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Welcome the Naruto Village crash!
Here you can do all shorts of things!
-Custom Jutsus
-Custom Clans
-Custom Kekkei Genkai
-and more Custom items!
-Explore and meet new people
-Friendly Community
-Friendly Staff
-Active Staff
-Come and Hang if u want
-Voice chats
-And so much more! Just come and join!

Become a shinobi that conquers the world with fear and hatred or save the world from the evils beyond imaginary! Become a sage and teaches children your way of peace or power. Be a Jin and be feared by all members of the village but use that chakra to define your future! All the possibilities you can do! It’s infinity possibilities come on down and try all of them out! 🥳
Introducing.. A brand new Naruto roleplay server..

Hello! Have you ever wanted to be in your favorite Naruto characters shoes? Well, in this server you can do just that, plus more! This RP is based after Naruto Shippuden but before Boruto. It is not a stat based RP either, but there are limits on what your character can start off with. Make your character and grind for power, become the strongest Shinobi that has ever lived! "THE GRIND NEVER STOPS".

We are a brand new, fresh server, looking for experienced RP'ers that know Naruto as well as us.

This server has a lot of potential, hurry and join to become the strongest Shinobi around! You can even create your own CUSTOM jutsu, missions, clans, kekkei genkai's! All of the above! So don't miss out, and see what we're about!
Join our Naruto RP server and let your shinobi dreams run free! You can be an academy student up to a Kage!
This Server is a Naruto roleplay where you are in a alternant Universe where everything is the same but different characters! *fights! *IRP giveawys!
*chunin and Jounin exams! *Casual RP!
This is an open community Naruto rp sever every clan is revived and tension is building between villages and an upcoming Akatsuki threat.

This server has giveaways, Great community, People to rp with, Good oc templates, custom dojutsu's and Ninjutsus. Just to name a few. So come and join :)
Our server is extremely new and is going to be a work in progress until we do a full release, until then there will be tester benefits.

GIVEAWAYS This server will have giveaways for IRP prizes such as weapons and many more

CASUAL RP This RP is made to just be casual so you do not have to have so much trouble trying to RP.

Have fun on the server and we hope you enjoy your stay!!

Fun stuffs:
√ Create your own custom Character or Jutsu
√ Be in on of your favorite clan in the series

√ Having a strong sensei and teammates

√ Becoming a kage of a Village to protect it with your life

√ Also making new friends

√ Taking Missions

√ Become Your village Jinchuriki

√ Participating in upcoming Exams

So.... Isn't that awesome , All you need is to click the link right down here and your in See you there 😁
Take a look at all the possibilities! Join Naruto - Day Reborn today!
•We're all shinobi here!

•We also elect people who would like to become a Kage of a certain village
•So we here inviting you to come join the journey with by clicking the join below 😁

***Owner:*** @|✮᙭᙭᙭YᗩᑎG✮|#1649
***Co owners:*** @💙🅑🅛🅤🅔💙#2040, @Nate#0882

***Admin of the week:***
@zero#1572 , @Nate#0882
Welcome to Naruto: AU! We are a Naruto Discord Roleplaying Server that is set where Boruto begins, except for one thing... Boruto and his generation do not exist. All of your favorite characters from the series (Naruto, Sasuke, etc.) are all still alive.
We have the following:
- A customized Roleplaying experience enjoyable for all
- NO Overpowered Characters
- A list of Banned/Restricted things
- A fully customized Ryo System
- Dedicated Staff
- And more!

Join now:
“Naruto: Emergence Of Darkness” is a semi-literate RP server that is literally fresh off of the block. It provides an in-depth but laid back atmosphere for roleplayers who love the genre, having both a major plot and subplots that involve everyone. Here, there are no “main characters”. All OCs are being portrayed in a spotlight, within the same evolving setting that continues to progress. Relationships, skill advancement, and exploration in the surrounding world are available at all times.

We have:

-......and a damn good time! :)
Come and join this great server to go on adventures make new friends and rp :D!
Welcome to The Akatsuki

This is a Naruto-related server where it mainly focuses on the antagonists of the anime! We have a lotta chill places to hang around, including:
- music VCs and bots
- memes
- anime/theory discussions
- many bots
- games that we can play togetha (naruto online, online games like, etc.)
- aesthetics
- other stuff

The Akatsuki also has ROLEPLAY, which our server mainly focuses on other than the discussions about Naruto and its antagonists.

Our roleplay consists of OCs only. Your OCs can replace the Kage, the oh-so-famous Akatsuki members AND the Jinchuriki of the Tailed Beasts! You can also replace the main members in clans.
| :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: |
This server just opened up, so I need admin to audition for the server.
I'm also open to any partnerships!
The owner will try their best to make this server grow as much as they can!
Still working on this part but it should be done soon, hopefully.
This is a Naruto Text based Roleplay with a completely different twist! Although some aspects of the lore may seem similar to the show we took out time to create our own lore to which the players would have a good time enjoying. There are many thing available inside of this RP, I would encourage you to hurry up and get here before there are no more spots left in your favorite clan but feel free to create your own clan! You can play and become a kage or even a bringer of pain and suffering! This Rp is filled with surprises and more cool events waiting to unfold!🎉🎈

🌐A new nation
🔥new releases
❄️ Custom kenkki genkki
✋custom jutsus and techniques
👥custom organizations and
🗡️custom weapons
⚡custom puppets
👥active people
📋Good systems
If you are interested please join everyone starts out as academy student but you can be a kage early if you want. Your character ranks up by doing the exams. Please give this server a chance.
This is a Naruto RP server , make a unique character and join the adventure.
Naruto Datebane é um rp com um enredo único, além de uma serie de características únicas. Rp lançado oficialmente dia 23/03

Welcome to Naruto:The spoken gateway this is a new server designed to be the best naruto server so you know we made it the best we could now we have many custom things like
Custom jutsu
Compton sage
And many more but if you wanna find out please join (Remember no cannon characters)
Welcome to:

[===🏮Naruto: The New Age🏮===]

🍃You are able to create Custom Clan's, Kekkei Genkei's, Jutsu's, Organizations! Please try not to make anything OP! 🍃

⛰Please don't break any rules. If you break a rule you'll get warned,if break a rule again you'll get kicked. So please keep the rules and have fun! ⛰

We're offering :

○ A lot of free slots!
● Great Staff!
○ Oc creation!
● Events!
○ Giveaways!

🌊I hope that you're having a great time here!🌊
Hello~ I’m looking for Semi to Adv Literate roleplayers for a Naruto roleplay. This roleplay will not have any connection to the actual story, meaning Oc only!
This server takes place way after the events of Naruto he is basically a legend at this point in time all new kage, sanin, jonin, Etc... There are new rules on how to treat jinchuriki fairly like people. The alliance is all over and all the villages are at war again so there will be war events and other stuff, Alliances are Konohagakure and Sunagakure...
Hello! This is a NEW Naruto roleplay server.

We can create a fantastic community. So come and join me on this journey!

For years, the world of shinobi has been at peace. Economies have flourished. Alliances have strengthened. New and more powerful generations of nin have inherited the responsibilities of their predecessors. It seems that at last, other than minor skirmishes here and there, all will be just fine, or so they THINK...

A week before the beginning of the plot, an explosion rang out in Kirigakure. Two rogue nin, paid for by a mysterious organization, invaded the Hidden Mist, with shown intent on assassinating the Mizukage. Their contract, however, was not able to be completed, what with Anbu soon on their tails. Their REAL objective was supplemented by their provided-for headbands with the mark of Sunagakure on them. The incident has sparked severe tension between Mist and Sand, one being accusatory, and the other uptight with arrogant denial. The stiff atmosphere between the two villages has all nations on high alert, and the other three Kage have decided to avoid choosing sides for now, not wanting to break their treaty, inciting a war.

The Hokage has agreed to host Chunin Exams, in an attempt to sizzle this tension. The idea has been called both brilliant and foolish, as resolvement is not guaranteed. However, the beginning of conflict in the Leaf would pull all nations into an immediate all-our war, so such an occasion would imply for everyone’s forces to practice caution. Nonetheless, the Sand and Mist genin will be just as benevolent towards each other as their superiors.

Naruto RP: Special Bond
@everyone @here
Become a Shinobi of the leaf,sand,or etc! Maybe become a
samurai who knows! But here is the best place to roleplay
for naruto! Come check it out I bet you will like it!


-Wild Community

-Activae Server

-Good Templates

-And So Much More! So come and have some fun!
Naruto rp: Second chance

◄This rp takes place in the timeline of boruto. You can create a shinobi in 1 of 9 different villages.

◄You can master any sort of technique you want and create your own story. You will be part of the community whether you're one of the first to join or one of the later people to join. You are the people who will make this rp flourish.

◄This is a trust based rp so the fighting feels more realistic

◄Now join for these amazing features:

◄Custom jutsu
◄Custom kekkei genkai
◄Custom organizations
◄Custom weapons
◄Custom summons
◄And even custom puppets

◄Alongside scheduled events that happen quite often

◄This is an rp that i, the owner deeply care about and i hope that i can enjoy this rp with many of you. So please if you see this and want an amazingly fun naruto rp, join.