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Assalam alaikum! We are a small active community of muslims, Note : "this is not an islamic server" do not expect it to be all halal and its surely not just to talk about islam and religion, its just a normal server like any other but only have muslim members, we are very chill and friendly and we would love to see some new faces and all muslims are welcome in our server! Strict or not and also
we welcome any non-muslims that seek to learn about the religion 😇 Hope you enjoy your stay 🥳.

We have very cool custom emotes.
We got alot of channels to have fun with.
We have game events sometimes.🔥🔥
We do voice every now and then.
Very welcoming encouraging environment!!.
A server for the website (Islamic Wikipedia / Encyclopaedia)

We are looking for writers to write wiki articles on the website, and other general help. (Translating, recruiting more discord server members, etc)
☾ Welcome to the Sultanate Of Tazba'ar ★
⚑ We have:

⮞ Economy And Government

⮞ Non Toxic And Respectful

⮞ Religion And Beliefs

⮞ Anti Furry And Weebs

⮞ Good Moderative Section

⮞ Weapons And Needs

⮞ Strong Defense From Enemy Attacks

Assalamualaikum everyone
Let's join the Indonesian Muslim Community
in the group there are many channels , For other religion and Indonesian outsiders, it's OK, come on join!

We use English, Arabic and Indonesian
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**Assalam Walekum! Brothers/Sisters**, Hope You Will Learn A lot in this server about Islam and You Will Love to stay in this server and will be able to firm your roots of Islam in your heart. You are freely allowed to share this server to other Muslim brothers and sisters also to those Non-Muslims who are in search of Islamic teaching and willing to get converted and accepting Islam With Whole heartedly. InshaAllah You Will get a encouraging Islamic environment in this server and you are free to discuss any thing with Imaam/Scholors. Our Goal is to Spread Islam and make Muslims realize what were they before and what are the now**
*Wether it is related to , Society affairs , relationship , to become firm on the path of Allah and much more*

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Halal Gang is a server where Muslims hang out! MUSLIMS ONLY ty. If you are a non muslim, please stay respectful <3. This server is a server for teenagers,
We have:
- Daily Polls
- Daily QOTD
- Active mods
- Friendly Community
Please hop on but remember, NO SWEARING (muslims only server)
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Open it?
(。• ᵕ •。) ♡ Yes (-ω-、) No

Welcome to:
Fany~ (。• ᵕ •。) ♡
We have:
• A friendly community
• Cute emojis
• Fun bots to play with
• K-pop lovers
• An Islamic zone
• Qotds
• Fun Quotes
We are looking for mods and pms
♡︎ We welcome everyone ♡︎ But we need something.... We need you!
This is a new Islamic server. Join this & learn more about Islam :D Hope to see you there, In Sha Allah.
bi-smi llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm Al-ḥamdu li-llāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn allahuma sali ealaa muhamad waealaa al muhamad This is an Islamic liberal arts server. This is a Islamic server so please stay in your limits. AKA a muslim community
Salam!🕋This is Islam based discord. However, we allow every Religion to come join and learn more about our religion (Islam). We teach beginners how to read the Quran, The Religion itself, Hadiths, and hopefully make your Deen stronger. We are dedicated to teach and spread Islam. We will have an Islamic Humor section I know a lot of people like Islamic Humors so we have people posting in that section. Also, the chats will be Halal. Join and let's learn InshAllah🕋
Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh (peace be upon you)

Same way rules and regulations apply to all the existing in the Universe or this World.

When we speak about the Big Bang happened in the Universe, and after the Big Bang happened, in the Universe all the Galaxies, Stars, Soler system, Sun and Moon set with rules, regulations, the way every existence obey the Laws and policy set by the Almighty Creator, except the humans, Almighty Creator gave them free will, which we need to understand and apply, the way system organized in the Universe or this World and in between, such as, what time sunrise and sunset, precisely and accurately.

All the weathers, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer are happening years around the past millions of years; As we know, all our activities and most of our commitments set with the time, all the offices, business, Schools and Airlines etc., based on time, This is also another proof, they all depend on the system set by the Almighty Creator, and this is also, one of the evidence of the existence of Almighty Creator so that people should live and behave in the right manners in the society.

If somebody steals, lies, cheats and oppressed someone, and he has a fear of being caught and punished, we all have consciousness of right and wrong. Same way rules and regulations apply to all the existing in the Universe or this World, and all the existence.

Our goals and missions are working in the communities, to remind them of the use of their life, regardless of religion, we should educate the people about the existence of the Almighty Creator’s power and controls, who’s holds the strength unlimited, and He is watching over the actions of the humans and creatures, from the birth to the death, since the World started.

Our website:

Zoom Dawahs meeting every Friday and Saturday! Join the server to check out the times, InshAllah
come on and join, if your Muslim and LGBT.
non Muslims and and non LGBT individuals allowed as long as they stay respectful.
Hi! Assalamualaikum, this is the new-faced-modern Muslims' Society!

Created : 16/07/2020
Finding teams : Yes
Owner/Founder : <@!704281463507517560>

In this being time, we need more members!
Especially Muslims and people who're interested learning about the religion!

Of course, the server is a Muslim-based, but not every members should be a Muslim! We're meant for everyone!

If you have inquiries, type it in #inquiries-33 or DM @moonheart -founder-- . Below is the days she might be online :

Mondays | Tuesdays | Thursdays | Saturdays
Asselamun Aleykum

İslam'ın gerçek güzelliği ve eşsiz öğretileri hakkında eğiten İslami Discord Sunucusu.
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu or for non Muslims hello!

This is a server where both Muslims and non Muslims are welcome, this server has been created to make people move more to the haqq (truth).

We as the moderation team hope you will learn from your experience here!
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. A quick introduction to our server:

The Cyber Caliphate of Discord is a friendly Islamic server that also welcomes everyone else from any faith.
In this server, you can meet new people, chat, have friendly debates, and even learn new things.
New things are being added to this server to ensure that everyone enjoys being here.

We hope this server one day grows into a large community. We encourage muslims to join, but anyone is welcome.
muslim network brings together people from all races, backgrounds and faiths to discuss things they feel are important. we also provide a space where muslims and non muslims can talk to eachother and learn from one another.