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A growing Smash Bros server with a supportive community and a dedication to helping each other improve and grow as players.
Cheezitparty, a quickly growing server with a lot to offer.
- Smash tournaments and competitions
- Video Games
- Platforms such as PC, Ps4, Switch, and Xbox
- Welcoming community
- Active Chat
- Pokecord
The Smash Temple hosts WEEKLY tournaments where everyone is invited! It is competitive and also a great place to find new smash players to train with. Everybody's invited!👍🏿
A small community where we play Nintendo Switch games together and just have fun!)
🎉Welcome To Splat Buddies🎉
In Splat Buddies we are mainly a Splatoon and Nintendo Community. Here we have:

🌟Server Updates
🌟Active Staff Members
🌟Self Assignable Roles
🌟Name Colors
🌟@ Ping For Play Role
🌟Custom Currency
🌟Exclusive Bot
🌟LGBTQA+ Friendly
🌟Pokecord Bot
🌟**Teams** - Server Exclusive
🌟Splatoon 2 Custom Splatfests
🌟Smash Night
🌟Tournaments & Game Nights
**And so much more!**

**Join Splat Buddies**

Just a place for others to get along and play Smash Bros. You'll be able to fight against many different people with different strengths and weaknesses and abilities in total. It's a nice welcoming community filled with people that adore Smash Bros. Many of our members play competitively so you'll be able to challenge people at a competitive level!
Welcome to Channel 35², me along with the rest of the community hope you can join this community of gamers. Our goal is to include the unincluded and to bring a whole new perspective on video games as a whole. Hope you join this cool world of ours.
An active Smash Bros server for all skill level that specialize on finding lobbies to play with others and other fun activites. This server has:
-Tourneys every 2-5 months, Mini tourneys every 2 weeks
-Events such as Smashketball and Smashfest
-Lots of bots
- Our own Smash Store with tons of roles and other fun things
- Champion titles: Comp, Casual and Tag Teams
- Minecraft server and other games
and many great people to talk to. Please read the rules first and enjoy your stay.
Welcome to Smash Bros! Generic name, I know! But come join the fun! we do giveaways! We have casual and competitive gamers here, but really, we're all just looking for people to play with!
A small discord of smashers, just looking to find and grow a small community with people who want others to play with. Anyone is welcome to the humble abode and we're always looking for more people to play with.
Hey peeps. This server's pretty new, and looking for active players. We aim to provide an up and coming fun place to hang out and match up in Smash! Everyone's welcome, newbies and veterans alike. Let's be chill and have a good time!
Yo yo! don't keep scrolling nibba, I'm lonely AF and need new members! I'm looking for people who want to play with my sad ass and maybe join my crew so we can all be pathetic together, sounds enticing right? So join, even if it's just to say something stupid like "enchiladas"
We host smash tournaments in the server and friendlies
We also have other things like fun things with bots and other games like fortnite and other Nintendo games
Just try making friends. It’s also a server based around making friends, not just SSBU. It can be about any type of game or topic.
We are Fighting Threshold If you want to try out for our smash bros clan join the server we host tryouts very often
And we have 10 members in Fighting Threshold [FT] so far we do clan battles and more clan related stuff
Join this server if you are a fan of Luigi, the server is where we play Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon together, and of course when Luigi's Mansion 3 releases, we will be playing that!
come join Low Tier Hangout! A discord server for the Super Snash Bros. series. This server specializes in people who love playing low tiers. We have tournaments for sm4sh on thursdays and switch on saturdays. We have people who can teach chars, and we have an intuitive money matchmaking system. Come join this great community!
Ultimate matchmaking, hangout, crew and tourney server!

Hey guys, we're an awesome server, and we're always looking for new friends to play with and train against!
Feel free to join! If you aren't welcomed right away, my apologies!
We offer separate roles for serious and friendly matchmaking, weekly tourneys, giveaways and more to come.
We have tryouts for the crew who will represent us in crew battles.
Active playerbase and very welcoming group of smashers.
We're a nice community that likes to play Nintendo games (Not limited to just Nintendo) So come on and join us!
Sakurai Saturdays is a smash ultimate based server that hosts an online tournament every Saturday. It is also a place to connect with p beeople who like gaming and smash and to just screw around in.
This server is a Smash Bros. Ultimate focused server, however, if you would like to talk about other games, just ask! This server also has a very special JoJo chat system, where each part has it's own specific channel with their own special tags. This is to prevent those who haven't seen later parts from getting spoiled. Have at it!
World of Light is a discord server for smash fans to hang out. More will be added over time as more people join. If you'd like to join use the join button. We hope you have fun :).
a server that just recently went public we host tournaments have matchmaking chats and even other games and sections