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Looking for a new server to enjoy? Here it is, the Hansen Hub! We love Nintendo, especially smash bros but other games too like Splatoon, Mario Kart and more! We also have anime chats, so talk about your favourite anime over there!
Smash Ultimate Hype? Here you can create your Smash profile rank and level up by participating in weekly tourneys or challenges, join battle arenas, discuss strategies and tier lists, share adventure mode tips and engage with other smash fans in an active community!
This is Derpy Dimensions and it includes many awesome things
This fantastic server includes:

- Spatoon and Smash Bros Chat Rooms and News
- Awesome Members
- Best Admins
- Fun Tournaments
- Cool Emotes
- An Unique Ranking System
- And Many More Things

So what are you doing here?
You should have Derpy Dimensions on your server list!
Including great Members, Staff, and People!
| The sinister army of the primordial Subspace dimension has invaded without warning, with one goal in mind: to snuff the light of all worlds out into shadow. With the walls between universes shattered by this interdimensional assault, once-distinct worlds have begun to literally collide, splintering and merging with another to form a single, chaotic realm for the Subspace Army to conquer. Heroes, rivals, and villains across universes and histories now find themselves brought together against an unlikely foe, with a world-changing decision in their hands: will they restore the Combined Worlds to their original states? Will they conquer them in allegiance with Subspace, or perhaps in its place? Or will they unite the worlds in peace and harmony?

And even if Subspace is defeated, will anything truly be safe again...? |

A new literate roleplay based on the Super Smash Bros. series, drawing elements from both the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and World of Light of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Welcome to the official ✨Fabulous✨discord! Here you can discuss all content as you wish, Anime, Steven Universe, Smash bros, Memes, anything goes! If you need anything from the mods, please ask for us by @ ✨Empress✨, @ Admiral, @ Commander, @ Captain, or @ Moderator
You can see what each channel is for in the channel description at the top of the window. And don’t forget suggestions are welcome!


- No personal attacks or harassment. If you are just joking, that's fine, but do remember the Golden Rules: Racism/sexism/anyisms will not be tolerated.
- No spamming in the voice or text channels.
- Keep drama in dms.
- Do not post NSFW content of any kind in any other channel other than Specified NSFW ones.
- (For admins or other high-ranks) Abuse of power is not tolerated. In order to become an admin you have to show skills of responsibility, know your main tasks in the server, and wait for an application to be released.
-If you would like to join the steven universe channel head to # assignable-roles and press @💠DA💠 (Diamond authority). Doing so will give you that role and give you access to the Channel.
-A Smash ultimate bot is under production here! And a role system is being set up.
-If you do not want to see anything nsfw related ask an admin or go to # assignable-roles and press “no nsfw” the role @Priests will be given to you (note you will lose access to the nsfw channels with this role).





One for All is a niche, yet, very friendly Nintendo-based Discord server that capitalizes off of it's lively and unique userbase. There's a number of popular games here (Smash Bros, Splatoon, and a number of PC games) that are constantly being talked about time to time, so there's good variety. If you like a small, yet rambunctiously fun community that's very good with matchmaking, join this server!

Server image:
Nintendo Univers [FR] est ouvert à toute personnes désirant partager de bon moment et jouer entre amis que ce soit sur des jeux Switch, Wii U, Smartphone ou 3DS !

➤ Nous sommes actuellement 2300 joueurs de Nintendo!
➤ Des rôles permettant de trouver rapidement des joueurs
➤ Un salon interserveur pour le matchmaking.
➤ Une Radio Nintendo diffusée 24h sur 24 !

Venez explorer l'Univers Nintendo à nos cotés !
Pretty friendly Nintendo server!
-Discuss various games, find others to play with, share media & more.
-You can choose your own role from a selection of characters & colors.
-Matchmaking for games such as Smash Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 etc!
Anyone Is welcome to join!
This is a smash server! It is still alive an kicking, made on January 10th on 2019. We have formed a plot for everyone to enjoy an action-packed adventure yet allow them to have their own silliness on the side. We also set up both rp and real smash tournaments sometimes. Warning though, you need to be able to access voice chat for verification, otherwise, you will be kicked from the server. We're really friendly so please come see us!
I (with the help of my girlfriend), created a Discord sever for Smash Bros and i really, really want to see it grow up, and make some new friends!
I'll be doing arenas almost everyday, and I will, of course, listen to every suggestion about the server. ^-^
If you plan to join, well, thanks! This server will be there to making new friends to play and train with! I created a grade for every character, so you just need to go to the 《#roles》 channel, and then choose your main by pressing the reactions! (if you have no main, that's not a problem!)
Thanks again, and don't forget to bring your friends! See you later. uwu
Just a place for others to get along and play Smash Bros. You'll be able to fight against many different people with different strengths and weaknesses and abilities in total. It's a nice welcoming community filled with people that adore Smash Bros. Many of our members play competitively so you'll be able to challenge people at a competitive level!

Once the server grows large enough we'll be able to hold tournaments with prizes ☆
A chill place to make some friends and talk about your favorite Nintendo series. We also do polls and stuff I guess?

(This is a 16+ community. While you may still join if you are under 16, note that mature conversations may take place.)
Welcome to the world of Super Smash Bros Ultimate RP! Here we offer a very unique setting for the characters of Smash to RP in: Smashopolis! Smashopolis is a grand city based off of the many towns and cities seen in the various games from the worlds which featured fighters come from, such as New Donk City, Fourside, Onett, Toad Town, and much more. We offer a wide variety of characters. Here you may RP as Fighters, Assist Trophies, Bosses, Spirits, Stage Characters, Pokéball Pokémon, or even create your own Mii! With a wide variety of locations and characters to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll have an extremely great time here!
Smash Bros. server dedicated to all die-hard Smash fans! If you're not a Smash fan, you can still have a good time.

We have the following:
- Popular bots, such as Pokécord and Yggdrasil!

- Colored self-assignable roles!

- A question of the week channel!

And many more. Please join now!
come join Low Tier Hangout! A discord server for the Super Snash Bros. series. This server specializes in people who love playing low tiers. We have tournaments for sm4sh on thursdays and switch on saturdays. We have people who can teach chars, and we have an intuitive money matchmaking system. Come join this great community!
Nintendo and memes come together! Join our server for some fun with anything Nintendo!

Play together with new friends in games like:
- Mario
- Pokemon
- Animal Crossing
- Splatoon
- Super Smash Bros.
And others too!
Just a small community of people who fuck around send memes and game
Server for anyone that wants to play Smash Ultimate or Splatoon with others.
This chat is a simple hub for those who want to have fun playing some games on Switch, It's currently under construction but feel free to join!
Welcome to World Of Smash! Our main goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment that allows people to communicate all while playing a simple game of smash without the need of a DM, this will allow more ideas and people to share experiences and what not so feel free to be active and surround yourself with others. Weekly tournaments should help with that!

We have a large variety of people here and you shouldn’t be afraid to make a friend or two.

We offer a friendly community with of course a friendly admin team, a social community, matchmaking, pokecord and many other bots! So feel free to join and expand the community!
NintenCo. is a friendly sfw nintendo-orientated server where we discuss new and upcoming games, as well as finding friends to play existing ones with !

friendly events for such games as splatoon 2 & super smash bros ultimate tournaments are in the works, so be prepared for some fun battles to be involved in in the future !

everyone is welcome, i hope you decide to join and help us expand our community ! :)
Welcome to the Nintendo Café! We are a centralized community of Nintendo fans all dedicated to helping one another and making the server the best it can be. We have chats, bots, and even weekly events made just for the Nintendo community!

We need people dedicated to the Nintendo community, and people willing to make friends within it! We have a lot of talent present within, from artists, to writers, and editors. We all have one passion for Nintendo not matched so easily by anything else.

We hope that you will give this server a try. If something isn't to your liking, we'd be more than happy to make your experience right!
260+ members! Feel free to join my server! Here, you can hang out and play games with each other! We also do fun events in Mario Kart and other games! I also do live-streams on Twitch. You could be featured in them, too. Please don't forget to read the rules when you join.