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A friendly teen server for anyone to join. We will enforce all discord TOS and rules!
Welcome to Egirls Paradise! A place to release your dirty inner self in and trade pictures! ! Every gender allowed you can also chill and talk here and just ler your emotions go wild ❤ 😉
We are a fairly new server with a pretty chill mindset. We are here for you to find friends and maybe more ;). Maybe you find your gamer girl here?


Here are some things we have to offer:

● 1:1 Ratio

● Chill VC's

● Relaxed community

● Plenty of bot's

● Laidback rules!

● NSFW channel for the weird people.

🐻☞ 𝕎𝑒𝓁𝐂๏𝕞έ ✎💗

Welcome to lonely bois, this is the successor to lonely club since it was closed down. Here is a place where you can find new people to chat with and make new friends(Θґ 𝕞Θґല). As you can tell this server is still quite small and still growing. Come join the server now(Θґ ĺ工工 ല𝑎ţ ýΘㄩґ ĺᑕലᑕґല𝑎𝕞 ţΘ𝓷ĺɡḥţ)
Hey, welcome to the Teens hideout! Here you can talk to and meet others in a fun, and enjoyable server
Welcome all to a server dedicated for young people little and cubs to have fun and be cuddled, cuddles and play time and enjoy like minded people
dedicated to those under 18
Hi guys, this server is for every underage person on discord. That means everyone who is under the age of 18 is welcome. This is a free space for people to talk about anything without getting in trouble. You don’t have to worry about older people and you can just have fun!!
talk anime here, have fun, make friends, and help establish a small community of anime fans, we are kid friendly and all are welcome!

only rules are: dont be mean, no bulli, be friendly, keep subjects sfw when kids are around, and just have fun and be happy! enjoy! We are also in need of a new moderator, so you can dm me and apply to be a mod, we're kinda dead as of february 2020, so if you can make this server alive, this will be real appreciated!

BMTBG is a community/dating server for 13 and over server full of wholesome and active members

Active community
🖍 Color roles
🖇 Reaction roles
Good and fair rules
Handpicked staff & applications
Awesome vibes
Awesome emojis
Selfie channels

Meet new people and be friends talk a little know each other just don't to wild
Sawubona Africans, Welcome to Africa. Have fun,invite youre friends,respect everyone.Lets be a great community
Hey there, welcome to a newly open under 18 discord hangout hosted by yours truly, Kaokeron aka Michelle
Be warned that we have a solid verification process to prove you're not catfishing in any way though but after that it's pretty chill
We're looking for daddies that can treat us right and spoil us <3
About us Babies:
- Age: 15
- Gender: Male
- Sexuality: Gay
- I look like I'm 10 if you're into that
- Me and Violet are down to play games and such, or just to talk
- Age: 16
- Gender: Female (MTF)
- Sexuality: Straight
- About me: I like to play video games, I like talking to new people :)
This is a discord server meant for teens to chill and find new friends or find the love of your life. Our old server was incredibly active with up to 10.000 messages a day. This a new one. Make sure to stay until we grow a bit. What are you waiting for? Join us.
this is an almost failed server, all my admins who set up the bot/role system left and i am now accepting applications for admin positions