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What We Offer
🧪 -> Several Bots to Play With!
🧪 -> Information that helps beginners to the fandom
🧪 -> A Good Approval System
🧪 -> Balanced Character Creation
🧪 -> Semi-Serious SCP Server
🧪 -> Cannon SCPs and Personal are allowed
🔬 -> Unique Channels to RP in
🔬 -> Quick and Easy Approval System
🔬 -> Custom and Personal SCP Containment and Offices
🧬 -> Be a Spy, SCP, or Foundation Personal
🧬 -> Events and Personal Story Lines!
🧬 -> Darker Story Settings! (If you're into that)

Gamma Lake- Site 82
Site 82, Codenamed Gamma Lake was constructed somewhere in Montana around the time of December of 1929 and has been completely functional since January of 1930. The creators and main founders identities have remained highly classified, any other information has been left mainly unknown. The personnel within the facility consists of scientists, chemists, engineers, technicians, medical personnel, security personnel, and especially the mtf teams. The history of the facility is nothing too out of line or code, there have been accidents but none of them included something that was threatening the life of the personnel, the higher-ups, or the facility’s integrity in the foundation as well as the facility itself. There have been breaches but none of them have gone out of our control and the facility’s existence has remained classified for all these years and we plan it to remain that way. The SCP’s are contained in the deepest and most classified area of the facility, only specific personnel are allowed to go to said area. The SCPs contained are not necessarily lethal, but certain precautions and personal cautiousness is required. All of that stated we will have you participate in our foundation, at your optimal capacity and decency, stay advised.
A Roleplay City where you can be whatever you like! Monsters, Workers, Aliens, Villains or just a plain human!
Site-37 is a Work In Progress SCP Minecraft Site that will have over 200 SCPs. As of right now Site-37 is currently private and is not being built right now. However I need you to send me suggestions for what to build!
Bienvenue sur Divertix un serveur Discord ou plustôt un site qui permet, de vous divertir intelligement en respectant la RGPD

que le bonheur et la bonne humeur soit en toi
O ThunderDevs é um servidor criado para ajudar os entusiastas da programação a arrumarem os seus scripts, a aprenderem novas línguagens, formar parcerias, divulgarem seus projetos e cursos, e interagir com outras pessoas, está esperando oque? Entre aqui, não irá se arrepender!
Welcome to The Marshland Installation RP Server! This is where fans of the SCP foundation can gather and role-play at a research site that is an off shoot of the SCP lore.

The lore is almost identical to the main SCP cannon, other than some locations of containment or dates of capture of currently established, and the presence of new SCPS that are outside of the main lore that are held at this site. As well as how the research sites operate may slightly differ from main SCP cannon for the sake of less complication in role-play.

Come and join in with me! And be sure to read up on the Rules and Site Info channel. Once finished reading all of that, be sure to create your bio in the Identification chat then request a role. This will grant you access to the role-play text and voice channels.

See ya there, and thank you.
- Signed [REDACTED]
Server dove potrete avere il vostro personale SITO WEB senza spendere un’infinita Di soldi
Le serveur est fait pour apprendre des programmes ou en expliquer au autres et parler avec la communauté
voici un site qui pourra vous servir pour trouver des addon gmod ou même web payent ou gratuit avec des professionnel avec un staff a votre écoute et un site sécuriser a 100% et un support sur discord le nom du site Garry'Shop

TWITTER: | Garry'Shop
MAIL: garry'[email protected]
What is Love-You?

Love-You is a website offering a free NSFW API!
We also have an NSFW bot to try out our API.

Love-You c'est quoi ?

Love-You est un site internet proposant une API NSFW gratuitement!
Nous avons aussi un bot NSFW pour essayer notre API.
Salut, t'aimerais créer un site/projet mais tu cherche un hébergeur gratuite?
Alors, SecretHeberg est la !
SecretHeberg vous propose des hébergements web/cloud/nodejd/ et peux être VPS hehe
Welcome to Spaceium Stuff discord server Spaceium stuff discord server is the server for the site spaceium stuff spaceium stuff is a site were you can chat meet new freinds play minigames and more links: site link: discord server link:
here is a site that can be used to find gmod addons or even pay or free web with professionals with a staff at your disposal and a 100% secure site and support on discord the name of the Garry'Shop site
Silly-Blog Is A Cool Server And Site! Share What Is Going On With Your Friends! We Have A Server And A Site! Site:
Site Infinite - ♾️ | SCP
Roleplay Server

|:| Automatic Security System Activated |:|
>> Scanning...
>> Retrieving Data...
>> Data Obtained...
>> Initiating Protocol-AX...

Hello. You are a civilian. We are the SCP Foundation. We have chosen you among many others to join us. Our mission is threefold. We secure, we contain and most importantly, we protect. We secure anomalies with the goal of preventing them from falling in the hands of civilians or rival agencies. We contain anomalies with the goal of preventing their influence or effects from spreading. We protect humanity from the effects of such anomalies as well as the anomalies themselves until such time that they are either fully understood or new theories of science can be devised based on their properties and behaviour. We are the reason humanity has not fallen. We are the reason you do not see such anomalies.

So, will you join us?
>> Protocol-AX has been completed. Deactivating System....
What Is Site Infinite?

Site Infinite is a fictional site located in an alternate SCP Universe. Site Infinite’s purpose is to contain an infinite amount of SCPs in which it has succeeded. In this universe, every SCP is contained in one facility which is, this facility. Due to this, multiple things have been added. Keycards and more have been added for the safety and security of Site Infinite. Containment breaches have an extremely high chance of ending the world and that is the reason why the Foundation needs you!

You May Choose To Join Us or Flee Like The Rest Of Humanity.

This Is The Administrator Signing Out.
|:| Automatic Security System Deactivated |:|
|:| System Rebooting..... |:|
Winsera is a semi-realistic elemental based animal roleplay that allow you to play 100+ animals that you get to make. The land is set in a fantasy, animal only setting where humans don't exist, but Elemental Deities do. Not only that, but you can also save in character credits to buy additions for your characters such as wings, horns, antlers, and more with no need to use actual money. Join now and get 25 free AP! You can have as many characters as you want and we host events and contests several times a month! We are small right now and continuing to grow. May leader spots and staff positions open!
◈ SH1B0T - Vente de Sites Webs ◈

- SH1B0T est un projet créé en Juin 2019, SH1B0T est un collectif de Developpeurs Entrainés!
- Des Sites Webs Professionels.
- Des Offres pas cheres !

Informations général :

★ Nous Faisons des Sites Webs Interactifs.
★ Accesibilitée à tous !
★ Existe depuis le 20 Juin 2019.
★ Des Sites Uniques.
★ Un développement propre.
★ Un staff à l'écoute.

Informations discord :

◉ Serveur propre et bien organisé.
◉ Support très réactif et professionnel à votre écoute.
◉ Communauté chaleureuse et active.
◉ Serveur amélioré par la communauté.

◉ Serveur discord ➥
◉ Site Web ➥
◉ Instagram ➥ SOON
◉ Twitter ➥ SOON
◉ YouTube ➥ SOON
C'est le serveur officiel de TS STREAM !
TS STREAM est un site ou tu peux live / publier des vidéos avec très peu de pub et une grosse sécurité sera au rendez vous (car il est pas sortie mais il sort début mai )!
Watch latest episodes of best animes online as soon as they are released and discuss them with many other people online!
Welcome to the Site.
Here, you are thousands of meters below the Earth's surface, Resting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Being millions of miles away from continental shelf's, there is little chance for escape down here.
At least,
Not without help, or transportation.

Down here, in the murky depths of the salty ocean, entities too unsafe to let roam on the planet's outer surfaces are kept.

This way, they are away from public eyes, being so far down, also ensures a few things.

That the site is unknown, that it is completely invisible to those who don't know it's location. And keeping the creatures pinned below the ice bath of an ocean above.

Welcome, to the Foundation.