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Mad Motherfuckers

Join our server if you're sick of those stupid overbearing and controlling servers full of sensitive rejects we have very few rules and they are

No Doxxing

No illegal content (child porn etc)

No one under 14

And obey the admins

~We offer a gay straight and furry/Hentai nsfw channel~

~We have a rhythm bot and a music VC all for when you feel like listening to music~

~We have a Helios bot for you spiritual/curious people~

~We have an awesome AI bot called clever bot you can chat with when it's active~

And plenty more we hope you join us and enjoy your stay xx
🕯 Do Unto Others, a Christian server 🕯

If you're reading this, that means that you'd like to join our Christian server where we focus on fucking up sinners, and if we have time, save the shit out of your sorry ass soul and preventing you from receiving a reach-around from Satan for all Eternity. You're welcome, ingrate.

Want to get off meth?
Want to stop being a faggot?
Want to quit watching tranny porn?
Want to stop associating with heathens?
Repent then, sinner.
Purgatory, a place between heaven and hell.
You'll meet all sorts of "colorful" characters here. The question is, Where do you belong?
Fun server with banter and nwsf channel for you and all your friends join today!
hello! go ahead and join my server which includes:

➢swear all you want
➢banter with friends
➢play dirty/normal truth or dare
➢play 'dirty questions'
➢listen to music
➢voice chat with friends
➢share your art
➢share your story writings
➢color roles
➢self roles
➢free n word pass
➢and more!
This beany community is all about having fun together and banter around with a bunch of people. We also focus on gaming, memes, mystery cases and overall being silly. NSFW channels are available upon request and we also partner with various other servers. There are self-assignable roles with colors and whatnot. Come have a peak and become one with the beans!
This server is a server for memes, banter and a few games that people will talk about every now and then. Basically this is MEANT to be a funny server but people will get into 'fights' in this server but we let them be >:).
A bunch of loud mouth bitches
Join for fun and maybe a little abuse it depends. All lgbtq people are welcome we don't discriminate. You'll rarely be banned unless you're a mega cunt. Your two rulers are QUEEN OF ALL and QUEEN ANNA, listen to us or get the boot you homeless whore 😘. In all seriousness though, you will have a lot of fun here and everyone is pretty friendly. We have all different types of channels for different topics, a bunch of bots for you to use, and some silly roles names for the heck of it.
The underworld is a server where you can just join and have a general fun conversation with many users. We offer monthly giveaways along with many bots to play around with. Along with weekly events which include Music,Movie,Animu, and Game night.
Much like your last tinder date this server is a foul desperate attempt for social interaction. The users here are human personification of herpes, persistent and embarrassing with no cure. We have music and attempts at karaoke, banter and on rare occasion serious discussions. Join.
Hi there, welcome to Banter&Chill. This is a chill friendly server to meet and socialise with new people and have fun. We are looking for new users to join and everyone is welcome to the community.
Our server includes:
Self roles
Voice chat
Media share
A server where nothing is too crazy, come here to exhert your inner devil and enjoy the community!
a meme channel for meme requirements
all kind of memes from wholesome to offensive are allowed.
We are a group of religious monks that snap, snatch, and fap fingers.
Age Of Empires II: HD Edition
Rainbow Six Siege
Z1 Battle Royale
The most chill server, fck rules going through heavy maintence and needing new admins and mods and overall staff
This is a channel with various peaks such as art, music, anime and MORE. If a channel you would like to have in this chat isn't there you can suggest it.
A place to come and chill, meet people or new teams also have top banter !

We are a discord server with two things in mind-
1.Freedom of Speech
2.Freedom from Authority
What does this mean?
1. This means you're pretty much allowed to be how rude and vulgar you want, as long as you're not advocating for violence/ exposing any private information without permission
Basically we're funny as fuck, so why wouldn't you join?
Welcome to the biggest "legal" gangle pidgeon racing ring and your in for a great time with the spiciest bois in town.

A small but active community full of the weirdest people you'll ever meet.

The highest-quality banter from all the boys and occasional E-girl.

Not a safe space say whatever you want, do whatever you want within reason.

Definitely not a dictatorship completely run by the server's owner if you suggest that might be the case you will face the Gulag.
we have a lot of banter, atm there's this guy named chris he's kinda cool ping him and we also have a british dora.