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A fun server where you can make a family tree by adopting and marrying other people!

About the server!

- You can create a family tree with MarrigeBot.
- You can be shipped (quite literally) with Yui.
- You can rank up by talking to get a higher role. You get new roles all the time!
- We are a fun community that is not uptight at all.
- We can make new channels or add bots on request!
- Now I know this sounds cheesy, but we just want you to have a good time!

View our current tree at
An adoption center. Not very good with advertisement descriptions. T-T
This is a role-play server where you can be a Parent and adopt a child and get married or be a child and get adopted! In this server there is a adoption center and a small city to look around in. Hope you join this server and make a good family!
A server mainly centered around making, Claiming, and advertising adoptables, though we also have channels for general chatting and fun, and other channels for art and ideas!
This is a friendly server for everyone to chill in! We accept everyone. This group was made for the deviantart group Crescent-Moon-Adopts! Come check us out
This discord server is meant for you to adopt someone as your online discord brother (BOYS ONLY) Sorry girls... This is also LGBTQ+ supported
Come here and adopt a pet and hang out! We have a friendly environment and welcome everyone! Come on over!
This server gets sort of graphic,we get quite kinky in this server and we even have strippers here.Neko Palace is an 18+Role-play Community of catgirls and catgirl lovers.With Role-play and plenty of channels and bots for chatting,hentai and gaming.
An adoption center for EVERYTHING. Nsfw-ish? Come join us.
A fun place where you can adopt your very own waifu. If you want to know how to adopt, just read the info channel under "Waifus". There are tons of channels to explore. Here are some: Chatting, NSFW, adopting, minigames, and bots. Enjoy!
Heyo! Join our lovely community for sharing adoptables, fawn about your (and others) OCs and making new friends with similar interests!