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✯Come Join Shinseina World Now✯

❃What We Have To Offer:

➩Active Roleplay and Chat Community.
➩Original none ripoff Lore.
➩Over 60 Races of all kind to choose from.
➩Lots of Roleplay channels and Cities to use.
➩In-depth but not Overly detailed Character Format.
Legends foretold of a secret world underneath our word, a hidden paradise of the past, a long forgotten haven of creatures of myths and legends. This place is the world of The Hallowed, the underground sanctuary for monsters and otherworldly creatures, driven by humanity. Having different regions to discover, each with its own denizens and characters to discover and interact. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy, magic, anf myths? Enter the world of The Hallowed now and craft your own story.
**What was once a feeble kingdom has now grown to become a grand empire. Realm of Fantasia combines a perfect balance of roleplay and community. Enter a world with people having a shared love for anime, fantasy, and games! Be yourself or be someone else with our interactive roleplaying channels.**

۩ °°With our empire, you can°°۩
- Get to know the members through our chats
- Enjoy sharing your thoughts on anime, pop culture, games, music, and many more
- Share a few laughs with our memes channel
- Develop a partnership
- Go hands free and listen to music or VC with us

۩ °°For roleplaying°°۩
You need to choose the ADVENTURER role
- Create your identity with our self-role options
- Roleplay time clock to know the time in our Roleplay world
- Level up with our RP-based quests
- Customize or make your RP characters

Start your adventure with us:

**Join here to reach your ultimate potential:**
╲⠀╲ ˚⠀╲ ╲
⠀ ╲⠀╲ ✿.˚ ⠀ ╲ 。 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀ ❀⠀ ╲⠀⠀ ⊹ ⠀. ❀
⠀⠀⠀ ✦ ⠀⠀ ✿ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ
↬ Laenielira ˊ- レーニエイラ !

───────────────── ·  ·  ·  ·  · ✦

A roleplay server that offers all kinds of fun! Join this server to experience a new kind of fantasy roleplay as it includes seven known kingdoms. They all contain different types of species for both your enjoyment and benefits! Everyone is welcome!

╭── :¨·.·¨:────────────────
╰─➤`·.. ❀ ; Here’s what we have to offer: ˊ˗

Friendly and helpful staff members that are there when you need them!

Bots! Including Nekobot, Tatsumaki, four music bots and more!

A wonderful community that will be sure to greet and have fun with you.

Art, rant, confessions, selfies, and more social channels!

Ten known kingdoms and an academy! Includes an economy which is currently work in progress but should be fully functioning soon!

╭─ A short excerpt from our lore:
╰───╮. . . . . . . . . .
│The war that was supposed
│to bring forth peace had an
│opposite effect. The seven
│kingdoms that once lived
│quietly caused tensions
│with one and another. Can
│peace be restored after this
│tragedy? What evil will
│sprout after the mess
│that was left behind?
Welcome to the Voidless Realm!

-We are a fairly small, but active roleplaying group that aims on growing its community and helping fellow roleplayers interact!

-Our server consists of:
🔹 A growing community of 400+ members! 👐
🔸 50+ channels for all of your needs 😮
🔹 Dank memes, of course 😄
🔸 Medieval and Fantasy stuff for nerds-alike 🤓
🔹 A pretty hecking chill staff team, if I do say so myself 🔥
🔸 Some pretty intense events to get your blood running 💦
🔸 Fun Bot Commands to waste away your life with! 🤤
🔹 Have I mentioned we have memes? 😏
🔸 Combat RP for venting your anger out on imaginary characters! 😅

Looking for friends? Maybe even more? Come and join High Castles and be a part of an active community dedicated in providing a wholesome experience.
⊱Ӝ━⊰ Kingdoms of Malenna ⊱━Ӝ⊰

♕ What our server offers ♕
Welcome! This is a medieval fantasy server where you can explore different kingdoms and meet new people. We welcome everyone role player or not. It's all about character development and yes erp is allowed. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the Kingdoms of Malenna!

◇ Server events ◇
What kind of server would it be if we didn't spice things up now and then?

✰ Fun bots! ✰
I know it's common but it's worth a try.

☁ Friendly staff! ☁
Our staff is normally online throughout the entire day, we have a lot of patience with everyone and we're happy to answer any of your questions!

❃ Lil note ❃
Our server is still small and can be quiet sometimes so it would be great if you share the link bellow to invite some role players! We'll like to make it great so we want you to join!
We are a server dedicated to the genre of fantasy! Come chat with people who share your interest in literature, movies, television, and more. Franchise specific channels such as Harry Potter, LOTR, Buffy, DnD, and more!
Bienvenido seas a esta comunidad rolera, aquí podrás rolear tanto como hablar con los demás miembros del servidor. El rol está basado en un mundo medieval fantasioso, donde viven los elfos, humanos, vampiros, enanos y muchas más razas juntas. Podrás ser cualquier raza a las que se te den a elegir, comenzarás como un personas sencilla, al pasar el tiempo puedes ser un gran héroe en este mundo o incluso un gobernador de algún reino.

¿Eres nuevo en esto? No te preocupes, los miembros del staff no dudarán en ayudarte con todo el tema del rol. Los miembros también ayudarán, somos como una familia.

Es una comunidad activa donde podrás encontrar mucha gente con la quien hablar y con la cual rolear tu propia historia.
This is the Kingdom of Simul. A continent that was made by our very own players. We add to it when need be. Yes, you help build this world. There is even a dedicated website that I build on to keep up with such things. Lots of locations. Lack of "In Depth" lore. Super simple and easy to follow. This place is made for OC's to grow. We are a semi-para and up roleplaying group!

~ Social Channels. OOC General, Music Bots, Pokecord, and more!
~ Organized categories for easy collapsing
~ Friendly and experienced staff.
~ Easy process to get your character approved. Just know how to read! Even a "How To" and "Getting Started" to direct you if you get lost.
~ No complicated lore or application process. Reviews of profiles done quickly. Even a super easy bot for profile look ups!
~ Have more than one character? Sweet! Sign them all up!
~ Super social environment, yet no pressure to be here constantly. This is a hobby, not a job.
~ Self assignable roles
~ T-1 Fighting styles. This server is built on story, not combat.

Come check us out and see if we would be a good fit for your OC!
A fun small dragon ball discord server, meant for roleplaying, fighting, and rewards. You can raise your power level by training in places such as the hyper-bolic time chamber, or you can have fights as intense as SSJ Goku vs 100% Frieza. The choice is in your hands.
We're a freshly revamped fantasy roleplay server that's active, no one liners, no godmodders, just clear fun people that will assist you on your way to making a character!
Welcome to Iota, a world where gods walk the planet and you choose where your destiny lies. Our community would be honored to have you be apart of this mystical experience. In Iota, you have the ability to make a unique character, choose from multiple professions, and reside in or swear fealty to multiple unique kingdoms. You may also choose to be a nomad and travel! We will try our best to make this an experience that you will never forget, so come join us and see where your fate takes you.

🏰 Medieval setting 🏰

🎭 Fun and detailed rp 🎭

⚙ Multiple bots to suit individual needs ⚙

🎮 Gaming and pokecord channels! 🎮

😁 Helpful but relaxed staff team 😁

💰 Money system 💰

📜 In depth lore 📜

⚖ Open applications to apply for staff! ⚖

🎉 Special role and profession giveaways for characters 🎉

💎 And so much more! 💎
A lore based, fantasy roleplay server.
We are looking for active users to join our community.
Roleplay is not obligatory.

Come, traveler, come and see...

For what you'll behold, a sight to tell a thousand Tales. A Shimmering light, by the end of a long tunnel, hidden away a world you've never even dreamed of before.

Spawned from a heart of empty void, it breathes life, adventure, mystery and much, much more. From heights of the cliff tops of Holst Manor, down to the dawdling creeks and spindles of the Sanctuary, a forest range spanning miles, the possibilities are endless.

Dare you step inside, the Netherworld?
✧ Welcome to Kingdoms Of Zekunda! We are a fantasy RP server based in the Renaissance period, and are very accepting of everyone, and are always willing to help you make a bio to fit this world! Develop characters, stories, and interact with other people on your various missions. Anyone can make a character, and anyone can make their own unique story! ✧


✧ ❃ ╠══ We are an active server with helpful and chill staff 👋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Always looking for new staff 📩 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Creative lore, races, and social roles 📚 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A varying group of people, from pirates, to royalty, to just simple travelers 🌱 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Fun bots, and creative members 🎨 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Lots of NSFW channels 💋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A very accepting, non-toxic community 💕 ══╣❃ ✧


✧ Come join us today, I bet you’ll find something you like ✧
Hello and welcome to Battles of Ether! This is a roleplay server that takes place in the fictional planet of Ether. The roleplay is a mixture of Sci-fi and Fantasy, but mostly Fantasy, and this roleplay is only for literate and detailed roleplayers.

✨Adventure classes!
✨Strategic Battles, PVP, and PVE!
✨A Tier-List!
✨Leveling and Stats system!
✨Make friends and create your own party!
✨Join a guild or make one yourself!
✨Episodes and Seasons!
✨Plot quests and user made quests!
✨Upcoming story arcs and plot events!
✨A welcoming community!

The world of the Ether has taken a big turn in the year 2432, tons of new species are popping up all over the world, some varying in power, some not even human. There has been many battles throughout the once beautiful world Desu had created. The affect on the terrain due to these battles greatly upsetting them, so he spawned his own creations to fend off the ones causing such havoc. The “adventures” of the world only took these as “events” however and fought them for their skin and the rewards. Eventually true villains with ill intent started to spawn around the world. These villains possessing immense power so much so the adventures would be crazy to fight alone. The only ones who would would either come back incredibly wounded and put outta commission for a long time, or they wouldn’t come back only to be assumed dead. These foes are the ones more feared throughout the world. 

There are a few adventures or stand above the rest however, and those are the ones that stand before them today. Everyone in this world where everyone who exists there is their own main character with their own stories and adventures to live out. Will the villains break through, will Dues have their way? Who knows? Why not come and find out by creating your own story in this mysterious world?~
Roleplay Server (With Optional ERP!) with a kingdom full of places and factions for you to explore. Don't want to make yet another profile for another server? Feel free to adopt any characters you see on the Character rent and adoption center!
There is also a DnD like Battle System with over 20 different skills and tons of fun activities!

The staff is also open for any questions or suggestions.
Mystic Inn welcomes all those who are 'strange and unusual'. Super friendly, fantasy themed server for your socializing needs! Lots of features to enjoy, so come and join the fun!~
(For some reason the invite says expired, use invite below to join!)
Hello, Welcome to Fantasy World!
A place to chill and Have fun!
We Hangout and talk
Voice-chats to get to know each other
Chats. We have everything to be honest!
We got bots for members pleasure .
Nice and experienced staff and a bunch of nice and friendly people!
Our 2 most used bots Idle-RPG
and PokeCord!
Don't be shy and come and chill in Fantasy World!

Mindfall is an open and very loose server in terms of RP skills and characters and has a very fun and friendly community. With many engaging and entertaining things to do every week, we are sure you won't run out of things to do in Mindfall!
◇━━━━━━━━〤 A MODERN FANTASY 〤━━━━━━━━◇


◇━━━━━━━━━━━〤 〤━━━━━━━━━━━◇

〤 Looking for a new kind of server- a modern one? Ever wondered what would happen if magic existed among humans? How they would react? Here’s your chance- discover a hidden world based in the booming city of LA and quiet park of Yosemite, find out what its like to have magic exist among mortals in the world you know very well 〤

◇━━━━━━━━━━━〤 〤━━━━━━━━━━━◇
〤 Custom/Self Roles (Colors, RP, and Personal Roles)

〤 Be whoever you want- no set job list.

〤 Five magical races that hide within the humans (Vampires, Werewolves, Werebeings, Changelings, and Beastmen) and try their hardest to stay out of conflict.

〤 Channels for all 50 states (most channels are for Yosemite and LA), along with channels for Canada.

〤 Freestyle/Open RP, no overarching storylines, just events (with lore for background!)

〤 You can view RP before actually RPing, or even just watch without needing to make a char. Everyone is welcome.
◇━━━━━━━━━━━〤 〤━━━━━━━━━━━◇

〤 Looking for an RP server with a new idea? Want to learn more? Join today!
Dear Lord or Lady,
You are Cordially invited to the amazing Fantasy Roleplay “World of Marin!”
Adventure is to be had!

If you're looking for a literate and fresh RP, this one is definitely for you. We request that you create your own OC for this roleplay.

Although it is easy to join, you need to create a bio for your character! A faceclaim, while not strictly needed, is recommended. Interested in learning more? There are many sources to find information! World of Marin has been around for a few years, and we boast a variety of outlets to help you get your bearings. We also have a Lore Room, and although most of the information there isn’t to your ability to Roleplay with us, it’ll certainly help you get a feel for the chat!

You might have recognized us from Chatzy. We are relatively new to discord, but are hosting the same world.

We can't wait to see you.

As always, enjoy!

Want to play in a tabletop RPG campaign everyday? Well, welcome to Nameless Saga! The community-driven RPG, where choice reigns supreme. Nameless Saga is the perfect mix of MTG, D&D, and final fantasy, creating a fun, and ever-changing environment to let your imagination run wild in daily campaigns! Did I mention that there are free Steam games?