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Крупнейший русскоязычный ЛГБТ сервер для геймеров.
Welcome to the Sakura League, a place to have fun, hang out, and talk about your favorite games! No matter what you're trying to find, whether it's fun bots, cool people to hang out with, or a place to talk about your favorite Overwatch league teams, I am sure everyone can learn to enjoy our server, and all the amazing feature it provides!
Whether its talking about games, sharing your interests, or freaking out over the Sherlock season finale; this server is for those who want to talk with others about their interests with others in a casual environment. Looking for active users due to server inactivity.
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate Elder Scrolls lore, talk about the new Fallout game, or debate dnd characters. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 18.
A community of older adults (25 Years and older) that want to chat without the teenagers.
Welcome to Hope! We're a (13+) Anime and Gaming server! We are still new so we are looking for staff.
This server was inspired by a club that me and my friends made when we were younger, so I decided to make a version of it into a discord server! This is just a server where you can hangout, talk, and have fun. You can even discuss your favorite topics, animes, movies, video games, memes, and whatever else.... and that's about it.
We are going to be brutally honest, we need active members.
We have a decent crew, and we are looking to expand
Chill and chat with new people or maybe join them on a first person shooting, third person shooting, survival, puzzle, mmorp, rpg, retro games, moba games, strategy games, etc, etc and more! Not interested in video games and just want to chat? Go right ahead! We most of the times talk about life or anime(oh boy the discussion on anime is oof serious sometimes) but all and all this place feels like home and we have good people here so; We hope you enjoy your stay and have a blast!"
Epic Technology Server! Debate Channels, Current Event Channels, Coding Channels, and more! Come join our server today and hang out! :DD
A discord server for edgy geeks and nerds that are good with computers!
Dizi, film, oyun vb. konuları sevip beraber konuşan bir Türk topluluğu.
Hello! We are HDA a server that helps with your struggles with gaming. Or find people to play with you! We also have NSFW commands 😏. And fun bots to mess around with! Also you can advertise your twitch or mixer channel!
This is a server for nerds and geeks of all kinds to come and hang out.
be you interested in a grammar nazi, a philosopher, a singer, a gamer, a scientist, or a fan of popular series such as star wars, star trek, harry potter and more you are welcome.

We have many things including
~Places to discuss various topics
~Roles for various popular series (Star wars, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, and more)
~The ability to self assign roles
~places to talk to others with like interests
~channels to talk about series or rp in
Um server pra conversar, fazer amigos e se sentir em casa.
It's just a place to find other people to play games with, or just meet people, hang out and talk. So if you ever just want someone to play games with or a group of people, this is where you'll most likely find them. Enjoy your stay, you're always welcome.
Immortal Fandom is a server for roleplaying, artwork, memes, fandoms, hanging out, talking about fandoms, talking about hobbies and making new friends! Everyone is welcome but please listen to the rules.

Currently a wip.
Le Café des Légendes by LCBN

Est une petite commu de Geeks, principalement remplie de Gamers

Créée il y a tout juste 3 ans pour un public adulte et pour le FUN

Elle nous a notamment permis de nous connaitre et de nous lier d'amitié

Principalement sur PS4 mais aussi sur Switch, XBOX, PC & mobile
en accès libre pour un public adulte

Vous pouvez y venir pour discuter de vos jeux préférés ou bien pour vous regrouper entre joueurs;

Parler d'actus geeks, de cinoche, de séries tv, de cuisine [...]
Its a hacking server for ask about hacking coding and computers.
All aboard travellers!
-We talk about trains,planes,military,public transportation
-Community based server,you can have a good chat and talk someone new
-Make yourself comfortable in the server ^o^
Convidamos você a conhecer nosso servidor, apesar de novo, estamos implementando pouco a pouco coisas bacanas, queremos dar um motivo para você entrar no nosso servidor, um motivo que valide sua participação.
Servidor foi feito baseado na famosa serie Cavaleiros do Zodiaco, entre, comece sua jornada!
We are just a group of friends that talk about everything. Like Life, Movies, Video Games, Anime, Music and Memes. We are all Geeks/Nerds in some way. You are more than welcome to join if you don't mind all types of memes and wanna make friends. Preferably slightly mature. 16+ please 😁 Be cool and chill.
A boredom-made server with nothing good and practically no moderation.
Nous n'avons pas de nom, nous n'existons pas, nous n'avons ni passé ni futur. Aucun gouvernement ne peut nous contrôler.
Plus sérieusement, nous sommes un groupe de potes voulant rassembler une communauté multigaming sur divers jeux tels que : Ring of Elysium, For Honor ou même War Thunder ! Personnellement je suis aussi fan de MMORPG tels que Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft ou The Elder Scrolls Online ^^ ( Joueurs PC Uniquement )

Edit : Ajout du jeu SW:TOR à la liste !