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Welcome to the kingdom of Astorel! Tensions are running high between a human-centric group and every other creature that lives in the castle. The king and queen remain mysteriously away on some sort of job. And creatures lurk in the forests below.

Will you change the tide of the server? Join now and hop into a wild fantasy world!
The Bizarre Realm of Olarynn is a medieval fantasy RP based around an ever-evolving world and not only open and free roleplay, but a currency system, properties, character expansion, and a D&D style quest system!
**World of Daroisia**

Daroisia is a High Fantasy server based around Daroisia, with full custom *Lore*, *Templates*, and *Systems* to (hopefully) grant a (somewhat) professional Roleplay server for people to join and use, via vast usage of Google Docs!

You may RP from anything from a *Wanderer* to a *Lord*, whatever you want (and are willing to grind for)! The server will be receiving many **events** in the near future, and already has a fairly well flushed out **Bot System** for your chatting pleasure! No Pokemon by the way, the Owner has not yet degraded to that level.

When you join, you will get a **DM from YAGPBD** asking to verify. **Make sure** you click the link from YAGPBD, else you cannot view the full server and will be stuck as an outcast. Alone. In the dark. Until the Bot boots you for loitering. *Please* just verify. You were going to lose your credit card information anyways.

Daroisia will (maybe) be receiving constant updates for the foreseeable future, with votes being used to determine what the ~~plebians~~- I mean, members want. User interaction, amirite? Love me now.

That’s all really, but I do recommend you join, quite a lot of effort has been dumped into the server to start off as a fairly complete project. All it needs for the moment is Heroes and Lords to populate and explore the server, make friends, fight enemies, and make edgy kitsune assassins which will be shot on sight. Have a nice day, excuse the Ping, and hope you check out the server!

Link -
Welcome to Avalon, a land of 5 kingdoms filled with mysteries. This takes place after a 5 year war 20 years in the past. A war with twists and turns, ending in peace between the kingdoms and factions........ well.....for most of the kingdoms it became peaceful.

The kingdoms/factions are as followed:

Altea: A kingdom in the northeast, hidden from the outside world with the use of magic to keep out of the 5 year war 22 years ago. Who eventually intervened with their champion to reveal and help fight a bigger threat to the world.

Abilivia: A kingdom ravaged and destroyed by the 5 year war 22 years ago. It has now become a lawless land after the royal family was overthrown and the castle was destroyed. It is now filled with mercenaries, outlaws, and criminals. Crime rules this land now.

Eden: A heavenly kingdom. Beyond the norm of the mortal land where the other kingdoms are. The land is filled with angels and other beings alike. A kingdom that hasn’t fallen, even with the 5 year war 22 years ago. They are close allies with the kingdom of Altea after their champion informed them of the oncoming threat to the whole world. But this peaceful land is at war with Hell alone, again....there seems to never be an end in sight with their conflicts, peace almost seems impossible for the two.

Hell: Yes I said it. The under worldly kingdom. Beyond the norm of the mortal land lies the kingdom of Hell, where demons, creatures, and monsters roam. It’s not too bad of a place, it is mostly peaceful with the other lands after the 5 year war 22 years ago. But through the peace, conflict arose between Eden and Hell, they both seem to never find eternal peace.

Orcratia (the Phantoms): A fallen kingdom. This kingdom that stayed out of the war, but was ultimately brought into a battle into it in order to end it and it was destroyed. It is now occupied by a group of people called the Phantoms. They now aren’t seen as a kingdom anymore, but as a faction. They work like a wolf pack and are like family to each other. It consists of of bounty hunters who work for the highest bidder, following the rules of their founder. They lack numbers compared to other kingdoms, but they are a skilled faction of people that can contend with the likes of the other kingdoms. Only the rulers of the other kingdoms know about their origins.

This is a fantasy RP where you can side with one of the 5 factions of this land. All kinds of different races are in this land and are considered equal, especially after the war. We openly welcome new RPers so they can learn the ropes. All that is asked is that you follow the rules for RP and the server alike. You may even spectate if you aren’t sure about the RP.

We offer:
Friendly and encouraging staff!
Many different channels for you to RP in and even more to come!
Many different classes for your character to be!!!
Unique Weapons you can create!!!
Chances to become an important character with bonuses!!
Cool weapons you can earn!!
And more to come!!!
We do offer some NSFW channels and an ERP area for those of the age of age 18 and above. And we do ask for patience and time as the server grows and the lore develops. All we need is you and creativity! So come on and join us on this adventure! I’ll also be looking for staff eventually as the server grows, so stay peeled for that.
Ever find yourself pondering on if there is a place where all creatures and species of any kind, can come in peace to enjoy each other's company, get a job, have fun, and just make stupid choices?
Well the town of Riverend is the place for you! With all that goes around in the world, the small town of Riverend, home of the BEST tavern and Inn, Reverend, is a place to get away from the war that goes on outside. It's almost a bubble, sheltered and hidden. A place with harmony!
Hello! I'm Rae, the owner of the server, and I'd love to invite you to this wonderful community of people. We are small! But quality is better than quantity. I wish to see you there and personally meet you!
Ps. This is a literate rp server. Thank you!!! I honestly appreciate you reading this!
Alynthia: Rise to Power is a medieval fantasy roleplay server set in the year 1587. Despite being situated in the Renaissance Era and not the Middle Ages, there are still many aspects of the Middle Ages/Medieval Era that are incorporated/involved.

The Empire of Alynthia, or more formerly known by its common name, the Alynthian Empire, was an ever expanding and prosperous empire that reigned from its formation in 1357 up until its fall in 1530, resulting in the rotation of four different pairs of monarchs; all of them being from the same bloodline. Currently on the server, there are 6 monarchies (four kingdoms, two empires), one band of thieves, and a viking settlement.
The server is still a work-in-progress in terms of lore and a few other items such as flags and military counts for two of the monarchies, but is still active each and every day.

On Alynthia: Rise to Power, you will find:

» Roleplayers who have been roleplaying for at least 2+ years
» Developing lore
» A variety of characters and creatures; from royals, to knights, to satyrs, to dragons, etc.
» An ever-growing community of roleplayers from all over
Pveth is medieval fantasy role-play set in a fictional world. It is a role-play that features dark, gritty and mature elements. It is not a role-play of good versus evil, rather a role-play sitting in shades of grey. The personal ambitions of the character that make up its roster, the agenda of lords, and the everyday challenge of surviving. Politics and intrigue are a very large part of the role-play. The actions of a role-players character are not limited (as long as they are within the realm of possibility), and the big rule in the server is every action = reaction.

The goal of Pveth is to create an authentic and immersive role-play experience. To create a role-play that is not only centered around the characters that are of the royalty but also of the nobility that wishes to claw their way to the top, the peasantry looking to survive and maybe make a name for themselves or even a lone knight trying to prove his honor.

As stated above, this is not a role-play of good and evil. This is a role-play where it is composed of all sorts of characters. Your royalty may not be the good kings of fairy tales -- but more like tyrants. Your characters will not be able to always easily fulfill their ambitions -- their may be other characters that wish to stop them or even have conflicting interests.

The main focus of the role-play is the original characters that you make and how they interact with and shape the world around them. Alongside this are carefully crafted events that will occur over the course of the role-play -- but they have no set end and how they turn out is always dependent on the actions of the players.

This is not your standard kingdom role-play. Can you survive Pveth?
The Denaran Isles is a fantasy RP server which prides itself on having an active, friendly community, an immersive setting and on giving RPers huge amounts of creative freedom. Come on in; we'd love to meet you!
Hello there!
Welcome "Just a fantasy roleplay", like any other, i guess.
Anyways, feel free to join and enjoy your stay with us.
Welcome to your Local Fanasty Neighborhood. The name says it all but we made this server to unite people that love games, books, movies and so on centred around medieval and/or fantasy themes. We offer ranks to earn by being active in the server, channels for rp, and other channels to discuss what you love most. Our aim is to bring people together to make new friends and build a community where we can enjoy the wonders of the fantasy worlds.
We would love to see you here :D
Salut TOI ! Tu aimes le RP ? Eh bien ne cherche plus, Barovia est là pour toi.
Avec une communauté de plus de 800 membres, des centaines de salons et un univers très développé, tu pourras très bien jouer avec du monde, que jouer avec 2 ou 3 amis ! Participe aux quêtes, events, créé ton commerce, achète une maison, trouve l'amour et marie toi, deviens un assassin de renom ou un grand boulanger, tout est possible !
A server with multiple Kingdoms and a general fantasy setting, we allow inputs and other things to be worked into our server. Please do join and enjoy the experience.
The Kingdom of Aether is a Hetalia medieval-fantasy human AU roleplay with inspirations from D&D and GoT. Everyone is welcome to join, as long as you are familiar with the anime/webcomic, Axis Powers Hetalia! [If romance or smut is what you're looking for, this is NOT the place for you. Sure, we have those, but this AU does not revolve around those.]

Note: A lot of characters have been taken already- but please still check us out in case your muse is still available!
The Royal Alliance of Celestial Bodies is a large intricate roleplay for those who enjoy medieval fantasy and science fiction, come join the wondrous solar system and meet some cool new folks
“Resting on the edge of the Vardeux Kingdom borderlands, a growing village hides within the thick pine trees of the forest. Residents of this peculiar village come to find a new purpose, a place to call home, or find an escape from their old life.”

The Village of Sleepy Pines is a roleplaying server that hosts within a realm that loosely uses the D&D system and mechanics. Originally from Rolegate, the current members moved to Discord in hopes of expanding our friendly community.
This roleplay, while good for the more experienced roleplayers, serves as a nice place to have casual roleplays as it focuses more on the relationships between residents of a village/town as it develops.
The Land of Ascarthia is a relatively new server, with entirely custom lore and a new server expansion that was just added! The general lore of the server is this:

The four main kingdoms, which each represent each of the four main elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, are locked in a constant territorial war that has raged on for centuries. Though when the undead kingdom of Liazthur stirs up and causes the dead to rise up from their graves, the kingdoms make a temporary peace to fend off the undead waves. Play as an evolved race of humans known as the Deria, or play as an Irshac, a reptilian race that descended from dragons.

The server features include:

- Custom Races
- Monthly Server Expansions
- Fully customizable OCs
- Magic Systems
- Fun Events relating to the main lore
- Fun bots!

I hope you'll have fun in the mystical world of Ascarthia!
What is KOE?

KOE (Kingdom of Evergreen) Is a Discord Roleplay server by Katreese (aka Mod~Chan or Daddy Viktors Katstudon 93) that has a medieval fantasy setting. It’s mostly known for being a Kingdom that is ruled by two Queens, Anastsia and Krystal Lake. It started off as a simple server Katreese made in the summer, it wasn’t expected to blow up the way it did.

There’s a ton of races and powers to choose by (since you can literally choose any race.) It’s also a place where you can meet the most interesting characters such as: a Concubas Queen, an edgy incubus, a flamboyant general, a thieving gnome, and a literal platypus. Yes, there’s an actual Platypus in this server.

This server also tries it best to host events for the fellow members. Both in and out of the roleplay server. We hope you enjoy your time here, and you don’t leave a millisecond after joining.
[This is the community Discord for Skaldsong RP, a custom built play-by-post chat system with a forum serving as a bonus feature and single-sign-on management. Check out screen shots at]

Next Event: Hors du Spring

【May those who accept their Fate 
be granted Happiness,
May those who defy their Fate 
be granted Glory】
-Edel (Princess Tutu, 2002)

Enter the Tapestry, a secluded world built by a being known as The Great Skald and filled with beings stolen from other tales. Hero or villain, they are destined for a greatness that will affect the native inhabitants. But will it be the one they choose, or merely fall into?

You might be one such a 【skaldborne】... what will you bring to the Tapestry?

【Community Features】
♪ Engage with supportive, helpful members and staff.

♪ Participate and discover plots of various sizes, from gripping world lore to casual play.

♪ In-game events, both player and staff run!

♪ Extend the engagement with the use of the forum.

♪ An admin that constantly tries to improve the site based on user suggestion and feedback.

【Site Features】
Enjoy writing with a small, dedicated community to bring the world to life in a dynamic chat environment that includes:

♪ Multiple profiles on a single account, playable simultaneously!

♪ Customized post styling

♪ Robust character profiles, with avatars you can change to suit their mood at a click!

♪ Achievement recognition

♪ In-game currency and shops

♪ Multiple rooms, including a on-demand temporary room creator

♪ A lovingly built and detailed world setting,
【and More】
We're an up-and-coming roleplaying server centered around the medieval-fantasy genre. If anyone would like to join, be it to offer advice/constructive criticism, apply for administration/design/lore-creation, or just to hang out, we'd be happy to have you!
RPG style littéraire. Fast rp interdit.

(Amélioration à venir)


『 An 34 du calendrier Arcadien. L'air est irrespirable. La planète se meurt. Pour protéger l'espèce humaine, les autorités Manyëènne se trouve dans l'obligation d'évacuer toutes les personnes saines dans toutes les galeries sous terrainnes de ce monde. Il ne s'agissait là que de simple bâtisse, prévue pour quelques habitants, alors que les 4 870 personnes saines, se trouvait à bâtir ce monde nouveau.

Maintenant plus de deux siècles après cette incident, et que les habitants de Manyëøs se trouvent dans les sous terrains de l'ancienne cité, les mages semblent inlassablement chercher un moyen de purifier l'eau des puits, qui se trouve souvent en proie à de nombreuse contagion. Les sorciers quand à eux chercher à constamment améliorer ce monde grâce au manaa, et en aidant les humains restant d'une quelconque manière. Car oui, les humains sont proies au déclin de leur espèce, étant plus faible de nature que les personnes possédant de la magie dans leur veines, ces derniers s'éteignent petit à petit.

Voilà alors le combats de tout sorcier, venir en aide au dernier humains, qui ne se compte qu'en centaine, éliminer les Sorciers et Mages en perdition*, et aider au bon fonctionnement de la ville.』

En Perdition : Mages ou Sorciers ayant commis des actes de trahison, comme l'usage de nécromancisme, ou de meurtre sur un humain ou un personnage de la l'ambassade.

An 236 du calendrier Arcadien : il équivaut à une époque entre le moyen-âge pour les bâtisses et victorienne pour la culture

Bonjour et bienvenue !

Sur ce serveur, des énigmes, soumises par des pnj, vous aiderons si vous les résolvez à l'obtention d'item pour vos améliorations de niveau.

Les quêtes sont quand à elle là dans le même but, plus généralement des combats, ou résoudre une enquête, vous permettant d'améliorer votre niveau de manaa.

Le serveur est toujours en cours de construction, mais n'hésitez pas à venir pour voir un peu l'univers !

Six mois sont déjà passés depuis que le dragon Belial est apparu dans vos rêves pour vous avertir qu’il ne restait que 5 ans avant qu’il ne vienne détruire le monde d’alternative. Suite à ce rêve, une étrange marque est apparue sur votre main droite, une marque dont vous ne savez rien. De nos jours, il est très fréquents que les aventuriers règlent les problèmes d’autrui, mais il semble que le problème est de taille cette fois ci. Vivez la vie d’un aventurier dans le monde d’Alternative et rejoignez ou non une guilde afin de devenir l’un des héros qui sauvera ce monde, ou alors servir vos propres desseins. Le monde d’Alternative présente un grand nombre de contenu varié et grandissant toujours. Le roleplay se base sur le fairplay ici, pas de jet des dés pour les joueurs. Votre présence peut permettre l’amélioration du projet, si vous voulez voir l’univers grandir, évoluer et s’enrichir, il suffit donc de participer aux évents et au scénario proposé, de manière générale, mais aussi dans chaques guildes. Le serveur possède également un système d’inventaire très simple également. Alors qu’attendez vous ? Rejoignez nous !
Bienvenue à tous sur Arthania, un serveur rp qui vient de passer en V3 !

Le thème est médiéval tout en restant dans la fantaisie, le rp reste libre avec des évents de temps en temps, créant ainsi une histoire où tout le monde participe.

Nous cherchons des personnes motivées et prêtes à rp sur le serveur.
Bonne journée à vous tous, à bientôt sur Arthania !
Yo, I'm Chad the new owner of this server I was given ownership on 8/9/19.
Staff, lore, rules, etc. have all been reworked to my liking and the approval of my new staff.
We're a pretty laid back rp community but we are a little inactive as when I took ownership the server was in decent disrepair.
We offer a chill medieval roleplay experience that can either be a relaxing slice-of-fantasy-life or a dark and intense hell scape it all depends on where you go, what you do, and who you are.
Our combat system is made for all players newbies to hardcore vets.
Suited for roleplay styles,
Judgement free community,
Understanding and relaxed staff (You aren't going to get fucked by corrupt and overbearing staff.)
Events are hosted every Friday and are always new concepts and locations.
Come on in, take a load off, and chill. Welcome to Arlenvale.