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The continent of Zemer is in turmoil, a land torn asunder by incessant warfare, it is time for a change.

A storm is brewing up, vassals ignore the summons of their lieges, tensions along borders are rising. It is reaching a tipping point.

In the midst of war a coup overthrows the dominant leader, replacing him with his zealous warmonger of a brother, disrupting peace talks and plunging the world into a violent power struggle.

Nobles scheme for more power, revolution brews in the colonies, slave turning on master, brother turning on brother for the throne to rule them all, for he who controls the heartland controls Zemer.
From Elves to Dragon, to Demons and Mystical Creatures, This Fantasy Server may be for you. This Kingdom and Empire RP server has over 16 Factions with over 73 members and Counting. Join our Server TODAY!!!
Notre histoire prend place dans deux pays très différent de par leurs coutumes et leurs pensées. Al-Vaher et Misotos. Al-vaher a pour capital Val-hasar qui est l’une des plus grandes ville commerçante au monde. Beaucoup de riches commerçants viennent faire affaires et y passer du bon temps. C’est l’une des villes ayant le plus de bâtiments et de services à proposer à leurs habitant mais c’est aussi la ville la plus sombre à la tombé de la nuit. Il n’est pas rare de voir des prostitués ainsi que des sans abris mutilés même dans la rue principal. Cette ville a ce qu’on appelle « Le quartier des plaisirs » pas la peine de vous faire un dessin, l’esclavagisme est aussi courant que de boire une pinte de bière dans une taverne. Malgré cela, elle reste très habitée et est le meilleur moyen de gagner de l’argent. A l’autre bout du désert D’Al-Vaher se trouve à la frontière, Misotos, une mégalopole très réputée aussi pour être la ville concurrente direct de Al-vaher, à la différence que toutes les activités nocturnes se passe plutôt de manière discrète. La ville est moins animée mais a l’un des plus grand port du monde ce qui lui permet de rester dans les villes les plus visitées. Le problème est que cette constante compétition entre les deux ville sont allée jusqu’à provoquer des conflits : Assassinats, attaques de mercenaires et destructions de ressources pour finir sur une grande bataille entre les deux villes. Ce fut une guerre sanglante provoquant de nombreuses victimes dans les deux camps. Le problème n’était pas limité à ça. A vrai dire dans ce monde existe le mana, une énergie naturelle en chacun des êtres vivants.
Cette énergie confère de nombreux pouvoirs et permet de garder une sorte d’équilibre. Cependant le contraire du mana est le
Chaos, une énergie anti-matière provoquant l’exact opposé du mana amenant destruction et malédiction. Un tel versement de sang provoqua ce dérèglement. Le mana était bien en dessous que le chaos, qui écrasait tout espoir. Des évènements tragique se produisirent après la bataille, meurtres, assassinats et mercenariat se produisirent dans les deux villes.Les gardes ne purent rien faire pour combattre la corruption qui régnait. De plus, une immense épidémie décimait la population à une vitesse inquiétante. Les cadavres s’empilèrent de jours en jours. Mais alors que tous semblait finit, un ordre religieux arriva dans les deux villes pour proposer un pacte à ses habitants. « Devenez croyant et nous vous sauverons ».
A vrai dire cela fit hésiter la population mais n’ayant plus rien à perdre, ils commencèrent à prier le dieu nommé « Solaire », représentant la lumière. Étonnamment, le chaos fut détruit et le mana redevint abondant. Pour remercier cette ordre, les habitants des deux villes adoptèrent cette religion comme la seul, elle est devenue obligatoire, ils firent construire des églises un peu partout. Les deux villes redevinrent alors à nouveau saine et en quelque année, reprirent leurs cours… Vous voilà quarante ans, après les évènements de « la mort noir ». Créez votre histoire, décidez où vous allez vivre, votre métier et même vos amis et devenez alors une bonne personne prêchant le mana… ou bien un meurtrier prêchant le chaos.

- Liberté du choix de la race
- bonne ambiance et saff à l'écoute
- rp sérieux tout en étant libre
- choix de son pouvoir
- histoire original
- Event souvent avec des récompenses
alors venez nombreux ^^

(fuck it, I added pokecord for you people who only have that on mind 😂)
Welcome to the land of L'thar.
Considering you stopped scrolling just to read this imma keep it short.

This is a medieval fantasy role play server. It's a fun little community with a fun role play sessions. The best part?

-Lots of Royal positions
-Upcoming events already in works
-mod spots still open
-many role pay areas to pick from
-a nice and chill character creation
-suggestions are always welcome, so u might get what you want at this point 😂
-An interesting Lore that changes as role-playing progresses
-lots and lots of rp channels to choose from.

--this server is still in development but far enough to already get some good rp--
--new-- added a few fun bots to get the server going as well including pokecord, slotbot, etc
Hello, Welcome to Evorndall!

Here you can be whoever you wish to be in this imaginative world! You can be a Futuristic Soldier, a Caveperson, A Knight, God/dess, & etc.! The limit is all up to your imagination (And Discord Rules...). We don't limit OP Characters or characters from anime, games, movies etc. (Though, it'll be just uncanon from their franchise).

I don't expect very much people to join, as I'm currently reworking this server from a Private Server copy as I fix it to fit Public 'standards'... Either way, I hope you'll enjoy it here!
In this world, the kingdom of Arforun appears to stand alone-- the last bastion of humanity. Sentinels, with their abilities, defend against the Singular, beasts who wreak havoc upon the land, and leave a path of destruction in their wake. The kingdom will continue to fight, to defend, to forge a path past the borders of their land and reclaim the world... but what lies beyond?

Be a Sentinel (Arforun's fantasy equivalent of a hero), an Outlaw, or a simple civilian! Fight against evil (or good) with your quirk, build connections with other people, explore the kingdom of Arforun, and attain greater heights.
This is an RP of an AU of the manga/anime My Hero Academia. It's inspired by the fantasy AU/ending cinematic used in the anime, and uses some logic from the main series such as Quirks, but is designed to be completely accessible for fans and non-fans alike. It is partially based on original lore, which is unrelated to the main series.

This is a semi-literate RP and self-sufficient so we do expect detailed writing and effort, but we're happy to help out anyone who's willing to grow!

**As of right now, the server is still in setup stage. The server itself is finished, but the RP has not started yet and we're still gathering a few more folks before it does.
The Royal Alliance of Celestial Bodies is a large intricate roleplay for those who enjoy medieval fantasy and science fiction, come join the wondrous solar system and meet some cool new folks
It’s been two years since the war between Everwren and Greenlake took place. Now, everything is at peace, for now...
Welcome to Evergreen! I'm Mod~Chan, the owner! KOE is a wonderful place with:
-Friendly Staff
- LGBT Friendly Community
-Fun events
-An interesting Lore
-Self assignable roles
-A Chance to spectate our side rp Dungeons and Darkeners!
Hello there!
Welcome "Just a fantasy roleplay", like any other, i guess.
Anyways, feel free to join and enjoy your stay with us.
The Kingdom of Aether is a Hetalia medieval-fantasy human AU roleplay with inspirations from D&D and GoT. Everyone is welcome to join, as long as you are familiar with the anime/webcomic, Axis Powers Hetalia!

Note: A lot of characters have been taken already- but please still check us out in case your muse is still available!
Hey there,

I'd like to present a free-form role-playing server called "《The Emerald Enclave: Reboot RP》".

We're a semi-serious, semi-casual community of writers and readers trying to create interesting and fun stories. We had a original server that had unfortunately died, but we rebooted and are determined not to repeat the same mistakes we had!

Feel free to join the server and say "Hi!"
We're a small active group, but we hope you help us grow.

What can you find in 《TEE:RT RP》?

- A storyline in which your actions influence the direction of the plot;
- The possibility to make your own story-line;
- A wide magic system with a steep learning curve;
- Court intrigue, slice of life, combat, coming of age journeys and many more types of stories can be found here!
Welcome to the well esteemed Academy of Sorcery! We're a brand new Medieval Fantasy RP server with its goal being to just have fun. There are little to no requirements for roleplaying, whatever your writing skills are you are welcome to join! The main focus of this academy is magic of course, but we'll also except melee fighters at the Academy! So why not give it a try and hop in?
Welcome to Corona - The Forgotten Kingdom.

Corona used to be the liveliest Kingdom in all the land. Its villages were filled with hundreds of villagers, market places exchanging goods every second, and the Kingdom housing a large royal family. The royals and villagers respected each other equally and ruled together for centuries!

Soon, another kingdom of mythical beasts and mages grew beside Corona. This Kingdom seeked power and more land. They threatened and tried to force their way into Corona. The royals of Corona was willing to make a treaty between the two kingdoms. The Kingdom responded to the treaty by denying it and waging war. Corona was at a total disadvantage, for they were not mages of any sort. All the hundreds of people living in Corona perished. The other Kingdom however, left it in ruin.

Small few people remain in this Forgotten ruin Kingdom. It is still very small, but it is growing just very slowly back to how it was. Mythical beasts, mages and humans all together roam Corona. So come and explore the Forgotten Kingdom! Find out how you will survive in this former utopian Kingdom, Corona?
Yo, I'm Chad the new owner of this server I was given ownership on 8/9/19.
Staff, lore, rules, etc. have all been reworked to my liking and the approval of my new staff.
We're a pretty laid back rp community but we are a little inactive as when I took ownership the server was in decent disrepair.
We offer a chill medieval roleplay experience that can either be a relaxing slice-of-fantasy-life or a dark and intense hell scape it all depends on where you go, what you do, and who you are.
Our combat system is made for all players newbies to hardcore vets.
Suited for roleplay styles,
Judgement free community,
Understanding and relaxed staff (You aren't going to get fucked by corrupt and overbearing staff.)
Events are hosted every Friday and are always new concepts and locations.
Come on in, take a load off, and chill. Welcome to Arlenvale.
A medieval fantasy orphanage RP set in an original world with many familiar elements. Made for low-power roleplay, where factors such as hunger, fistfights and other mundane strife are the primary threats. If RP as an orphan or caretaker in a medieval-fantasy setting appeals to you, check us out!
Hey there,

I'd like to present a free-form role-playing server called "Tales of Rino RP".

We're a semi-serious, semi-casual community of writers and readers trying to create interesting and fun stories.

Feel free to join the server and say "Hi!"
We're a small active group, but we hope you help us grow.

What can you find in ToR?

- A storyline in which your actions influence the direction of the plot;
- The possibility to make your own storyline;
- A wide magic system with a steep learning curve;
- Court intrigue, slice of life, combat, coming of age journeys and many more types of stories can be found here!

So you may be wondering, what is Aeskar?

Aeskar is a medium sized plane of existence.. an island the size of madagascar floating in the twilight sea, which is an endless ocean of stars and planetoids.

What kind of fantasy setting is this?

High Fantasy, which is to say Dragons, Magic, Swords and Spells. If it can happen in Dungeons and Dragons it can happen here.

What kind of roleplay is this?

The roleplay focuses around the Arena, so heavy combat. However.. we will expand on the Village over time to provide a more relaxed and immersive fantasy life experience once the server begins to prosper.

What Race can I be?

All races are welcome. (Yes, even Furrys.) That means Elves, Neko's, Sentient Dragons, Fae, Were-Beasts, Tieflings and Aasimar's, all can be made and played here. Again, if you can do it in Dungeons and Dragons you can do it here.

How strong can I be? Can I bring in one of my old characters?

Aeskar is designed to make everyone, even seasoned veterans, be challenged here. If your character is normally a god of time and chaos, they are little more than a mage who can slow down time for a brief moment and spit a few lightning bolts at people. You lose any Immortality here, anyone can be killed, even gods.

Which is not to say you remain weak, everyone is given the letter grade of D when entering the roleplay. You can climb the ranks all the way to SS and earn or recapture your true power once more.
Welcome to Rasean, adventurers. In those lands, you are free to explore, to wander, and to seek secrets. Rasean is not at war... Not yet.

This server is a RP server based on a medieval fantasy original universe. You can be whoever you want, explore the lands, the seas and the sky. Interesting events are to come.

This server is semi-casual and very begginer friendly.
Il y a 600 ans , il eut une grande guerre entre les Dieux et les mortels , Les mortels était sur le point de disparaître .Cependant , des êtres surpuissant firent leur apparition, Malgré leur force , le combat fut difficile...Finalement, ils décidérent de sacrifier leur vie pour créer un Objet capable de Transformer quiconque en pierre Magique incassable...Les dieux Firent changer en statues à jamais. Maintenant Le monde est diviser en plusieurs territoires diriger par des Nation , Le chef de la Nation la plus forte sera nommer Grand dieu de Jörmandia
Welcome to Zaldiphrofta! I hope you enjoy your stay at our different kingdoms! We're a small but growing community and I would love it if you joined us. ^^
We have royalty that anyone is allowed to become, a currency system, lore for the land as well as the separate kingdoms and self applicable roles so long as you follow the template.
I hope you give us a chance and decide to stay!~
Ridae est un monde d’anarchie. Bien entendu, des ordres, des royaumes, des empires ou encore des républiques maintiennent l’ordre entre les races. Cependant la disparité se trouve dans la conception de la magie, cette dernière est instable et personne n’en connait encore les limites. Celle-ci dispose d’une variété inimaginable, les « mages », si on peut réellement les appeler de la sorte, sont très respectés par leurs pouvoirs et leur sagesse. Chacun a sa spécialité allant du combattant rapide au nécromancien sombre.

Nous sommes en 1340 de la seconde ère et un événement incroyable s’est produit… Nous avons découvert un nouveau monde ! Arthur Collombus et ses hommes sont rentrés sains et sauf après avoir traversé la grande mer.

Pour le moment, vous êtes les premiers à fouler cette nouvelle terre, peu importe votre race ou vos idéaux, vous avez tous été envoyés ou embarqués clandestinement dans le but de connaitre ce nouveau monde et de se l’approprier au nom de la guilde des aventuriers !

Quoique… Peut-être êtes-vous des natifs, découvrant ces gens venant de derrière l’horizon, vous n’êtes pas stupide, vous n’avez rien à leur envier, vous êtes aussi disparates qu’eux et votre technologie, selon votre peuple peut même être supérieure à la leur.

Alors ? Quel camp choisirez-vous ? Voudrez-vous être des pacifique, prônant la paix et le commerce ? des évangélisateurs prêts à tout pour convertir ces nouvelles peuplades de votre foi ? Des conquérants ? Se battant pour leur patrie…Ou leur propre bénéfice ?
A roleplay server with 60+ rp channels and counting. Anyone can serve a role in the plot if they want to!
But if you're not into that sort of thing, we still have
-Rythm 1 and 2
-Ways to contribute to the rp experience without actually roleplaying
-Only 10 rules ...for now
We are just starting this server, so it would be appreciated if you would help us out by joining!
Welcome to the glorious Empire of Clouvindia!
We are a small rp server that's pretty active with great people in it!

This rp takes place in the Empire of Clouvindia, which is a country that exists far from any other country. Being isolated due to the gigantic canyon at the northern border and the large mountain chain that makes up most of the southern border as well.
The people here gain all sorts of powers due to their worship of the goddess Elementia, Goddess of Elements.

Clouvindia is a relatively secluded nation. It's history is long and complicated. It was originally a group of nomads that traveled around, but then, after a visit from the "Gods" they quickly formed a civilization that was focused around these "Gods". Things were prosperous for awhile, and the future looked bright. Then suddenly the "Gods" started to fight each other, famines and other things spread across the lands and life became miserable. One of the two cities was struck down in a battle between these "Gods" and everyone that lived there was instantly killed, killing off around 40% of the population. After multiple years of fighting one "God" finally came out on top. That "God" or well, "Goddess" was known as Elementia, the Goddess of Elements. She brought peace back to the lands and a new era of prosperity was brought to Clouvindia. Now Clouvindia is in one of it's best times ever, the people of Clouvindia now usually develop special elemental powers due to how they're under the protection of Elementia. Everything seems to be amazing, although, there may be something hidden under the surface. Something dark and hideous.

This is only the foundation of this server, there's plenty of other stuff that you'll find once you join. We hope that you'll join us here in the Empire of Clouvindia!