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Hallo zusammen. Dies ist ein fan discord für animal crossing new horizons! Wir sind noch am Anfang aber freuen uns wenn Du uns mit deinen Freunden besuchen kommst!
🍯 warm greetings from nooktopia
🩹 discord’s most wholesome community!

what we offer:

꒰🍯꒱ ゚+˙‧̍̊we're a soft aesthetic community!
꒰🥠꒱ ゚+˙‧̍̊not only are we an animal crossing community, we're just a welcoming community in general!
꒰🥨꒱ ゚+˙‧̍̊ members that are level 3+ can request items such as nmt, gold, and star fragments every 3 days.
꒰🧇꒱ ゚+˙‧̍̊ we're LGBTQ+ accepting!
꒰🥟꒱ ゚+˙‧̍̊we host many giveaways and events!
꒰🥞꒱ ゚+˙‧̍̊question of the days!
꒰🥜꒱ ゚+˙‧̍̊welcoming members!
꒰🍌─ and so much more!─ 🍌꒱

🍯 we can't wait to meet you!
Welcome to the Fruit Island discord server! Our server is for the game Animal Crossing New Horizons! You can chat with islanders, make new friends from all over the world, trade items including turnips, get inspiration from islanders houses, and many more! Become a member of Fruit Island today!
Come join our server! 🤗

Everyone is welcome to our splatoon 2/animal crossing new horizons server!

We propose:

☁️ Fun partnerships!

☁️11 fun categories to chat!

☁️Active & friendly staff!

☁️ Lots of funny roles including cosmetic & game mode ones!

☁️Fast ways to match make for any splatoon 2 modes!

☁️Nice people to trade with in animal crossing!

☁️Many off topic channels such as: art,game theories,music etc! So many things to talk about!

☁️Other languages chat such as: French,spanish,Russian,Dutch,Japanese,etc! Always open to add more (:

This server is still new and has 100+ members ! We hope it will grow more soon with you guys coming in it! Hope you have fun!!! For any questions, I am always here to answer😊 don’t forget to read the rules & stay nice! See you
We're the #1 Animal Crossing Island Design server here to fulfill your design needs with hundreds of path codes, path border codes, stall codes, food hat codes, road designs, villager face signs, and more organized into a variety of channels and searchable key terms to help you find anything and everything! We're a rapidly growing community even with a level 3 server boost! You won't find better memes than here.
Welcome to Lloid and CO. (A friendly 13+ and SFW ACNH discord server)! Our server's main goal is to assist others with their islands and provide a helpful, and safe community for all!
🌸Welcome to the Flower Fields!🌸

🌿The Flower Fields is a fun SFW ACNH server that has lots to offer!🌿

Some of which are:
•friendly staff
•daily giveaways
•trading chats
•bots to have fun with

🌺And much more!🌺

We are chill server who do not judge people and we love chatting to everyone!

We hope you will think about joining us!
Welcome to Animal Crossing NH Giveaway! 🎁🎈
This server is just for giveaways to all the members that joined.
Unlike other servers, we DO NOT ❌ have Minimum Invites / Levels to join the giveaways.

⚠ARE WE LEGIT? Don't ask us, ask our 750+ members that joined and stayed with us cause they just loved our free giveaways!❤💙💚💛💜

As of now we have:
-Daily Giveaways🏆
-Weekly Giveaways🎁
-Lightning Giveaways⚡️
-Prize Pool Giveaways🎱
-Members Giveaways (Where members sponsor items to be given away to our members) 🎉
-ACNH Art, Island and Home Design Competitions to win NMTS / BELLS

Giveaway items includes: Bells, NMT’s, Star Fragments, Rare Seasonal Items, Rare Furniture, Robot Hero’s and much more!

We have our Discord Currency ran by UnbelievableBoat Bot 🤖

Earn Nook Miles Points while you chat and play games in the server, and see if you can get to the top of the leaderboard!

Friendly Community, Awesome Roles, best place for New Players / Veteran Players!
See you all there!😉🏆🥇

For a Partnership, Kindly DM Josh.#7121
✧・゚: ✧・゚: Welcome to the AC Chill server :・゚✧:・゚✧

☽ Our server is the most relaxed yet helpful Animal Crossing discord ~ we're like a small family. ☽

。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆What to expect。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆

☽ A friendly and welcoming community for everyone - there is definitely something here for you!
☽ Verification system to protect members
☽ Self-assigned roles and pings
☽ LGBT friendly - we have zero tolerance for harassment
☽ We have an 18+ channel
☽ Trading, selling, wishlist, and diy channels included
Hi everyone this is an animal crossing server I created with my friend and would love if you were to join. There will be giveaways often and it will be lots of fun! Please feel free to stop by and check it out. All ages welcome
Wir sind eine wachsende Community und freuen uns über neue Mitglieder, egal ob ihr im Spiel Anfänger oder schon fortgeschritten seid ^^
Was könnt ihr erwarten?
- sehr viele Kanäle ~~ Für Handel, Chat, Show offs, Insel Touren, Guides, Designs, Giveaways etc...
- Freundliche und hilfsbereite Moderatoren, sowie Mitglieder ^^
- Bots um eure Insel Informationen anzulegen, Sternis zu verdienen, Spiele zu spielen, Critterpedia und mehr!

Wir freuen uns sehr über neue Beitritte, und hoffen unser Server wird noch weiter wachsen ~ helft uns dabei, eine starke Community aufzubauen :)
Animal Crossing New Horizons Clothing Trade server. Giving back to the ACNH community thru giveaways, please join us and invite your friends too!!!
A wholesome Animal Crossing server that 's growing every day. We want to get to know every member and experience NH together. We also have a channel for New Leaf and Pocket Camp. So no one feels left out. We try our best to keep every offers fair and prevent entry fee trades and other ridiculous offers.
We have
- Roles you can collect
- Buyable roles
- Item/Villager giveaways and fun events when the game comes out
- A trading system where you can get points to get rare stuff
- lots of bots (UnbelievaBoat, Mudae, Pokecord)
- Lots of Froggy Chair and Isabelle emotes (some created by our artist)
- Events like home and fashion contests where you can win bells or rare item.
- Minecraft realms
- And many friends you can make
Join and help us grow!
{⋅. Welcome to °• Mahi Crossing •°! .⋅}

. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .
a place for all animal crossing:
new horizons players!!
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .

┊ ☆・ active and friendly ACNH community!
┊ ☆・ level 2 nitro boosted!!
┊ ☆・a variety of booster rewards/giveaways!
┊ ☆・daily giveaways for rare items!
┊ ☆・weekly themed nights/monthly birthday events
┊ ☆・competitive fishing/bug tournaments for prizes!

»»————- ————-««
so come on down and bask in the sun with us!

In this server, you can chat about life on Animal Crossing, get notified when I do cataloging events, and chill.

When do the catalog events happen?
FREE events: ANNOUNCED WEEKLY, typically at 10AM PST.. First come first serve- 50 people max per session.
A server where ACNH and ACNL players can trade. Sadly we only have giveaways for ACNH. Working on a delivery service as well!
Misa Crossing is a server set up to host regular giveaways and for fellow ACNH players to make friends! Here, we have games and giveaways for in-game items (Animal Crossing items). Join in and have a fun time!
It's a safe space where everyone is welcome 💖
♡ 『Welcome to NookStop』 ♡

『We are a SFW server that has lots to offer, such as:』
➝ Custom reaction roles
➝ Daily ACNH giveaways and events
➝ A friendly active community to play with and to make friends with
➝ ACNH in game trading
➝ Friendly staff and friendly giveaway team

♡ Our 1 goal is to make sure everyone has a friend to play with and talk to. We love talking and playing with our members and giving them the best experience possible.

『Please head on over and check us out!』
Welcome to Embervania!
Embervania is a free raid island that contains items like Nook Miles Tickets, Gold Nuggets and Star Fragments! Raid events will be hosted where you can swipe as much as you can carry, free of charge. Common sense rules apply here, have fun!
Come and join us at Marshal’s Manor❤️
~We have a very friendly community with very active staff members
~Plenty of Giveaways
~Dedicated duplication glitch channels with helpers
~All ages and LGBTQ+ friendly
This server was made for you and with a great deal of attention to keep you safe and protect every member
Hello! We are an AC Community with 250+ members. We can have island hangouts and talk about animal crossing and many other things!

We have:
-Self Assign Roles
-Stalk Market Channel
-Trades and Offers
-QR Codes
-Animal Crossing Emotes
-Mudae bot

You can also suggest what emotes and what bots you want in this server and we will try to add them. :)

Feel free to join and chill! We want to make new friends! :D
Gewinnspiel bis morgen 0:00 Uhr (10.8)

1. Gewinner 600 NMT
2. Gewinner 400 NMT

Tritt unserem Server bei und nimm am Giveaway teil, und gewinne mit Glück einen dieser Preise 🥳🥳🥳
🥳Wir suchen neue Leute für unseren Discord-Server!🥳

Wir haben unseren Server erst neu gegründet und würden uns über jeden neuen Mitglieder sehr freuen. 🌸

Was wir bieten ?🤔

• Ihr habt die Chance jeden Tag bei 1-2 Gewinnspielen teilzunehmen
• Zahlreiche Kanäle , in denen ihr euch Austauschen könnt.
• Ihr habt die Chance in unserem Server Sternis zu verdienen.
• Wir veranstalten jedes Wochenende ( wenn Zeit auch während der Woche ) ein Event, bei welchem ihr verschiedene Items gewinnen könnt.
• Wir möchten gerne ein Community Giveaway. Dazu würden wir Items sammeln, welche von uns allen Gespendet wurden und diese täglich verlosen :) Neben den Community Giveaway finden auch regelmäßig Admin Giveaways statt:)

Da ich selber noch am rausfinden bin, was ich da genau mach, kann es hier und da ein wenig zum Chaos kommen😅
Ich möchte einige Bots noch dem Server hinzufügen, bitte aber schonmal für Entschuldigung, falls das ein wenig dauern könnte. 😅

Da wir noch am Aufbau sind, habt ihr die Chance den Server aktiv mitzugestalten:)

Adminplätze würde ich in zukunft auch vergeben ❗️

Außerdem hat eine unsere Admins auch eine eigene Facebook Gruppe, welche ihr auch gerne mal besuchen könnt :) 🌸


You have been invited to: Crossing Crew! A community ran server with
animal crossing lovers all around, we all seek to provide you with a fun
place to be yourself and share your gaming interests with other people.
We are primarily focused on Animal Crossing: NH, but players of all
kinds of games are welcome. Come on over and join us!

- Trade is regulated so there is no overpricing
- Active chat with friendly people
- Helpful and welcoming staff
- Plenty of bots for music, games, and more!
- Giveaways are hosted
- Over 800 members and growing
- Daily QOTDs, vcs, and more!

We await your landing over at Crossing Crew!
Animal Crossing New Horizons Trade Community

* Friendly Community
* Friendly Moderators that are apart of the community
* Plenty of servers for all your animal crossing needs
* New Horizons chat
* Turnip Exchange
* Fruit Trades
* Active Trade Services

Founded June 2020

Come join the beginnings of our adventure and be apart of our community !!