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Nintendo Univers [FR] est ouvert à toute personnes désirant partager de bon moment et jouer entre amis que ce soit sur des jeux Switch, Wii U, Smartphone ou 3DS !

➤ Nous sommes actuellement 1850 joueurs de Nintendo!
➤ Des rôles permettant de trouver rapidement des joueurs
➤ Des événements Nintendo régulierements organisés
➤ Une communauté active et un staff à l'écoute.

Venez explorer l'Univers Nintendo à nos cotés !
A chill place to make some friends and talk about your favorite Nintendo series. We also do polls and stuff I guess?

(This is a 16+ community. While you may still join if you are under 16, note that mature conversations may take place.)
A Zelda roleplaying server set in the setting of BOTW. We have plenty of roles open, and we're just getting started with the rp currently.

200 years after the events in BOTW, adark sorcerer named Kadokh discovers a method of reviving Ganon, and prepares to do so at the coming of the next blood moon. Upon hearing about this, his sister flees to Hyrule Castle to warn the royal family. The royal family then mobilizes all of their forces in an attempt to locate him, all while trying to keep panic from spreading to the general public.

If Ganon was to be revived, the only way to defeat him lies with the divine beasts. The royal family knows this, and decides to host a competition at the site of each divine beast in the hopes of determining the new champions who would pilot them.

Along with the divine beats, the power of the master sword is also awakened as well. However, not a person currently lives who can wield the holy sword alone, so a group is formed under the royal army that will fight using it together. This group works in unison using the master sword combined with holy shields to defend hyrule castle and ensure the safety of the citizens.

Meanwhile, a mysterious masked woman waits for the champions' arrival in Hyrule Castle, ready to inform them of their mission.
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
virtual online hospital !
this is a virtual online hospital !
the first of its kind
it's a place too talk about problems , share what's on your mind and make acquaintance's !
chat includes music , movies , gaming , art , relaxation , and general !
here you will receive YOUR OWN PERSONAL ROOM that you can post in !
we have wonderful staff and great members !
come and say hi :)

Communauté française active sur la franchise Zelda et plus encore. <3
A server for Nintendo fans who want to chat with fellow fans. We play games, have general conversation, share tips and art, listen to music, and much more!

There is no NSFW content permitted on the server, thank you for understanding!

We have a music bot if you like those, roles based on your favorite Nintendo franchise, fun videos, memes, paintings and other kinds of art. Whatever you want to put up is cool with us! We just want to have a good time with fellow Nintendo Fans.

Just as a note: We aren't a very full server at the moment, so if you're willing to contribute to the growth and environment of our little server, we can get though the beginning of the server!

We look forward to seeing you there!
A server based around the Legend of Zelda and all things Nintendo! There is no verification needed, and we welcome all! We have the Dank Memer bot, mini-games, and friendly staff! We hope you enjoy your stay!
Hey , welcome to The Triforce Trial where you can talk about Zelda with other fans. This server is currently has few people so most people are offline. If you stay for a while, other people will join this server and you will have many people to talk with!
Have you ever wanted to argue out the specifics of a games lore? Look no further, for Lore of the Games has you covered! We talk about all kinds of games, From Halo to Zelda to Skyrim. We are a growing community and want members who enjoy gaming!
welcome to luigi
we are a nintendo fanbase server, welcome to people who might not even be nintendo fans! a community server for everyone? just what you're looking for!

『 What do we offer? ⇣ 』
• Active members + staff
• Staff applications open all the time
• Self-assignable nintendo roles, info roles, and more!
• Many partnerships!
• Daily updates!
...and lots more!
●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●
Tired of pings? Well, say no more! We have our own assignable PING ROLES! No need to worry now!
Zelda Sanctuary is a Zelda community brought of those who want to present information regarding Walkthroughs, Guides, Speedrunning Material, Rom Hacks, and Randomizers to the Zelda fanbase and Zelda communities across the land of Hyrule. Our intention is to make an ease of access website to be a hub for all things Zelda for any user young or old that can utilize our information. If this sounds like a community that interests you feel free to send our Discord Link to other Zelda fans too!
A tiny little server created for fans of The Legend of Zelda to come together and chat, roleplay, share artwork, and just have fun! It's very new, so it'd be awesome to meet some fellow Zelda fans!
A server to Roleplay The Legend of Zelda! Includes games such as Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Link to the Past!
We are a Nintendo community. We talk about several topics and the latest Nintendo news! Anyone is welcome, we have pokécord, NotSoBot, Memes and custom color roles!
After 100 years Ganon came back once again, however this time Link was unable to live up to the task as Ganon finally learned how to defeat link, with Link dead Hyrule is in ruin and Chaos and Ganon has more power than he ever has before with the full tri-force under his control, it is up to a new hero, maybe it could be you?
This a roleplay server based off of the world of Legend of Zelda. I am wanting a few people so that I can create an epic story of the heroes saving Hyrule from Ganon once again.
Welcome to Nintencord! Our very new Discord server all about Nintendo! Once we get more members, we will host tournaments, leagues, giveaways, and play games together! If you aren't a Nintendo fan, you can still join and meet some friends! Come join!
We are a Discord that Focuses on Switch!
We do Tournaments, Events, and More!
Hi there! Do you like Zelda? Smash Brothers? Earthbound? or Magic the Gathering? Then look no further! We attend to make a community solely around these formats to your own liking! Hope you enjoy and stick around!