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dragons den is a server for people who identify as transmasc to hang out, chat, make friends and have fun! we are looking to make a laid back community with no discourse or drama :-)
Since April 15th 2017, Transgender talk has been very friendly and helpful, I joined in December 14th of 2018. Never had a problem with users or staff. Always helpful, and there to listen or help. On September 24th 2019 I Bethany acquired the server, and have streamlined the support system, and implemented a security system to protect those who post selfies and HRT progression pics. The server came with sections relative to your needs, so you don't have to sift through info for the others that aren't relative. I myself am a trans woman born intersex. We're all welcoming to anyone no matter how one identifies.

The Coolest Kids is a trans and non-binary only group for people aged 16 and up. We’re a close knit family and are always here for each other.
Just a little server for trans boys and masculine aligned enbies to just chat and have fun
Este é um servidor para adolescentes não-bináries socializarem! (Já que existe uma falta desse tipo de espaço) Então se você é não-binárie e tem entre 13 e 19 anos, venha!
~ Trans Friendos and NB Pals ~

-A safe space for anyone who is trans, nonbinary, or questioning their gender
-Free of discourse and toxicity
-System friendly
-Self assignable roles
-Helpful moderators
-(Bodily) 13+ server

Note: Cisgender LGBTQ+ folks are welcome to join to support the trans community/learn but we would prefer that cis-het people do not join at this time unless invited by someone in the server!

Hope to see you there!!!

-The mod team