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The{code}Camp est un server d'entraide sur divers langages de programmation, frameworks et systèmes d'exploitation.
Majoritairement axé développement, il comporte cependant des salons de discussions réservés au gaming ou encore au design graphique.
Tux and Beastie est un service gratuit qui se veut être un lieu dédié à l’échange d’informations, à l’entraide, la convivialité et aux rencontres entre utilisateurs de GNU/Linux, *BSD, débutant total ou utilisateur chevronné, inconditionnel ou fan invétéré, tu est le bienvenue
[Group in Developmental]

This is Group of "Puppy Linux" about a Useful Operating System for Retro Computers,so Modern Computers can be works too but Somehow even Fast than a Stock OS'es
Somehow libraries it's included too anyway, also: Database of Running Games.

Main Founder of this Group: Illutorium {}
Main Founder of Puppy Linux: BarryK {}
KixKan is an upcoming project of multiple things, the OS behind it will feature more of a flat and metro yet simple look, with features of media, gaming and more, it also will feature its own app store, with its own browsing, themes and more. The OS is based upon Debian Linux Core.
Обсуждение операционной системы GNU\Linux и все что с ней связано. Помощь в настройке вашего дистрибутива Линукс.
Welcome to Dragonball: Zero! We are a brand new Dragonball roleplaying server that is open to all sorts of characters and people! We are lenient on characters, so long as they follow the guidelines then it is all good. On occasion due to there have been many other servers before there are NPCs from other servers. They won't do stuff of major significance most of the time, occasionally aiding in plot-related situations and the like.
Сервер с общением на свободную тему и небольшим уклоном на технологии с хорошим комьюнити
Hello contestants! I hope you’re ready for this one-of-a-kind server! 4 and X will be pleased to receive new vi- ahem.. contestants!
Serveur Communautaire Basse sur Les JDR / RP et bien d'autre nous somme la pour nous amusé faire des connaissance et partage ce que l'on aime.
Welcome to the windows community server we have games bot everything I can trust you that this is going to be fun