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Hey! Want to join a fun Nintendo community? Look no further than Nintendo Hangout! We have:
* Chats for all major Nintendo franchises
* A friendly community
* Both text and voice channels
* Level up bots
* Self promotion channels
So... what are you waiting for? Join now!
A growing Smash Bros server with a supportive community and a dedication to helping each other improve and grow as players.
Fountain of peace is a peaceful server where fellow smash players around the world can play! Here you can find matches and play! We’ll host online tournament to prove yourself to be one of the best fighters out there!

We don’t complain! We learn!
We be nice to each other!
Most importantly have fun!
Cheezitparty, a quickly growing server with a lot to offer.
- Smash tournaments and competitions
- Video Games
- Platforms such as PC, Ps4, Switch, and Xbox
- Welcoming community
- Active Chat
- Pokecord
Nintendo Univers [FR] est ouvert à toute personnes désirant partager de bon moment et jouer entre amis que ce soit sur des jeux Switch, Wii U, Smartphone ou 3DS !

➤ Nous sommes actuellement 2600 joueurs de Nintendo!
➤ Des rôles permettant de trouver rapidement des joueurs
➤ Un salon interserveur pour le matchmaking.
➤ Une Radio Nintendo dans laquelle est diffusée des OST et débats !

Venez explorer l'Univers Nintendo à nos cotés !
Welcome to the world of Super Smash Bros Ultimate RP! Here, we offer a wide variety of characters. Here you may RP as Fighters, Assist Trophies, Bosses, Spirits, Stage Characters, Pokéball Pokémon, or even create your Mii! You may choose multiple characters as well! We also provide tons of locations to roleplay in, as well as channels for simple general chatting. We have a section to chat about other games as well. We include many fun bots that will keep you interested. There is active roleplay with plots people made themselves. I hope you’ll choose to join us!
Welcome to the Unofficial Nintendo Discord server:
What do we offer?
-Voice channels for online multiplayer Nintendo games
-3 Music rooms with 3 Music bots
-An active welcoming community
-Exclusive Custom Nintendo Oriented Bot
-A fun levelling System with AmariBot
-A channel dedicated to Nintendo's Youtube channel so you won't miss an upload
-Chat rooms for Nintendo communities such as:
Smash Bros
and Many more
Come Join in the fun and join the unofficial Nintendo Discord server today!
Welcome to Basement Dwellers. This is an old server of mine that I have decided to make public again. Here is a server where you can join to chill, talk, play games, and most importantly meet new people.

We do weekly events such as movie nights, Smash Tournaments, and just times where we would chill and play games together. This server does have NSFW channels as well, so we got y'all covered. And lastly for you all who have Nitro we have some emotes that you'd enjoy!

Add-on: This server now incorporates roleplay into it, but the roleplay on here isn't causal, we do encourage literacy, descriptive writing, and story building. Both SFW roleplay, and Erotic roleplay is allowed.

We hope that you all enjoy your stay here!
One for All is a niche, yet, very friendly Nintendo-based Discord server that capitalizes off of it's lively and unique userbase. There's a number of popular games here (Smash Bros, Splatoon, and a number of PC games) that are constantly being talked about time to time, so there's good variety. If you like a small, yet rambunctiously fun community that's very good with matchmaking, join this server!

- Smash Bros. Ultimate 👊
- Nintendo 🎮
- Memes 😂
- Anime 🇯🇵
- Socialize 🤼

We are very welcoming! Though we don't like people who try to harm the community. Have a great day!
Welcome to Daily Smash! Here you can chat about any Smash game or just have a great time talking with other members! This server contains a wide variety of things including:

What this server has to offer:

•Matchmaking for Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate!
• Helpful and welcoming people, ready to help and discuss with you.
• Various bots including an image bot that you can use for images and/or gifs.
• Chats for discussing smash and non smash related topics, your at home here. blush

Previews of our channels includes:
• A channel for daily trivia questions
• A channel for character changes in ultimate • A channel to roast people and/or characters
• A channel to post pictures of your favorite waifus
• Memes • And last but not least, a channel for sharing what grinds your gears (what makes you salty) Please check us out!
Smash Bros. server dedicated to all die-hard Smash fans! If you're not a Smash fan, you can still have a good time.

We have the following:
- Popular bots, such as Pokécord and Yggdrasil!

- Colored self-assignable roles!

- A question of the week channel!

And many more. Please join now!
Welcome to The Phantom Thieves Hideout!

We are a new server that aims to be the ideal hangout for Persona 5 fans. Discuss the game with the phandom! Everyone is welcome, whether you’re new to the game or a long-time fan. We also have channels dedicated to music, gaming, art and more.

Join today and begin your rehabilitation!
Welcome to Aryl’s Barrel Nation!

• An active, safe, and growing community that’s regularly enjoyable to hangout in with other members!

•Trusted admins/moderators that consistently help the server improve!

•Weekly polls that attract the community!


•Frequent and enjoyable gaming/non-gaming server events!

•Competitive Super Smash Bros. tournaments EVERY 2 WEEKS!

•A gaming matchmaking channel that makes it easy to recruit members for online games!

•Free to advertise servers, social media, & more! (as long as you’re level 3+)

•Entertaining and interactive bots! (Bots for music, self-assignable roles, etc.)

•Share art you’ve made in a dedicated art channel!
“Smash, Pals, and Beyond” is a multiverse RP discord server set in the Smash Mansion. Despite its setting, however, it is not restricted to just Smash characters! (Thus the “Pals and Beyond!”)

Whether you’re looking to RP as Princess Zelda, Detective Pikachu, the DOOM Marine, or Elaine from “Seinfeld,” we’ve got you covered! Even if you want to bring an OC, those are welcome as well!

The server is SFW and LGBTQ+ friendly. It has a full series of out-of-character channels as well as a plethora of in-character channels. Users have the option to play on channels that are more relaxed and goofy or channels that would be more oriented to an on-going “plot” they might want to write.

So whether you feel like you want to RP or are just looking for a place to hang out, we invite you to come by and check out the “Smash, Pals, and Beyond” RP Server.
In this server we play smash bros and talk about smash bros. When we grow as a server we will have tournaments and even more! Make sure to join the server!
Just a place for others to get along and play Smash Bros. You'll be able to fight against many different people with different strengths and weaknesses and abilities in total. It's a nice welcoming community filled with people that adore Smash Bros. Many of our members play competitively so you'll be able to challenge people at a competitive level!
In a world where unique beings from all over the universe collide, where villains unite and deadly forces become worldwide threats, an unlikely group of heroes rise up for the better good. In the world of Super Smash Bros, there's no telling what bizarre adventures may happen; from battles in space with gods, to wars between otherworldly kingdoms, to unlikely heroes forming alliances, and to romance and friendships with every twist and turn.
Every day is a new chapter in this realm of unknown, a blank page, and we alone are the quills that scribe our adventures and stories. Come along on our magnificent ride of adventure and thrill, and even you may find yourself writing an epic tale of your own.
Chill Nintendo server that anyone can feel free to join.
-Chat about any games here!
-Share friend-codes & art/media!
Staff are willing to help out with any questions.
This chat is a simple hub for those who want to have fun playing some games on Switch, It's currently under construction but feel free to join!
An active Smash Bros server for all skill level that specialize on finding lobbies to play with others and other fun activites. This server has:
-Tourneys every 2-5 months, Mini tourneys every 2 weeks
-Events such as Smashketball and Smashfest
-Lots of bots
- Our own Smash Store with tons of roles and other fun things
- Champion titles: Comp, Casual and Tag Teams
- Minecraft server and other games
and many great people to talk to. Please read the rules first and enjoy your stay.
We talk and stuff, just join and give it a chance we want people to talk to.
Rules are minimal.

(don't let the name of the server keep you from joining, we are not all nintendo fanboy people thingy)