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We're a laid back growing server, diversity at its finest. Here's a baguette! >:D
This is a server for nerds and geeks of all kinds to come and hang out.
be you interested in a grammar nazi, a philosopher, a singer, a gamer, a scientist, or a fan of popular series such as star wars, star trek, harry potter and more you are welcome.

We have many things including
~Places to discuss various topics
~Roles for various popular series (Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, and more)
~The ability to self assign roles
~places to talk to others with like interests
~channels to talk about series or rp in
~Competitions with unique roles as rewards
~Chance to be the leader of a channel
~Friendly people
This server is a space for leftist geeks and LGBT+ peeps. It exists as an escape from the common right-wing tendencies of most online geek spaces. We are a community-based server that welcomes people of different leftist positions and nerdy interests, and encourages discussion on politics and debate between positions.
Welcome to SD! We are a friendly community that is based primarily in Pakistan. We welcome people from all over the world.

What we offer: Assignable Roles to personalise yourself~ ☆ Personalise the server to what you want to see. ☆ A family-like community. Visit, or be part of us! ☆ A levelling system with merits upon reaching certain levels. ☆ Events! ☆ Shape the server! We're always looking for suggestions and feedback. ☆ A bunch of bots for entertainment, music & more!
Крупнейший русскоязычный ЛГБТ сервер для геймеров.
Safe Place is a friendly active 13+ LGBTQ+ server where everyone is welcome
We offer memes, games, music and fun roles
Join and make new friends!
Mexican community server for meeting new people, conversing, sharing common interests and incurring on joint activities such as gaming, parties, meetups, etc. We welcome diversity and strive to make everyone feel welcome and included. Banter is ok, but intolerant or hateful speech is not allowed
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate Elder Scrolls lore, talk about the new Fallout game, or debate dnd characters. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 16.
Whether its talking about games, sharing your interests, or freaking out over the Sherlock season finale; this server is for those who want to talk with others about their interests with others in a casual environment. Looking for active users due to server inactivity.
A discord server for edgy geeks and nerds that are good with computers!
A server for people who are good with computers and have experience in advanced hacking and coding
we also have forums check us out
Dizi, film, oyun vb. konuları sevip beraber konuşan bir Türk topluluğu.
Join Here You Can Talk About Anime!!!
Watch anime together!!
Make friends
Listen to music
Dragon ball
Tokyo ghoul
One punch man
Attack on titans
And more!!!
Everyone is welcome here!!!
This server was inspired by a club that me and my friends made when we were younger, so I decided to make a version of it into a discord server! This is just a server where you can hangout, talk, and have fun. You can even discuss your favorite topics, animes, movies, video games, memes, and whatever else.... and that's about it.
Geekler için, geekler tarafından, geeklere kucak açan bir server. Her yaştan, cinsiyetten, ırktan, inançtan, cinsel yönelimden, siyasi görüşten insana yer var. Ama herkes insan olmak zorunda.
Hi there! Stardust Island is a place intended to be a haven for GAMERS, GEEKS (OF ALL KINDS) WEEBS, CONTENT CREATORS, MUSICIANS ETC 💖 This is my dream! I'm looking to run movie nights and anime nights in my server as well and if you're a friendly weeb looking for somewhere to be I would LOVE to have you!
Cafeteria dos Gados coffee

- O que temos a oferecer?

fire Staff sempre ativas para te ajudar e tirar suas dúvidas.

fire Vários tópicos de jogos para vocês jogarem e interagirem com os outros membros.

fire Tópicos de Mineração, Pokecord, entre muito outros.

fire Mantemos sempre o server mais atualizado possível.

fire Vários eventos sobre jogos e brincadeiras.

fire Múltiplas TAGS.

fire Membros receptivos.

Entrem no nosso server, estamos esperando por você 💖
Do you like spaceships, robot stuff, time travel stuff or simply a good discussion? Then this may be the discord for you. The Sci-fi Discord. A server with 600+ members to call home and relax in. A place for all things Science Fiction.
A community of older adults (25 Years and older) that want to chat without the teenagers.
GEEK VERSE is a server dedicated to all geeks discussions!

If you're into:

- Movies
- TV Shows
- Theatre
- Comics
- Animes
- Books
- Games
- Music
- Food

That's the right place for you! Feel free to come check it out and invite your geek friends!

We offer:

- Self assignable roles that will give you access to hidden categories where most of the discussions happen;
- Fun bots you can play with: Owo, Yggdrasil, Miki, Dank Memer and Pokecord;
- Memes channel;
- Selfies channel;
- Music bot inside the Music category;
- Every specific category has its own voice channel, and we also have a General Voice Channel.

Suggestions and ideas for it to grow and become even more awesome are more than welcome!
Adventure time est un serveur avec pleins de personnes on peut parler de tout et n’importe quoi, rejoingnez nous, le serveur est ouvert a tous :)
Chill and chat with new people or maybe join them on a first person shooting, third person shooting, survival, puzzle, mmorp, rpg, retro games, moba games, strategy games, etc, etc and more! Not interested in video games and just want to chat? Go right ahead! We most of the times talk about life or anime(oh boy the discussion on anime is oof serious sometimes) but all and all this place feels like home and we have good people here so; We hope you enjoy your stay and have a blast!"
•Have fun do stupid shit tell jokes
•Do whatever the fuck you want and don't worry about being judged!
•feel free to hop in the voice chat whenever you feel like it!