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This roleplay takes place in the Madara/Hashirima times. Join us on a new adventure as we start the Naruto Universe from the very beginning.

This server will consist of building our villages and ruling the clans in it.

The villages have been established for 5 years. Academies have been established and the canon ranking system is present. We have openings in every village and we welcome all!
**A new chapter begins..**

In this chapter, Madara and Obito is resurrected but they are in hiding for..parenting?! Madara has a son now and he’s hiding away to parent him. Obito is there to just help him. Madara would go any length for his son so you probably shouldn’t hurt him. His son isn’t a bad person like his dad, but he does have some Six Paths + Jinchuriki power. But all is doing well in the villages. It’s peaceful and quite.
Can you make that change?

~~Next time on dragon ball z!~~

so this is a wip. I would really appreciate joining and helping me out! Pluusss i need to active people persons to rp as madara and obito. thanks bye!
Hey there I see you've stumbled across my Server so I won't waste your Time this Naruto Server will be laid back and just looking to have some fun but also we do want to Roleplay so I'll just list some things we have on my server

- Great Systems To Work With
- Wide Variety Of Rp Channels
- Chill and Laid Back Server
- Wide Customization To Create With

Anyways other then that just try out the Server you might like it Although it is sometimes strict that's to just make the Roleplay More Realistic Hope you Join and Have a Good Day. Btw We Need Staff so Go ahead and we can interview you
Its been years since the events of Naruto, Naruto: Shipudden and Boruto. Fan favorites like Sasuke or Kakashi are long dead and their clans have been battling Father Time. Not many even know who the Uchiha are anymore and many villages have changed their names. The hidden leaf village has changed over to the grass village for example.
Tailed beast have long been forgotten and have become almost a myth. Elders of the villages retell stories of the wild beast helping in the great ninja war...
Kama has been outlawed and the study of it has been banned after the events of Boruto. Though the curse mark still lingers around.

This is a fairly new Naruto RP but we are as active as the biggest servers. We offer:

•A engaging overarching plot with twist and turns. Anyone can impact the story.

•A easy to understand OC submission system.

•Friendly and active staff/members.
Consider joining, you won’t regret it.
The story begins decades after the likes of Naruto and Sasuke. Peace didn't last, nations are at war with one another. Can peace be restored? Or will the world be rocked to it's core by endless struggle? The choice is yours

Note: this isn't a stat driven rp, it's more of a server to relax, unwind and do what you like to do. If you're in it to be the best, this server isn't for you
In this server, we take the place of the Boruto generation. We are here to have fun and just play as our own characters. Have fun and when you join please be friendly!
This server is made for the pure purpose of having fun, being so, we aren't too strict, although the thing we are strict about is OP stuff and Godding. We want everyone to have a fun time here. We operate different from most RP servers, this originally was just for me and friends but we decided to make it Public. If you do not like this server, it's not a Problem as there are many out there, but if you like the sound of it, just join, and don't be shy, We are honestly just chill peeps and joke around a lot.

What we have to offer-

We are opening some clan roles, meaning all clans are available.

We have MANY Channels, All the Villages and even side parts.

We have cool and funny Bots.

We honestly are just out to have fun.

To wrap it up, Yes, This is a Custom Server. No Canon Characters.

Lore - Basically, this is Generations after Boruto, the Villages have been getting rebuilt after the 5th Shinobi war and it seems we have to Start from Scratch , just like the good old Naruto days. Everything is still in the future, we just have a fat setback with Technology and are working our way back up.
Hello all, and welcome to Story Of Shinobi. :)

Information of our server:
This server is totally free for any kinds of persons, so it means that everyone who are interested in Naruto-rp are free to join.

We have lots of special spots open on our server. Jinchuriki and Akatsuki etc.

This is a non-canon server, where you can make you very own character. Let your creativity run.

Remember that if you need help with anything, just ask our staff. :)
🌸Hello fellow Shinobi!🌸
This is a Naruto Roleplay server called
Naruto: Birth of Shinobi.

🔷Be a Ninja, Samurai, and so much more!

🔶This server has fair admin, and no biased rules to keep communication positive if rules are followed positively as well.

🔷Our system is very far and well layed out, so you can jump right in when you start understanding everything.

🔶Our server has customizable aspects like custom Jutsu, Kekkei Genkai, and so much more!

🔷We have fair rules to keep the server friendly and fun!

🔶We have limits to things to stop the overgrowing of certain categories and roles!

🔷You can be anything in the ninja world, but with a power limit. Your ninja dreams can finally take reality for the real shinobi world.

🔶The lore features a time right before Hashirama and Madara, meaning that they do not exist nor will they ever. It is truly the Birth of Shinobi.

⛰We hope you join soon, and as the new shinobi world grows, you will become more than welcome to join!⛰
߷ Kon'nichiwa!


- Welcome to The Tale of the Gutsy Shinobi -

In this server, Godmodding, Metagaming, and Powerplaying are NOT allowed in any way, shape or form! We want to make this experience as enjoyable as possible for you and will do our best to make sure the battling/fighting system is fair and manageable.

NOTE: This server is relatively new! We have a lot of available options to choose from, and we need more members to increase our activity!
Hurry on in and grab the goods!

߷ What to look forward to:
- A "Dark Ages" themed timeline set after Boruto
- Various OC Creation options are available.
- Organized Staff with Lore Experience.
- Tolerable RTKO/PTK System (With RTK Exceptions)
- Chunin Exams & Server Events
- Organized Channels and Categories
- Weekly Mission Board
- Hunter-nin Bounty Board & Bingo Book
-Jashinist & EGF Matching Blood Type System
-Fair, thought out Banned List & Caps channels
-Various Canon Clan Tags
-Custom Organizations
-Various Canon Organizations Available
-No Custom Clans, Jutsu, KKG or Modes
-Reasonable Time & Travel Systems
Welcome to Naruto: A New Path. This is an OC roleplaying server guessed it, Naruto.

In this realm we offer:
- Custom jutsu/KG+/and clan templates
- a money and missions system. Even a bounty system.
-tons of villages and areas to explore and rp in.
-chunin exams and jonin exams.
-you don't even have to be a ninja, we offer monks, villagers, and more(per request.)
•We have growing story arcs

It is still growing and I do take suggestions and help.
Join us and have fun.

-={ WELCOME }=-
In this server, we prioritize being fair, therefore Godmodding and Metagaming are not allowed in any shape or form. All special abilities in this server have to be EARNED fair and square. All members are super nice in this server, so expect a warm welcome! We're waiting for new friends!

-=[ FEATURES ]=-
- In this server, we are following the timeline of Shippuden, and because we have many new OCs the major events can change.

- OC creation
- Custom Doujutsu, Kekkei Genkai, and Releases
- We have dedicated staff, so feel free to ask questions any time :)
- Combat System for fair battling
- Chunin Exams & Server events

And many more! So what are you waiting for? Join now!
What is Shinobi Will: Tsukuyomi ?
-It is a really new server, that got the theme of Naruto Roleplaying. We are really open on those, and also has got some open moderator roles. We are searching for peoples that are interested about roleplaying in the world of Naruto. The server has got RTK, to keep it dynamic.

The roleplay is beginning really soon, with a test. There would be a lot of giveaways, such as the Gelel Stone, Kusanagi and more stuff that you would see here.

Members can also participate to create events that would be gathered in arcs. They could give ideas that would be gathered in the moderator channel. There would be a ton of events, of course, and exams of shinobi to let your character become stronger.

Custom Stuff

Any member can make his own jutsu, kekkei genkai, clan... following the rules of course. You can even make your custom organisation, to contrast with the Akatsuki, that is even open here.

Sage Modes

Our server works with Roleplay Samples to acquiere high stuff. Sage Mode is apart of those stuff. You can make your custom sage mode, or have one that already exist.


Shinobi Will: Tsukuyomi has got really active staff and some members. If some stuff are wrong, you could just ping one of the staff members (even if our server has got copied by a jerk, that kept the lore ^^).

Everyone can make his own story. There is no main character, except yourself ! Just come and have fun ! There is also Kage, Tailed Beast and Clans slot opened !

Come visit a very Nice Server! (start as genin work your way through the ranks to either become kage or rogue ninja :D)
-Friendly Staff
-Fair Roleplay
-Chill chat
-Love for everyone! :D
-Naruto bot,Sasuke bot,and other main character bots

The events of "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden" have taken place within this universe, however any of the events in "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" have not and will not occur. This server takes place 4 generations after Naruto Uzumaki was given Hokage status.

All the villages are technologically advanced, as seen in Boruto, and all the people who were Kages in Boruto became Kages of their respective village.(until a new kage not choosen) All the villages are at peace with one another and as such they all share an alliance, which came to the development of the Shinobi Festival which is held biannually. Through this alliance all villages strive to help one another against any threats that may arise.

Invite link
We find ourselves in a time before Team Seven back when Hiruzen was still Hokage and Minato nothing more than a child. The legendary Sanin have managed to stay together over these years and Orochimaru and Jiraya have opened up a school. Only the most elite Ninja are chosen to be a part of this school. Despite all this peace is nothing more than a dream. As the Villages are at each others throat war is on the brink of breaking out. This is where we come in. We can shape the story and take it down paths that we only ever dreamed was possible. Minato might not become Hokage. The Uchiha may not be wiped out. Only time can tell.

Owners: @Luca#3621 @Deformed Jotaro#2113

Co Owner: @SpineCricket#6315

What we have to offer:

-A friendly staff
-Several Clans
-Custom Jutsu
-A mold-able story that can be changed -based off choices made by ocs
Welcome into this new generations of shinobi's in a 3 year gap between Naruto & Naruto Shippuden where a new story is here and its called Harishoi based off the main character @Harishoi Uchiha and you know about Backstory of Harishoi and how he met friends and became a strong shinobi as he lived his dream to become the strongest and help other people who can’t defend themselves or there village
Timeless Shinobi is a Naruto Roleplay Discord Server. It is set in an Alternate Timeline in which Madara Uchiha was killed by Haishirama Senju, rather than faking his own death. This caused a complete butterfly effect in which after the second Hokage Tobirama Senju, no canon characters exist, they were never born.

This also means that from this point onwards you could in fact claim a canon characters appearance as a face claim and their name, if it has not already been taken. But you won't have plot armor. Neither will you be guaranteed the same jutsu the original character had, however you have a much higher chance of being allowed it.

This is a chance to forge your own path within the Naruto story and help drive the path that story takes.

Will you be a small time ninja just doing their service to their village

Or will you become legendary and turn the tides of history.

A fair and balanced PVP
The ability to play OC or alternate Canon characters.
Organised Staff with experience in running servers.
3 out of the 5 villages, more will be added as the current villages fill up
Akatsuki/Rogue Shinobi
A bingo book
Mission boards for each village
A completely fair approval system that relies on the good judgement of various staff.
custom Clan/Jutsu/KKG if you so wish (must be approved by staff)
A welcoming community.
A large world to roleplay within
Hello there,trying to get your attention but anyways we would want you the person reading this to join us on this long roleplay journey of a lifetime! Let’s show you what we have to give.

《-《A Unique Variety Of Staff

《-《Understanding Owners

《-《Anti-Senseless Approval Of Submissions

《-《Non-Toxicity,Non-Narcissism,Nor Segregation Of Overall Members

《-《Fair Balancing Of Power Level,Techniques,Sorting,And Tiers

《-《Efficient Usage System Involving Use Of Techniques

Additional Information-Background:Server established May 18th of 2019.

Main Owner: @Kasai Kaguya|23| Ixvalis|12|

What do you say? Are you willing to become the next hero or endeavor of the Shinobi Nation? What path will you choose?
[★][Shinobi Reborn !][★]
<"This is Shinobi Reborn!">

✵The Shinobi World has been completely remastered. The books have been wiped and history is reworking itself and now the heroes of the past are forgotten. A brand new legacy can be formed with new paces, new personalities, and especially new people. Friend or foe, which ever you may be.. You can still join us and become part of the jump to change the world forever!

We're excited to see how this new united effort pays off! Stay safe, learn and grow, and become Shinobi that will revolutionize this world! Good luck to you all!✵



【🛡 】▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬【🛡 】
🔷》👍 A Unique and Organized Server! 💯
🔷》clap A friendly community. relieved
🔷》😄 Meet new people and make friends in this server! 👋
🔷》 💖 A fun, friendly and none toxic environment where we treat @everyone with the respect. 🛡 ⚔
🔷》✅ Great Staff Team! You can even do the application to be one. ✅
🔷》❇ Ideal server for Roleplayers. 💯 😋
🔷》🏆 Alot of fun events! medal
🔷》💯 We got alot of things necessary for y'all! 🔥
🔷》👉 And there is much more! What are you waitin' for, come join us today, buddy! 🤗
This Server is a Naruto roleplay where you are in a alternant Universe where everything is the same but different characters! *fights! *IRP giveawys!
*chunin and Jounin exams! *Casual RP!
Come and join this Naruto role-play sever come and make heavy decisions that will affect how the ninja world progresses!

Hiya, this server is a Naruto Rp world. Here the canon characters never existed so a new story can be written. We are a very new server and are still editing things, organizing and trying to get new members.

Join now to get rp privileges and cool roles!
A new naruto rp server. Create a shinobi and live life as a shinobi
. An rpg style fight system where you are given options and you choose them based on your fighting style
. Become a rogue ninja
.Have a dojutsu
.Become a kage
. Become a sage
and so many other features. join at