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Hello and welcome to The Balkan Federation
We accept all people and cultures
This is based on a Macedonian server(i will be adding serbian,croatian and other balkan nations soon)
We will be very happy if you join.

This is a political/mapping server in
which anyone is permited no matter ideology or anything else like that.We have roleplay, polls and contests but also casual chat to chat about anything.
Welcome to the server of the Siberian language and Siberia's lovers. We're a community of Siberian neoregionalists seeking for Siberian autonomy and promoting our local culture and language to masses. If you're interested in learning about Siberian culture and/or the language (the Slavic one, not to be confused with the other languages of Siberia), then you're in the right place!

Будьте жывы-здоровы на служыльнику глянников сибирсково говора да Сибири-той. Мы артель сибирских нововобласников, чо грабютса к сибирской самоволосе да продвижывают нашенски жызнеуряд да говор в народны кошы. Еси вам заманчиво изучеть про сибирской жызнеуряд да/али говор-то (словянской-то, не блукать с дружными говорами Сибири-той), вы в изабольным урыне дык!
Looking for a slavic community on roblox? Well look no more! The Slav Armada is here!

What we offer:

-a friendly community
-a lot of fun and interesting bots
-good admins
-giveaways (soon)
-various events
-a place for content creators to share their creations
-cool clothes


Also, keep in mind, we are not slavaboos so dont expect "funny haha vodka hardbass". We are normal people of slavic origin.
Join our community!

Server invite:
A server for those seeking to learn any of the three remaining Baltic languages, which include Latvian, Lithuanian, and Latgalian. All are welcome.
Welcome to MTA Server (Unofficial)!
We have:
● 3 Bots: Dyno, MEE6, Tatsumaki
● The Language Channels: Slavic(#russian,#polish,#czech)Latvian,Arabic,Spanish
● Cryptocurrency bot:
● MEE6 XP Level System (MEE6 Level 1-6 roles)
Welcome to the We The Slavs: Slavic Languages! It's a server, about as the name says - Slavic languages. But these are not only accustomed, well-known Slavic languages like Russian or Czech!
We have channels for various Slavic languages,
- these popular,
- as well as these smaller,
- minority languages,
- extinct languages
- and even Slavic conlangs.
I think some of the languages here you could even not hear about!
Erus, Siberian, Ponaschemu, East Sorbian -
A server where communists and socialists can talk together. This is a new server, so don't be surprised if it doesn't have that many members. Also, to raiders: We are a non-toxic community of communists and socialists. We do not want to harm anyone.
We are a roleplay and just gaming chilling all of that shit, but a moc country of Poland and we are apart of an alt-history universe and there are other servers you can join in the server.

Our unique server offers a variety of engaging community discussions on the topic of pretty much anything, of course primarily based around Slavicism and such. The community consists largely of memes, so if you're into that kind of stuff you'll definitely enjoy your time here.

Our main goal as of right now is to seek additional members to help fuel our community's overall environment and activity, with an ultimate dream of reaching a stable, protected and active stage of peace.

Keep in mind anyone can join this server - being of Slavic origins is not a necessity whatsoever! It is a widely accepting, LGBTQ+ safe environment. Moderation is strong in order to ensure the safety of our members.

Even if you don't decide to join, please do have fun with the rest of your day.
If your a slav this is where you can go! You can talk about food and culture, trips. You can debate. is Kosovo Serbian? Is North Macedonia Bulgarian? Is Crimea Ukraine or a Republic?
The Longhouse is a mixed Polytheist community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that seek to revive or draw inspiration from Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic, and Uralic cultures.
Slavs unite! Join our slavic Discord server to talk and learn from other slavs about slavic cultures, languages, news, or anything else. Also we love memes. But is it meme or meme? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hi! Welcome to ♥ Crush Club ♥! We are a new server made especially for people who are lonely and is looking for their special someone! Other than that, You can also come and talk to the members and have fun! You can join our vc night, campfire stories, bedtime stories, you can play with bots and so much more! We also have a verify role so you wouldn't worry too much! Come and join us now!
We'll be waiting for you! (´∀`)♡
SlavFeed | We are a Slavic based community server we are open to all Slavic or not, we have VC's, dedicated language channels and also provide Slavic language material. SlavFeed is welcome to all, SlavFeed is created by the same people who created Slavic World.
Welcome to Slav Squat Corner comrades!

We have memes, we have roles, we have shops.
If you want to chill for a evening, listen to some music with our 3 music bots.
If you want to do **that** then we have channels and some bots for that stuff.
We have polls, admins, moderator roles and other staff roles available.

Come and join our server!
Greetings, comrades! Welcome to the Russian Chat! This server is very laid back, and the people are friendly! Everyone is welcome here, and all languages are accepted. We have channels for debating with others, sharing your Russian swears with your comrades, and more! Bring your semechki, vodka, and fellow slavs, and come join!