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Nation Gacha is a server where you can sell adoptables or art/edits you make and get currency for it! We also have editing classes that our volunteer teachers will teach you!
We are a Cracking/Hacking/Carding community that NEEDS new members. Whether you just want to chat or buy we fit all needs! We also host giveaways of all types! Join Now!
Hi if you are interested in legit business where scammers ARE NOT ALLOWED. Then check out this server. i support legit swipers who dont scam so If u can prove ur shop is legit I will give you a free shop on my server. Come through and make some money! 😄🤟
new server with free accounts such as netflix, nordvpn, crunchyroll etc and a variety of upcoming ones, help us grow and invite friends
This is a growing server!
-friendly staff
-different zones for different people
-discover the mysterious peep world by buying different items it the store (with game money)
-get fun jobs!
-rp with friends or make friends in rp! Leave nobody out!!
-many roles and shops!
-general chats, bot rooms, pictures, and more!!
We are a Cracking/Hacking/Carding community that NEEDS new members. If you are a beginner we also teach lessons on the server too. If you fit this description join now!
Anime Sanctuary is a small server where we can hang out & make friends. What's below this sentence is what we offer. If you are interested by joining then join the server.
≫── ·· ~🌈~ℓoℓℓi~☆~ ·· ──≪

`❀ུ۪۪⸙` Half Gacha Server.

`❀ུ۪۪⸙` Self promotion channel.

`❀ུ۪۪⸙` Weekly events.

`❀ུ۪۪⸙` Over 28 bots!

≫── ·· Prepare to have fun ·· ──≪

`❀ུ۪۪⸙` Family Friendly.

`❀ུ۪۪⸙` We welcome LGBTQ+

≫── ·· ¡Únete a un sinfín de emociones! ·· ──≪
Katoles Academia is underconstruction right now, and will be open in the year 2020. Sorry for the delay.
Welcome to my bazaar!

Here you can buy, trade and sell anything you long as it it gaming related! We are a growing community and we would like it if you joined us.

NautilusCraft is an SMP with grief prevention and some other plugins.

We are currently still growing the server and we would love to have some players come and join.
It is going to be a community-driven economy. With shops and a shopping area.
And in the process, we might add some more plugin(which will be voted for in the discord).
In the future, besides vanilla, we plan to have a mini-game type area and maybe get events going.

Come join have fun and give some feedback on it.

We would love to see you there!
Discord invite:
Ark server looking for regular members.
Discord is active, events are regular, admins are friendly.
Fun bots in discord to help pass the time 😉
This is Kaizz Place

Kaizz Place is for everything, from trading to invite-rewards!
Hope you will have a great stay!
Psycho's Giveaways is a unique giveaway server that rewards you for inviting people. We have shops and cool rewards that will have you coming back everyday!
💥 Best Discord MarketPlace Group 💥

💎Buy, Sell, Trade & More!💎
💯 Trusted staff and a friendly community 💯
💎 Friendly server, no toxicity allowed! 💎
💯 We don't tolerate scammers 💯
💎 Staff Needed. 💎

Your #1 Friendly Market
➳Welcome to Join 4 Join!❀

✰Do you need to get members in a server quickly? Are you wanting that nitro-paypal-or steam card award? Join now and help each other achieve it!❣️

We have:
♕│staff applications open
💕│Join4Join Sub4Sub channels
💻│Advertising channels
🔊│Voice chats and music
◆│And more!

↳❝Join now for a good time!❞
🔥 Chat and make new friends 🔥
🔥 Participate in Drops and Giveaways 🔥
🔥 Have fun! 🔥
Here you can buy,sell and trade Fortnite accounts.

If scammed we will do anything in our power to get your account back YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY FOR WE ARE THE MOST SAFE AND LEGIT SERVER THANK YOU AND HAVE FUN❗️🖤