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Hiyaaaahh!! Welcome Welcome Welcome! HylianCrib is a server a small growing gaming community, we're always looking for nice and enjoyable players to come through and stay awhile. We play games like Smash Bros, Splatoon 2, BlazBlue CrossTag Battle, Minecraft, Fortnite, or any other Nintendo games you're looking forward to have a good time on! Almost forgot if you're a nerd about The Legend of Zelda this is certainly the spot for you to come hangout! Overall HylianCrib is a server for players to chill make friends and having a good time!
We are a server dedicated to our lord and savior Bandana Dee! If you love Bandee with all your heart, definitely consider joining today! Note: don't be toxic please. There will be more changes to the server eventually.

We have:
Waddle Dee emotes
Gaming channel
Music channel
Gaming hook up channel
Art channel
Special Kirby channel
Special Pokemon channel
Bots. Namely Pokecord, Mantaro, Pokedex, MEE6, Disboard, Dyno, and Tatsumaki
Suggestions channel

Also, we may do special gaming events on certain weekends. If you wish to participate, make sure you have a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo Switch(Nintendo Online is required, personal plan costs 20 USD). We will only host Nintendo console games.

Edit(October 9, 2019): We've recently expanded our server to Pokemon and Zelda.
For anyone and everyone interested in Zelda! We're steadily growing server that's always excited to meet new faces. We sport a robust character creation RP, heavily story driven and set in the Zelda universe! Create a character from almost any Zelda race, and take part in this wild ride with several other talented RPers. May Hylia smile upon you, adventurers!

RP DISCLAIMER: This isn't a run of the mill wish fulfillment RP. It's extremely character death enabled, item centric, story oriented, and consequence driven. If you aren't ok with any of those, chances are you might not enjoy our systems!
Welcome to the land of the ancient Hyrule , Hyraal! Here we are in is an AU RP server , where the time takes place before the great flood happens in WW. We roleplay with our own storys that mixes up into a huge thick book of thrills and adventures. We use our own characters and we need your help to make this server become a best Zelda Roleplay server! We all have:

-Self made emotes!
-Creative Writers
-Different places!!
-More places!!!
-Nice mods!
-More and more things for you to discover!

Come join the fun and lets make the most wildest Zelda fanfiction!!
Come and share your art, talk about food, chat about games, just have fun :D I want to build a fun community where everyone feels welcome :) Come and say hi!
A small and friendly server for people from all kinds of backgrounds to come together and talk about our shared hobby, games (and also other stuff like music, movies, TV, or animals)! Come along and say hello, and invite your friends!
🔷️ Ce serveur a été créé dans l'optique de regrouper tous ceux passionnés de Nintendo et son histoire plus particulièrement.

🔷️ Vous pourrez interagir avec d'autres membres en parlant de l'histoire, du lore, des théories et bien d'autres, tout ceci basé bien évidemment sur Nintendo.
Parmi nous, vous remonterez aux origines de Nintendo, son âge d'or, son explosion dans le paysage vidéoludique, les figures, les mascottes et bien d'autres encore.

🔷️ Nintendologie est un projet de longue date fait par des passionnés pour des passionnés!
Rejoignez nous et embarquez pour cette aventure qui débute tout juste!
C'est aussi le discord de la chaine Youtube Nintendologie arrivant en septembre.
Hello! Welcome to Hyrule Castle! We are a fairly small and new server about the game, The Legend of Zelda! We accept all people and we are looking for new members who like the game!

If you are a fan of Legend of Zelda, then this server might be just for you!! You can share art and edits, videos, songs, memes, and much more! All Zelda themed! But of course, we have some off topic channels.

We are open up to everyone! Feel free to join whenever you'd like!
Hey wanna join Nintendo Chat? we talk about everything Nintendo from Mario to Kirby and we also talk about upcoming games and we talk about Nintendo directs and other exciting stuff! 😁

We provide amazing bots to help you or you could ask me or the admins 🤖

And music so you can listen to your favorite songs! 🎸

We have some rules you should follow but you'll read that when you get there!
And if you wanna talk about other stuff like Minecraft then go to the Minecraft chat now please come join and make yourself comfortable.
For all kinds of Nintendo Gamers who like to have fun chat with each other, enjoy some cool bots and overall have a chance to meet new gamers. This includes hardcore gamers as well as those that are new or casual gamers.
We're a community focused on Game Emulation and Zelda Breath of the Wild Modding based around the YouTube and Twitch channels of Jeremy King (creator of "Emulated!" and "Zelda Modder's Toolkit").

We have regular Giveaways and hold occasional Community Events!

Everyone is welcome so please stop on in and say Hello!
Wir laden euch herzlich zu unseren Discord Server Switchverse ein. <3

Wir würden uns sehr über neue Mitglieder freuen, ihr könnt euch hier über Nintendo Spiele austauschen, eure Errungenschaften teilen oder bei einem gemütlichen Plausch in der KK-Kneipe abhängen. ;)
Hello! This is Rat's Cutie Café! This server is about a multitude of things, like roleplay, Danganronpa, Splatoon, and other things! We like to roleplay in this server, but not about any certain topic. This server is not specifically tied to one certain thing, so if you don't wanna roleplay or talk about Dangan, you don't have too. (But trust me it is actually a good game I thought it was gonna be awful but I was proved wrong) We're really friendly, or try to be anyways, and we love meeting new people! So join if ya got a second. We'll be sure to give you a warm welcome!
⟡ Hello there, young one, welcome to New Hyrule! ⟡

New Hyrule is a roleplay server revolving around the Legend Of Zelda series; taking place one year after the series’s latest entry, Breath Of The Wild.

In New Hyrule, you can create an original character or play as one of the many characters from the Zelda series in over 200+ roleplay channels such Hyrule castle, Castle town, the Gerudo desert, lake Hylia, the lost forest and many, many more places for your characters to venture and explore!
New Hyrule is an imagining of what Hyrule would be like after the defeat of Calamity Ganon, so new and original lore with updates on a regular basis is one of the server’s main features!
We also have more traditional roleplay elements integrated such as quests, formable guilds, a currency and events whose outcomes are entirely decided by you!

In addition to theses awesome roleplay elements, we also have a small, ever-growing, fun and friendly community for you to be around with, weekly rupee giveaways and self assignable colour roles; we respect your right to look fancy.

Come, my child, do not be afraid...
Welcome to Hylia's Realm! We are a friendly and growing community focused around Legend of Zelda, feel free to stop by! **NEW: Daily polls of the week! Updated on Sundays**
A Nintendo RP server that welcomes any and all roleplayers! With multiple franchises represented, and even some more fun side-channels like an art gallery and a place to dump head cannons, there's plenty to see and do here!
Sanctum of Hyrule is a lore/fanworks based discussion server for the Zelda series. We welcome Zelda fans of all kinds, from theorists to artists to fanfiction writers and beyond!
We are a small server catering to certain pairings! We encourage activity and you can show your art and talk about what Zelda Fanfic you're writing!
Come and join!
(13+) The D-Pad Gaming server is a server for Nintendo Switch gamer's to chat about games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Pokemon, Splatoon and more.
You can also listen to music with the music bot.

(Note: this server does not tolerate excessive amounts of swearing)
Welcome to the Unofficial Nintendo Discord server:
What do we offer?
-Voice channels for online multiplayer Nintendo games
-3 Music rooms with 3 Music bots
-An active welcoming community
-Exclusive Custom Nintendo Oriented Bot
-A fun levelling System with AmariBot
-A channel dedicated to Nintendo's Youtube channel so you won't miss an upload
-Chat rooms for Nintendo communities such as:
Smash Bros
and Many more
Come Join in the fun and join the unofficial Nintendo Discord server today!
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
This server is dedicated to providing nitro users with emojis from 'The Legend of Zelda'. Come join and check out the emojis!
This is a new RP set 150 years after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Create a character and journey through Hyrule, witness breath-taking views and meet canon characters such as Ganondorf, Zelda, and even Link!

Will you side with the Army of Malice, or the Hylian Army? The fate of this world rests in your hands.

- No ERP.
- Reason To Kill is active.
- An action never happens if you don't declare it.

There are more rules, however, those are important ones.