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The Roblox Myth Force. Here to discover and investigate myths, really for fun. :)

Join along!
Welcome to Warrior Myths:Struggle of the Clans, a warrior cats rp server with a twist. There are 3 clans to choose from. Mutantclan, Mythclan and Spectreclan. In Mutantclan there are mutated cats that have mutant powers. In Mythclan there are cat-mythological creature hybrids with magical powers related to the mythological creature they are combined with. Then there is Spectreclan who's powers are ghostly in origin. Which clan will you choose? I hope to see you soon!(please remember that this is a work in progress)
Welcome to Reamose! A magical land ruled by the sky guild, demon guild, human/halfling guild, and aquatic guild! Here in this mystical land you can create a character, rp and join one of the guilds, where you can go on quests or missions to represent your guild.We welcome you to try out our server and join us for an rp or two.
(Note that this is the reworked version of the school rp now transferring to a guild medieval theme)
This is a medievil fantasy roleplay server where you can be most anything within reason.
From dragons to unicorns to vampires to fairies.
A friendly server that hopes to grow.

This place is peaceful in most parts, but other parts are dangerous to travel to, with demons and vampires who feed on humans and other creatures, where as unicorns and merfolk are calmer of the species on this planet.
Humans live among most of these crearures and others hunt them for they fear them just because their abnormal.
Blossom of Sakura is a roleplay world taking place in the Kofun period of Japan. Will you be a human or a spirit? That is your decision in Blossom of Sakura!
**In the effort of saving and protecting world heritage and history, tons of artifacts and things from historical and well known people were being put in a massive store deep at the ocean floor. But, the luck isn't on our side. The World War III started, and the war destroy store. All the things floats up to an island in the middle of the sea, named, Diego Garcia. The island is totally untouched by human except for building several camps and cabin. But it's already abandoned now. From all the artifacts, one by one, spirit from the past, myths and legends rise up and stay there. Making it like a summer camp. The rest of the story? It's yours to decide.**
Thia server is new and growing so slow please help/ this server is about debunking myths and playing roblox
Was up!Hello My peeps now you may wonder why do you want to join the server JUST DO IT!No actually pls do it and pls read rules when you first join!Have Fun