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Just another Undertale-centered roleplay server! We are brand new, so we are still looking for ways to improve.

We have:

➞ Custom roles.
➞ Sensible and attentive staff.
➞ Auditions (you simply audition for a character instead of filling out a large template) via Google Forms.
➞ And more!

Come check us out!

Server icon by AngstyHikka
The verified Underverse server! While not an official one, as Jakei doesn't want to get involved, it was made by a close friend of hers, making it a server by fans and for fans!
We have several channels with different topics, an art category, and a roleplay category, as well as a multilanguage channel.

Things to keep in mind before joining!:

🤍 You have to be at least 13 years old! Due to Discord’s policy, we could get in trouble just by allowing in peeps below that age :(
🤍 At first, the server will look empty. To reenforce security, you’ll need to fill in an introduction format you’ll find within one of the few channels you’ll be able to see. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get verified and be able to see the rest of the server! Although it may take a little while to get you verified, depending on the mods’ availability, so please be patient!
🤍 Providing any kind of social media is mandatory, again, as a matter of security. So stating you have "none" or "only Discord" won't get you through, sorry!

That would be all! I hope you consider joining! 💜
In Underverse Losers, every member is treated like a part of a large friend group.

Underverse Losers is a good place to sit and debate, socialize, roleplay, and whatever else you might think of with dozens of other Underverse fans. This server is all about the wonderful (and not so wonderful) Undertale AUs made by the Undertale AU community, though it largely focuses on Jakei's animation surrounding these creations. All of the server's staff members are friendly and welcoming towards all newcomers, and the server itself is well-formatted and offers many different services.

We have roleplay channels, music channels, all kinds of social channels, random channels, channels for your writings and artworks, and all other kinds of channels that you might need to enjoy your time in the server.

The staff and its members are ready to welcome you! Join today!

This is a roleplay about the Undertale Multiverse.
Specifically, all of Existence has collapsed upon itself.
This has resulted in all the universes clashing together.
Essentially, they've now become a scattered puzzle.

Here's a summation of the synopsis:

The Multiverse is a marvelous expanse of creation that knows no bounds. It stretches into the great enormity of space, populated by an untold myriad of different worlds. With such glory forever known, the silent dread of oblivion is but a mere fantasy. Yet in actuality, all that makes the Multiverse so wondrous may indeed be its undoing. Truly, everything has a limit, as the concept of infinity is only an imaginably plausible notion. And whether it can be believed or not, the Multiverse's limitations have far since been exceeded. Now a price must be paid, and it is Chaos.
(Much more detailed synopsis in server.)

Currently, there is still a bunch of characters to choose from.
But even if your desired character is still somehow taken...
You can use your imagination to create your own AU character!
All in all though, this serve is a rather casual place.
You can get to know others and make new friends.
And enjoy some fascinating roleplay.
I hope you decide to join!

Roleplay Sample Required,
Free-Form & Literate Roleplay.
This is a Crossover server between Harry Potter and Underverse. We offer many channels to roleplay but we do have a verification system. We have nice admins and owners. We hope you decide to join us on our adventure through some interesting school years.
Hello people, this is basically a roleplay server, all around the world of undertale.
On this server we accept all the AU's, sadly because there are so many AU's you are not allowed to make an OC.
But there are still lots of fun characters you can choose to roleplay as.
We have: - nice and helpful admins
- nice comrads to roleplay with
Underverse: The Second Timeline. To polski serwer dla miłośników roleplay tak samo jak Underverse i innych AU.
Wciągnij się w tą niesamowitą przygodę gdzie możesz stworzyć swoją własną postać lub zostać jedną z istniejących, poznawaj nowych ludzi, twórz własny bieg wydarzeń i wiele więcej!
Dołącz do Underverse: The Second Timeline już dziś!
Welcome to our UNDERTALE roleplay server. We are upcoming, but have many things here! for example,

~We have friendly staff and bots to play with.
~We also have roleplay related stuff.
~Alot of fun fights.
~We help people that need it.
~We'll have all new areas that are new to the Undertale universe.
~we allow oc's and some canon characters.
~we have custom souls, and a category dedicated to SOUL information.
~we are fair, and don't allow OP characters.
~we have a leveling system, and a stat system.
~we even have a new soul!
~and so much more!

Destinyverse has many different things that are different than most UNDERTALE servers. Like custom souls, rare boss fights that are unknown, we'll even have new places/areas so you don't have to sit through the old stories and places we all know. Though, we're still in development. So, joining would be a big help! Well, anyways. We hope you have an amazing time in Destinyverse! And try your best surviving and becoming the strongest being! Good luck now.

*ahem.* Anyway,I would like to give credit to Glitchtale universe for the inspiration of the server. and with that being said, I hope you guys have fun in... Destinyverse [BETA]!
A new RP server looking for members to RP with, we have underverse, outertale, etc. You could also add your own AU to the rp.
★━━━━Welcome bruh, to my server : Underverse━━━━━★
This server is a server where you can have fun playing roles, showing your creations (art, fanart, ect…)
there are no restrictions!!
you can make new friends

A optional NSFW with mostly SFW content roleplay and everyone plays a part in it! There are Pacific times when the role play's up and other than that I would say if your new have fun making your way into the roleplay with all of us here. Follow the rules and we all hope you have fun!
The year is 1922 in the great state of New York. Nowadays there are only two mobs you need to stay away from, The Creators and The Hackers. The Creators are ran by Ink, a well respected yet feared boss who owns the entire Queens territory. The Hackers are ran by Error, the chaotic and cruel boss who owns all of the Brooklyn territory.
This is the underverse here we have underverse people and we can rp and talk and meet new friends.
A note from the Star Sans floats into your hands. "Want to have a sleepover? How about a chaotic sleepover? Here you have an invitation sent by the Star Sans! Enter this pocket dimension to enjoy fun times, chaos, events, and much more! You can't even die (permanently), so there's no worries about that happening! Nope, none at all. By accepting this invite, you also sign a contract restricting your magic use to avoid leaving, killing, or permanently destroying this place. Once done, go on and have your fun!"


Now here is a server with some extensive plans. This server has a roleplay option and an observer option. There are many events planned both weekly, randomly, and holiday related. This server also has secret rp spots one must search out in order to enter. There are dark places and lighter places. Morals are skew, reasons are obscured, and the uncertainty of a happy time versus a bad time hangs over everyone.

An extensive set of rules are also in place to keep things peaceful and working effectively. This server's roleplay posts require proper grammar and at least three complete sentences. Everyone is required to keep a respectful attitude.

If you decide to join, I say good luck and hope to see you soon!
Come and join our new take on the world of undertale. All your favorite characters in real life situations!
*Great server managers
*Amazing community
*Fast character acceptations
*And so much more!
Welcome to Underverse Hangout, a fan server for the animation Underverse! Come join if you want to Roleplay, or just like Underverse in general.
A Undertale AUs roleplaying server! Come join the fun

The following is a fan based parody. Underverse, x-tale and undertale are all owned by jael penaloza, jakei animations, Toby fox and the owners of the respective characters. Please support the official release
a nsfw free roleplay and everyone plays a part in it! There are Pacific times when the role play's up and other than that I would say if your new have fun making your way into the roleplay with all of us here. Have fun!
This is a server where you can chat, share your art, share comics, but mostly roleplay! We hope to see you!^^
(O𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝘾𝙡𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙘 & 𝙊𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙡 𝘼𝙐 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙙, 𝙣𝙤 𝙊𝘾'𝙨 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗻𝗼𝘄)
This is an rp about the colliding AU's of Undertale.
Mainly, when rping you can just make your own sub-plot.
Act as how you believe your character would.
There are of course actual underlying threats however.
And all actions can significantly affect the entire rp.
But for the most part, the primary goal is to have fun.