anyone.
Just a fun Slavic server I made. Ain't much feature but still a good server. Stay Cheeki Breeki my friends.

We have blyatful stuffs>>
-(sort of) Fun Bots
-Blyatful Emotes
-Custom Personal Roles

Join and have a blyatful time
Greetings, comrades! Welcome to the Russian Chat! This server is very laid back, and the people are friendly! Everyone is welcome here, and all languages are accepted. We have channels for debating with others, sharing your Russian swears with your comrades, and more! Bring your semechki, vodka, and fellow slavs, and come join!
Welcome to MTA Server (Unofficial)!
- 3 Bots: Dyno, MEE6, Tatsumaki
- The Language Channels: Slavic(#russian,#polish,#czech)Latvian,Arabic,Spanish
- Cryptocurrency bot:
Chcesz posłuchać hardbassu, pogadać z fajnymi ludziami, poczuć się jak gopnik oraz zostać jednym z nich? W takim razie koniecznie wbij na nasz serwer. Mamy dużo botów, ogarniętą administrację oraz własną elektrownię atomową. Zapraszamy!

The Slav-Balts confederation server is a community in which we discuss slavic and baltic paganism, mythology, and culture. You do not need to be a slav or a balt to join but it is preferred.

We are only growing but wish to create a strong community in which we have many different baltic and slavic people.

We do not want:
- Wiccans, satanists, christians, new-age 'pagan' heathens. Unless you are one of those but wish to learn and convert to real baltic/slavic paganism you will not be accepted.
- People who identify as LGBT+ or its supporters
- Non-Europeans
-Trolls and spammers
-Non-contributive members
Server for all Slavs, we have a channel for every Slavic language, including Old Church Slavonic. Come for community, gaming, or language improvement, we have an English Channel as well, which is #general, so come and enjoy some time with Slavs of all kinds. (Still small, so help make active please)
lmao i don't really care just follow
discord tos

there's only one channel so have fun

suka blyat
This is a server for people without a soul, most likely you!!

Leave the guns at the door and bring in the vodka.
This is the slavic server! It's the germ of the future Slavic Union.
Join now, if you are Slav!
The Longhouse is a mixed Polytheist community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that seek to revive or draw inspiration from Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic, and Uralic cultures.