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Whether its talking about games, sharing your interests, or freaking out over the Sherlock season finale; this server is for those who want to talk with others about their interests with others in a casual environment.
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate Elder Scrolls lore or talk about the new Fallout game. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 18.
Nous n'avons pas de nom, nous n'existons pas, nous n'avons ni passé ni futur. Aucun gouvernement ne peut nous contrôler.
Plus sérieusement, nous sommes un groupe de potes voulant rassembler une communauté multigaming sur divers jeux tels que : Ring of Elysium, For Honor ou même War Thunder ! Personnellement je suis aussi fan de MMORPG tels que Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft ou The Elder Scrolls Online ^^ ( Joueurs PC Uniquement )
Bringing together the Masterminds of the Myers-Briggs community. Active and chill members. Come join us and help plan world domination!
Its a hacking server for ask about hacking coding and computers.
Крупнейший русскоязычный ЛГБТ сервер для геймеров.
This is a server for nerds and geeks of all kinds to come and hang out.
be you interested in a grammar nazi, a philosopher, a singer, a gamer, a scientist, or a fan of popular series such as star wars, star trek, harry potter and more you are welcome.

We have many things including
~Places to discuss various topics
~Roles for various popular series (Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, and more)
~The ability to self assign roles
~places to talk to others with like interests
~channels to talk about series or rp in
Hello! We are HDA a server that helps with your struggles with gaming. Or find people to play with you! We also have NSFW commands 😏. And fun bots to mess around with! Also you can advertise your twitch or mixer channel!
Safe Place is a friendly active 13+ LGBTQ+ server where everyone is welcome
We offer memes, games, music and fun roles
Join and make new friends!
A community of older adults (25 Years and older) that want to chat without the teenagers.
A discord server for edgy geeks and nerds that are good with computers!
Dizi, film, oyun vb. konuları sevip beraber konuşan bir Türk topluluğu.
Welcome to GAG! We are a friendly community that is based primarily in Pakistan. We welcome people from all over the world.

What we offer: Assignable Roles to personalise yourself~ ☆ Personalise the server to what you want to see. ☆ A family-like community. Visit, or be part of us! ☆ A levelling system with merits upon reaching certain levels. ☆ Events! ☆ Shape the server! We're always looking for suggestions and feedback. ☆ A bunch of bots for entertainment, music & more!
The Livingston Clan is a community where people from different backgrounds different countries different ideal's come together to socialize and talk; to share their creations, ideas, and memories. The Livingston Clan is more than a group. It's where people who join become family to each other, brothers and sisters its a haven for the good-hearted. We have many topic set rooms; Events, places to share images, your art, music. We have a place to sit and hang out for Game Night and Movie Night. Let's not forget about those meme-lords out there, we have a nice little corner for you too! You can share your pets, favourite nature photos, and voice channels where you can hang out and chat with us! And, lastly, we have a Music Channel to sit and listen to Music whether it be by yourself or with your friends.
Chill and chat with new people or maybe join them on a first person shooting, third person shooting, survival, puzzle, mmorp, rpg, retro games, moba games, strategy games, etc, etc and more! Not interested in video games and just want to chat? Go right ahead! We most of the times talk about life or anime(oh boy the discussion on anime is oof serious sometimes) but all and all this place feels like home and we have good people here so; We hope you enjoy your stay and have a blast!"
We will have events from time to time, A long with staff applications every 5 months. We have many bots to keep occupied, But also make sure to keep up with chat and interact with everyone, You'll level up and will earn special perks.
Filmler, diziler, oyunlar vb. konularda konuştuğumuz; beraber oyunlar oynadığımız; kısaca Türk geek sunucusu.
Capitalism will Autumn is a space for leftist geeks and gamers. It exists as an escape from the common right-wing tendencies of most online geek spaces.
We are a community-based server that welcomes people of different leftist positions and nerdy interests, and encourages discussion on politics and debate between positions. We have political channels, casual chat channels, gaming and media channels, and a special trusted role giving access to a bit more.
Want to join a gang full of gaming and a long love passion for it? We play every game going and ensure that we have a member that plays the same game as you. With over 140 members we can guarantee that everything you do will be awesome, with you being just a DM away from talking to the actual owner that can help you with everything. We have custom bots to deal with everything including a gang ranking system, that yes will pay you real life money! Spamming across all platforms we thrive we dominate and we destroy.
To quote a user: "Reminds me of a gathering around a fireplace at night.". We aim to deliver the most comfortable experience for everyone to talk in.
If you don't join this server, well you're just silly, this is the best server ever no questions asked. but seriously join if you want and don't be a jerk.
Yolooo people !! Serveur détente et Gaming avec du FUN et une bonne ambiance, ;) rejoins-nous si tu es un Gamer ou une Gameuse et que tu veux trouver de nouvelles personnes avec qui pouvoir jouer dans l'humour et la bonne humeur !! :)
Welcome to Ceaseless Otaku's! We are a Discord community based around Anime and Gaming. Everyone is welcome!
1. Don't harass users and be respectful to other users
You are expected to respect others in the server. We would like everyone to be peaceful and enjoy their time here. If you are being harassed by another member, please contact a staff member and they'll do their best to help you and resolve the issue.

2. Asking to be promoted to a Mod or Admin isn't allowed
Don't ask to be a staff member in the server; if we want any staff, we'll make an announcement that states that we need more staff. If and when we do that, an application will mostly likely be in the announcement where you can apply for the position.

3. Post respectively in each channel
Each channel has its own specific topic so we'd like you to please post in that channel in respect to the topic. Posting the proper content in the proper channel keeps the chat clean and organized. If you're posting in the wrong channel, you'll be redirected and possibly warned.

4. Don't upload or share any viruses/malware
Don't post any malicious website or upload any virus files in the server; if you are found doing this, you will be permanently banned from the server.

5. Spam will lead to a temporary/permanent ban
If you are spamming in the text channels or the voice channels, we will ban you (temporarily/permanently depending on the severity of the spam). Spam is distasteful in any chatting service.

6. Advertisement is strictly prohibited
We don't want any advertisement of any other server in this server, so please avoid doing so. If you are advertising, you will be permanently banned

7. The Discord Terms of Service are applied in this server
The Discord ToS can be found here:

8. Don't break any rules and be peaceful
This rule should go without saying. Follow all of the rules listed above and be peaceful. Drama and fighting aren't fun for you or the mods, so please avoid starting things. If someone else is creating issues, please contact a staff member.
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