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lgbt」태그가 붙은 Discord 서버

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16+ | LGBTQ+/Straight | Close-Knit Community | Games | Movies/TV-Shows | Profiles

One of the fastest growing communities in Discord with a very welcoming community. If you're looking for friends, or just people to talk to. Please feel free to join!

We strive to be a safe place for you to connect with others and talk about anything you like. We have SFW categories but also NSFW categories (these are locked behind a verification wall for everybody's safety.)

Come take a quick peek and see if you like it or not!
We look forward to meet you :) 💛
☆★ Welcome to Ally's Territory. An anime and trap themed discord server ★☆
❤︎ Anime ❤︎ Gaming ❤︎ Traps ❤︎ Transgender ❤︎ Femboys ❤︎ Selfies ❤︎ Lewds ❤︎
a server that highlights LGBT issues, externally but also mainly internally and attempts to resolve these issues through healthy debate
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**Our Match Making server is the place to be!**
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❤️❤️**Welcomed at any time!** ❤️❤️
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**❤ :️ Chill and calm environment for people to be themselves!
🧡 Numerous moderators to engage in conversations as well as prevent a toxic atmosphere!
💛 Multiple LBGT rooms for a large diversity of conversations!
💚 Venting channel!
💙 Matching individuals with similar trates and qualities!
💜 A wide variety of bots and voice channels!
🖤 Feel free to be yourself**

💓 **Chill and friendly staff** 💓**
❤ :️ Constantly growing! ❤ ** **@everyone**
https://discord.gg/VJ5t34y - https://gph.is/g/EJlrVNA
This is a laid back-all-female LGBT community for socializing with an international and diverse userbase. The internet can be a pretty wild and ugly place, so we strive to keep a positive and inclusive atmosphere!

We offer

Weekly Events
-Weekly server events for active members
Amazing Bots
- Interactive bots for competitive or introverted members
NSFW Channel
-For y'll nasty people, we got you :smirk:
Rant / Vent Chat
-Safe space for those who wanna let it out
Free Advertising
- For you to share and expose your social medias
Dating Channel
- Designed to make you love birds and singles feel special
and alot more soon...

Come and talk, listen to music, or show us things you've done!
ONLY 16+ ALLOWED ( DM @SleepyPanda#6121 for info)

We currently have:
-Music Bots
-Custom Roles and role colors
-Friendly community

Coming up : Exciting events such as movie nights and art contests
The Island of Misfit Toys is a welcoming place for supporting you through your struggles with mental health, diagnosed or not. In addition, we are focused around socializing, making friends and more. We are a growing, active, and friendly community! :)
Welcome to NewTopia! This is a typical city for Europe with some hints of modernity. This city stands on a long flat coastline, and the edges of the city is surrounded by green mountains. NewTopia the city is administratively divided into 3 districts: Downtown, uptown and industrial. Each of that districts are connected with roads and subway train railroad. You can also use a bust to get to any of that districts.
But here starts the darker part of this city: crimes, especially "The trinity" members. This organization known not only for simple burglars and money stealing - they also steal people and no one knows where are they. They usually stay in Port of NewTopia or in subway tunnels there is rooms where they store their victims.
Although this city got crimes, most of citizens are simple anthropomorphic furriers,nekos(and more) along with humans, different types and color. They sometimes unite against crimes in "NewTopia rebels" and or they start dealing for peace or they start a war. Sometimes it ends in shootings, but don't worry! We got doctors that will always help you.
Our mayor tries to help citizens too but sometimes the mayor takes the dark side and steals money too, so citizens choose another one. Well, now you got known with this world! Join it to get more information!

(also there is a family and marriage system)
Welcome to ♡ Rosefield ♡ !
A garden-themed server. We are an lgbt friendly dating server with active and friendly staff.

♡ Friendly and chilling community
♡ Active and friendly staff
♡ Channels of your interests
♡ Self-assignable roles
♡ Our own server shop

Join us!

Welcome to the "Fur International"! We'd greatly appreciate if you'd join us, to hang out and to chat and to make friends and have fun!
We have:
- NSFW channels (includes NSFW RP)
- Art channels
- Cooking channel
- Self roles ^^
- Music channel (Where you can talk about music and share music, but we do have a music VC too!)
- And roleplay of course!

And we are always taking any and all suggestions too!
Y'all love traps?

An LGBT friendly otaku community based around anime (especially traps)and related stuffs. Building a fun and enjoyable community is the main goal rather a large member count. Hope you enjoy your stay!
♥*♡∞:。.。 Welcome! 。.。:∞♡*♥

This server is 13+ and welcomes everyone!
The server was made by @🎀babey🎀#2529 for people who wanted to search for a place where they were welcomed no matter who they are.

Our server includes:
✓ A safe space for people who need it (such as ageres, LGBT+ folks, etc etc.)
✓ An aesthetic that's light on the eyes
✓ Roles to suit who you are
✓ Colorful roles
✓ Fun bots to play with
✓ An active community
✓ Gaming chat
✓ A channel for help with homework!
...and so much more!
All is welcome! We hope to see you soon♡
A growing community made specially for traps!
Join us if you want to talk to some people, and have fun!
Server is being run by a Trap aswell.
Hello ! je t'invite a rejoindre notre discord pour les femmes faisant partie de la communauté LGBT+
- Un serveur réunissant uniquement les femmes (lesbienne / bi / pansexuelle / asexuelle / transexuelle etc... ) qui souhaite faire des rencontre que ce soit amitié ou + ^^
- Avec de nombreux salons vocaux et textuels !
- Pour tout les âges !
si jamais l'envie te viens, tu es la bienvenue ! ;)
Welcome to The Furry Agenda! the Here you can chat, share, and meet new furs! and have a good time. (Must be 16+ to join)/We provide various channels for SFW, NSFW, art, and games./We are a smaller community, where you will be heard and respected.
LGBTPLUS.FR est le premier Discord LGBT Français ! Il est ouvert à tous ! Que vous soyez gay, bi, lesbienne, trans, ou vous-même tout simplement, tout le monde est le bienvenu !

👦 Rôles assignables
🎮 Catégorie gaming
🎲 Événements + Giveaways
📹 Channels webcam
🌈 Réseaux sociaux + Site internet
🗺️ Meetups dans toute la France !

Rejoins-nous dès maintenant ! :)
Heya! You! Yes you looking at this!
We are a Yuri / Anime Server! However, besides talking about yuri and anime we are also friendly people who you can openly talk to ^^ We are also a LGBTQ+ Friendly server. Also you may or may not know but Lilium means Yuri in Japanese terms!
We provide you with:
NSFW Channel (18+)
LGBTQ+ Friendly
Self Assignable Roles
Multiple Channels For Different Topics
Pokecord Available too!
We hope you will join us as this is a friendly and welcoming server for all <3
Hi everyone, this is hellgbt, the server isn't really for anything specific rather than making friends and just plain old socializing and meeting new people. We are obviously lgbt friendly hence the name lol (but anyone is welcome) but yeah feel free to drop on by and say hi and we hope you have a great time on hellgbt.
˜”°•.˜”°• Welcome to Blueberries and Mangos! •°”˜.•°”˜

Want a place to just hang out, talk to some chill people and catch some pokemon? Come join our server!

We've got;
✦ Pokecord
✦ Mantaro bot!
✦ Colourful roles
✦ LGBTQ+ friendly people

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ What're you waiting for? Join now!
A place for teenagers who are part of the LGBTQIAP+ community to come and feel welcomed, and talk about shit.
Welcome to our server! We are a loving and caring support server. We also have community aspects and anime with many personalization roles.
» M E E T - Various locations to find Singles Nearby!
» R O L E S - Describe what you're looking for!
» L G B T - Supported at ease!
» P R O F I L E S - Based on Location!
What are you waiting for?
Meet Singles Right Here, Right Now
18+ ONLY nsfw furry server that is dedicated to furry traps and femboys!
We also have rp/erp, artists, gaming and nsfw content channels!
Join in and have fun!
A brand new server which stands for the community of LGBT+. Feel free to join everybody is welcome. Also 18+ content channels.
You will be blessed with memes, bots and good people UwU
Here we like to keep it friendly to the LGBTQ+ community.
Talk about gaming, music, anime and more!!!