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🕯 Do Unto Others, a Christian server 🕯

If you're reading this, that means that you'd like to join our Christian server where we focus on fucking up sinners, and if we have time, save the shit out of your sorry ass soul and preventing you from receiving a reach-around from Satan for all Eternity. You're welcome, ingrate.

Want to get off meth?
Want to stop being a faggot?
Want to quit watching tranny porn?
Want to stop associating with heathens?
Repent then, sinner.
Welcome to Casual UK.

This is a server for people living/from/interested in the UK.

We try our best to keep the server drama-free and a safe community for all.
This beany community is all about having fun together and banter around with a bunch of people. We also focus on gaming, memes, mystery cases and overall being silly. NSFW channels are available upon request and we also partner with various other servers. There are self-assignable roles with colors and whatnot. Come have a peak and become one with the beans!
Welcome to the biggest "legal" gangle pidgeon racing ring and your in for a great time with the spiciest bois in town.

A small but active community full of the weirdest people you'll ever meet.

The highest-quality banter from all the boys and occasional E-girl.

Not a safe space say whatever you want, do whatever you want within reason.

Definitely not a dictatorship completely run by the server's owner if you suggest that might be the case you will face the Gulag.
we have a lot of banter, atm there's this guy named chris he's kinda cool ping him and we also have a british dora.
small, kind of close-knit group that likes to talk trash. we r looking to grow a little, blossom and make new pals :-)
yes we love shit posting, playing games together and going on vc

ok thanks for listening to my tedtalk
this is an idea born out of procrastination and quackityhq inspiration - a discord talent show server! it's all just a bit of fun, nothing serious. very new server (i literally made it this morning). non-toxic and well moderated. lgbt+ friendly. a fun side server to my main one!
Hello peasants,

if youre reading this i would like to enlighten you in the way of the "gay" in our holy crusade across the promise land to create a better place for everyone. Our land was discovered in the year 2017 by the founding fathers and myself the "Gaylord" we pledged our allegiance to the big gay. Thus creating on that day "The Band of The Gay." This wasnt just any run'a'muck group of chaps, this was a legendary order of those high amongst society. Wealth, food, honor, money, women (men), the gay, currency and t-series. This was what we fought for, but as our numbers dwindle we require to rekindle this fire in our hearts to take back our land from the disgusting heteros and beat their fucking skulls in with our speech for equality. As if you arent gay, you are wrong.

Welcome to the Lads Discord!
We’re lit ig
Hello, I created this server to enable and promote pure and utter faggotry.
Rules for the server are simple: there are none.
Controversial and political discussions are strictly encouraged.

Come join us!
The Promise Land
There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met
The home of the Kraken,
A place where there's easy flowing conversation, Great people.
Come Join our never safe server, meet the lurkers of the depths
always up for banter.

* Not based on Splatoon
Voice chat that's super active daily, friendly and full of quality banter, not too fast-paced but never boring, regular movie nights, dedicated gaming servers, open to any age. Join and become a regular for a close-knit community experience. Come fill your social bar :)
Welcome to Cookie club 🍪
Here you can make new friends, socialise and have a good time. Why not stop by?
░▒▓█ ♡Welcome to the Bossgurl Hub!♡ █▓▒░
The brand new community to the not so brand new Instagram meme page @bossgurl.memes!
•Experienced, Friendly Admins!
•We don't care what type of person you are or what issues you have. You are accepted here!!
•Frequent giveaways when the server starts filling up!!
•Right. So our batch of ethots hasn't arrived yet but it should be delivered very soon. I promise.
•Tons of bots no cap
So join us here at the Bossgurl Hub and obtain thine bread
We are a new server looking to grow and improve. We've got memes, banter, random discussion and more!
G’day eh ol’ chap consider joining jebend may’haps eh
ovenboy (yakup) has put together a fun, active, slighty offensive discord with his mates. It is not a place for the easily offended.
chaotic place with honestly barely any rules. looking for new members to make a fun server! this is a new place so we're still setting shit up. server activities include:
>movie/show nights (via rabbit)
>gaming nights

warning: offensive jokes and banter. dont join if youre sensitive lol
Absolute mess. HQ for shitposting and bantz. No tories and no crying.
SUPER small and simple discord server omegalul
just chatting and play sum games
A server orientated to the diversity and interests of those who join, anyone is welcome!
We have many roles that are easily available via a bot reaction system!
Loads of Categories and channels to meet new people!

and lots more..
If ya wonna play games, or just chill and chat with some chill, depressed and some edgy people this is the perfect server. most people in the server are decent honestly and admins are also active most the time. We mainly play Siege but do other stuff aswell. We support streamers aswell.