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This is a server for people who are furries and / or love art.
We Have lots of fun game nights with our whole server! (Atleast that's the plan when we get a lot of people)
Vistas is a growing server created to be a place where people from all places and backgrounds can have a chance to enjoy other people and take part in a positive environment.
We have channels for all sorts of things, vehicles, memes, selfies, technology and more. The best bit is, if there is something missing that you'd like to see added then just ask!

We love to do large giveaways such as **Nitro** subscriptions for 1 year and video games with DLC. The largest being worth £75 and more are planned!

💬 » Active chat channels!
🗓️ » Fun and Engaging Events
🤖 » A very advanced Custom bot with an AI chat bot.
🆓 » Free Fursona Supply
🎴 » Regular cards against humanity sessions that run within Discord so are easy to participate in!
😍 » Emojis!
🎙️ » Incredibly active voice chats, often peak over 10 members in VCs
🎲 » D&D campaigns
🎭 » Roleplay!
🏵️ » We offer fantastic rewards for boosters and donors such as custom channels and roles.
🎁 » Regular Giveaways!

Join today! We are ready to welcome everyone!!

“The community here was so welcoming of new members and I just felt showered with love when I started to settle in. I like the staff here, the cute little ship theme is always nice to think about and the staff are on point
when certain issues pop up. Overall this server will become bigger and better, I’m just glad I’m here for the ride and to watch it grow and
be a deeper part of this awesome community!”
- Joshua#6922
Hello there ^₩^ this server is welcoming to all we are all about art sharing and help. Come here to have your OC's drawn, Video game characters, anime characters, etc. We have many professional artist waiting to meet you!

What we have to offer:
~Art FeedBack
~Wide Variety of Bots
~Emotional Support
~Art Commissions
~Weekly Updates
~auto roles

Coming soon:
~More Art events
~More frequent Giveaways
~Giveaway Polls
~Halloween Event - currently happening

We look forward to seeing you ^~^
☁️ ꒱ ๑ ┊ Honei Hive ┊ ๑

︵ 🧸🍯 About Us
✎﹏ a level 1 boosted casual & fun community where you can buy art, edits, banners, & more! We hold giveaways, have calls, and have plenty more!

✁ — — — — — — — ✃

-ˋˏ we offer ˎˊ-

꒰🍓꒱ various shops to buy from
꒰🍯꒱ easy application to open your own!
꒰🐻꒱ fun bots ♡
꒰🍰꒱ contests to show off your creativity ✨
꒰🍄꒱ a LGBTQ+ accepting community
꒰🐝꒱ Tons of channels for fun
and so much more!

゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚
┊ ┊ ┊┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩
┊ ┊ ┊✫
┊ ┊ ✩
┊ ⊹ ✯

-ˋˏ links ˎˊ-
→ ☁️・invite
→ ✨・banner
Hello! Welcome to Art Sanctuary! Here you can share your drawings and hobbies! Talk about other stuff in our off topic chat! Art trade and and request people! Sell drawings and adopts! And much more!
Nightmare Commissions is a server where you can start advertising your creations such as art, intros and outros for YouTube, discord server creators and more! There are a bunch of chat groups as well. Staff applications must be level 8, so come to the server now, we will be accepting when you reach level 5 right now, so HURRY!
Amy the chill birb’s Server :D, there are giveaways and streams from time to time <33.
Welcome to Online Job Recruiting! The purpose of this server is to help individuals find work or to find recruits for projects! We are comprised of a lot of artists, music producers, programmers, etc. If you want to post to promote your commissions or to look for people to help work on your ongoing project, you can post here! We have contests, a growing community, and a lot to offer!
this is for art commissions mainly we also do art shows and have fun you can stream to join for more info!
Do you like art or are looking for some fun and commissions we’ll make sure you join us we have the best experience possible!
Artist's Home Is A Discord Server Made By @Flurii#1405 and @Lapiz#5868 This Is A Server For Art And Chatting We do commissions as well for art.