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Hey guys, if you are interested into making friends and chill then this is a good server just for that!

Wanna make new Friends? Join now!

✅-Safe fun environment for all ages.
✅-Invite rewards
✅-Amazing staff and competitive positions!
✅-fun bots and Moderation to make it Fun for you and everyone else.
✅-Amazing Channels and Fun activities when we reach a certain Member goal (karaoke, etc)
❌-Zero hate towards any gender, sexuality, Religion, race.
❌-No bullying or hate speech
❌-No toxicity

Thanks for taking the time to read the description, we hope to see and welcome you into our server! :D

-Tristien, Creator
-Zeke, Owner

Creator's Discord: Tristien#0490
Owner's Discord: Aeri#0005
Hello there! We are ''Paradox'' a discord with designers and free designs. There are a lot of giveaways. It's for Dutch and English people, We want to grow! Can you help us? Join us! - Paradox Discord Server
Partnership Discord

Partnership Discord is were you can have your OWN server advertised in a server with over 1000 members. You can also advertise your own social media and support yourself with almost anything.

Partnership Discord has experience in many things! We have Partnership Managers, helpful administration and moderation team. If you would like to join and partner with us feel free!
:fire: Supreme Giveaways :fire:
Supreme Giveaways is a discord server for giveaways & invite-rewards. We strive to help and provide the community with working accounts, and provide help with other things, such as giveaways and invite-rewards.

:star: . We work very hard on providing our customers and supporters with accounts and giveaways! :star:

I'd really appreciate it if you joined and checked out the server! :eyes:

MineMC is an upcoming Minecraft Prison server discord. This discord will be used to do things within the server. I invite you to be apart of the community and join the discord server!
•Invite For Roblox Card

•Real Giveaway

•Robux Giveaway

**__✨Welcome to Luxir✨__**


__Don't miss out!__
Our goal is to bring together a tightly knitted community, to have fun and to inspire lively Chats within the community whist hosting giveaways! 

🗒️Friendly staff, they do their job and are connected to the community🗒️
🔗Invite Rewards🔗
🌅Pokécord inclusive🌅
🎆Upcoming events🎆
🕗Staff arn't just moderators, they also love to socialise with thoughs who are lonely out there🕗
🔥Limitless entertainment🔥
...So much more to come

We'll see you on the over side, Enjoy! 😇
Invite your friends for Minecraft or Spotify accounts! Also join for big giveaways! <3