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A chill place to make some friends and talk about your favorite Nintendo series. We also do polls and stuff I guess?

(This is a 16+ community. While you may still join if you are under 16, note that mature conversations may take place.)
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
virtual online hospital !
this is a virtual online hospital !
the first of its kind
it's a place too talk about problems , share what's on your mind and make acquaintance's !
chat includes music , movies , gaming , art , relaxation , and general !
here you will receive YOUR OWN PERSONAL ROOM that you can post in !
we have wonderful staff and great members !
come and say hi :)

welcome to luigi
we are a nintendo fanbase server, welcome to people who might not even be nintendo fans! a community server for everyone? just what you're looking for!

『 What do we offer? ⇣ 』
• Active members + staff
• Staff applications open all the time
• Self-assignable nintendo roles, info roles, and more!
• Many partnerships!
• Daily updates!
...and lots more!
●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・● ・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●・○・●
Tired of pings? Well, say no more! We have our own assignable PING ROLES! No need to worry now!
After 100 years Ganon came back once again, however this time Link was unable to live up to the task as Ganon finally learned how to defeat link, with Link dead Hyrule is in ruin and Chaos and Ganon has more power than he ever has before with the full tri-force under his control, it is up to a new hero, maybe it could be you?
We are a Nintendo community. We talk about several topics and the latest Nintendo news! Anyone is welcome, we have pokécord, NotSoBot, Memes and custom color roles!
A tiny little server created for fans of The Legend of Zelda to come together and chat, roleplay, share artwork, and just have fun! It's very new, so it'd be awesome to meet some fellow Zelda fans!
This server is for The Legend of Zelda fans to talk, debate and have fun. Unlike other servers we accept fans of all levels. A beginner will feel as welcome as a expert. If you do not know much about The Legend of Zelda, there are chats for Animal Crossing, Okami, Fortnite. I am excited to see you on the server!
This a roleplay server based off of the world of Legend of Zelda. I am wanting a few people so that I can create an epic story of the heroes saving Hyrule from Ganon once again.
Welcome to Nintencord! Our very new Discord server all about Nintendo! Once we get more members, we will host tournaments, leagues, giveaways, and play games together! If you aren't a Nintendo fan, you can still join and meet some friends! Come join!
We are a Discord that Focuses on Switch!
We do Tournaments, Events, and More!
Hi there! Do you like Zelda? Smash Brothers? Earthbound? or Magic the Gathering? Then look no further! We attend to make a community solely around these formats to your own liking! Hope you enjoy and stick around!