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Chill Nintendo server that anyone can feel free to join.
-Chat about any games here!
-Share friend-codes & art/media!
Staff are willing to help out with any questions.
A chill place to make some friends and talk about your favorite Nintendo series. We also do polls and stuff I guess?

(This is a 16+ community. While you may still join if you are under 16, note that mature conversations may take place.)
Hey there! We're a friendly server starting up to bring together LOZ fans!
Sanctum of Hyrule is a lore/fanworks based discussion server for the Zelda series. We welcome Zelda fans of all kinds, from theorists to artists to fanfiction writers and beyond!
This is a new RP set 150 years after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Create a character and journey through Hyrule, witness breath-taking views and meet canon characters such as Ganondorf, Zelda, and even Link!

Will you side with the Army of Malice, or the Hylian Army? The fate of this world rests in your hands.

- No ERP.
- Reason To Kill is active.
- An action never happens if you don't declare it.

There are more rules, however, those are important ones.
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
Hello, and Welcome to General Degeneracy, where we talk about crazy subjects, play games together, and have anime discussions/ reviews
Bienvenue sur le serveur Zelda ocarina of time et majora's mask. Ici vous pourrez poster vos glitchs, bugs sur Zelda ocarina of time et majora's mask que ce soit sur Nintendo 64 ou 3ds/2ds. Vous pourrez aussi parler du jeu si vous avez besoin d'aide ou faire des théories.
Si vous aimez jouer à Zelda ocarina of time et majora's mask ou faire des bugs sur ce jeux, ce serveur est fait pour vous :). Et découvrez les émojis du serveurs :3.
Hey , welcome to The Triforce Trial where you can talk about Zelda with other fans. This server is currently has few people so most people are offline. If you stay for a while, other people will join this server and you will have many people to talk with!
Welcome to Nintendo LGBT! We're a safe-space community for LGBT+ Nintendo fans (allies welcomed).
Un servidor de Roleplay basado en los videojuegos de la saga de "The Legend of Zelda". Crea tu propio personaje y explora Hyrule y otros mundos de los juegos de la saga de Zelda

- Razas conocidas y algunas poco conocidas de los videojuegos de "The Legend of Zelda"
- Lugares característicos de los videojuegos de Zelda
- Sistema de Economía (con rupias)
Welcome to Hylia's Realm! We are a brand new server revolved around Legend of Zelda, feel free to stop by and say hi!
Hey guys, it's The_Red_Inkling, and this is my discord server! It took me 6 hours to set this whole thing up with emojis, roles, and more! This is the official discord server for my YouTube channel, so if you like that, then feel free to join the discord action!
virtual online hospital !
this is a virtual online hospital !
the first of its kind
it's a place too talk about problems , share what's on your mind and make acquaintance's !
chat includes music , movies , gaming , art , relaxation , and general !
here you will receive YOUR OWN PERSONAL ROOM that you can post in !
we have wonderful staff and great members !
come and say hi :)

Ace is a chat for everyone, friendly and nice. It is a great community. Fun and games and music. Just follow the rules and be nice:)
A Zelda server for people to hang out and talk Zelda, share art, and make friends!
Welcome to the Nintencord Discord.

We're a community of passionate Nintendo players.
If you're interested in meeting some interesting people, or if you're looking for people to play games with, this is the place to be!
We have roles for various popular Nintendo franchises, so you'll know what kind of games people play by clicking on their names.
A BOTW OC Roleplay Server !
We are a group of Zelda fans making a group of OCs to RP and just have a blast with ^^ .
We have channels dedicated to:
- Roleplay
- Theories
- Sequel Announcements and News
- Art and Cosplay

And much much more !
A small , brand new server that is looking to grow ! :D
Cant wait to see you there !~
A fun Legend of Zelda server for all types of fans
A Legend of zelda server for roleplay and discussing the game. In a world where the realms collided play as one of your favorite zelda characters or oc! We are a casual server who just wants to have some zelda fun. We are not judgmental to anyone! :)
~multiple areas to roleplay in
~Zelda character
~Zelda Oc
The Princess fled down the halls of the castle, breathing heavy as she dashed away, dodging the grasp of the knights that once protected her. They had turned into vicious demons, killing all life it’s previous body held and replacing it with nothing but the desire to destroy.

She fled into the secret chambers of Hyrule Castle, squeezing through small enclosed walls and stone until she reached the final chamber, the Golden Relic laid in front of her. She drew closer and touched it, enabling it power.

“Wielder of the Triforce.” A voice echoed inside her head, beginning to radiate in a soft glow. “What is your wish?” The Princess took a deep breath while closing her eyes.

“Reverse the flow of time, bring the land back to the era of the Hero. All the heroes.” _
She took another deep breath before continuing. “The warriors that sealed the darkness. Bring them all together as one, to stand against this future chaos.”

“As you wish.”

Everything, from living beings to the terrain itself, started to glow the same aura as the Triforce, slowly reverting back in time. It continued to do so, until the land was brought back to the Era of the Wild.

The land was peaceful once again, but it was just the beginning as rifts in time began to form, creating portals to the past. Many things emerged from these rips in time. New threats that Hyrule conquered long before, the citizens of ancient times appearing in this new world, and the Heroes that sealed the darkness.


Welcome to the Land of Hyrule! An RP that takes place after sealing of Calamity Ganon, when the timelines all merged into one single world! All the dangers, heroes, magic and more intertwine in a new Hyrule.

- Create an Original Character or choose from the Canon List! RP as any character from any Zelda game!
- Freeform Exploration and Roleplay
- Optional 18+ ERP and Chat
- New Server; Help us grow and write the next chapter in Hyrule's history