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Hi and Welcome to our server based on and for The Amazing World Of Gumball fans! We have: roleplaying, fanarts section, voice chats, friendly users, memes, head canons and many many more! We are new server that waits for you!
For the heartbroken and Depressed | Owner: Cry Baby | By spending more time in our channels you can earn special roles which help you earn ceritan permissions!
Come join us if you're just looking for a community. We welcome everyone so don't be afraid. We have friendly staff and a cool community. So feel free to come check us out!
Come to us and our friendly people and see what we have for you! ;3 -ew bro what is this just so you know that is not me lol aka the admin aka the owners second acc for this yeah don’t mind this also ages 11-17 are welcome no older than that u creepo. Anyways no one is THAT friendly but that’s mostly when we are joking but fights rarely happen but the drama gets juicy. (Stay out of that tho)
sometimes venting to strangers just helps out. So here is a server where you can vent, with no strings attached.
you are welcome to simply vent, then leave, or stay and chat. overall, you're welcome to vent and ask for comfort, advice, or just a listener. you can find different chatrooms for happy vents, sad, angry, tw, or even nsfw. this is an all accepting server, so lgbt, any race, religious beliefs, political views, and anything else is going to be welcomed here, so long as you do not bash other people for their own opinions.
Still a new server, so not many users, but if they are here, they are welcome to help out.
An infant, open community infiltrated with deceased souls, and dead vibes. Nothing more, nothing less.

It's just a venting server attached to the other server I own,, aside from that it's open for anyone to just vent.
[Please do realize it is in its editing phase and shall be completed as soon as I can]
Don't let the thoughts you hold captive swallow you. Vent, talk it out.

Take a chill pill, and breath.

Welcome to Gwen's Coffee Shop! We provide the best of the best commutication. We love to see new joins, and theres many channels! We provide vent channels, nsfw channels, and more! We welcome you, we're very supportive :)