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Music Sanctuary is a discord server for any and all musicians! We have bots, giveaways, self roles, music themed ranking, and more!!
Classic rock circlejerk for fans of classic rock (duh!), awful but worth joining in my opinion.
We’re really just a small community looking to chill with fellow musicians and have fun! Come join us; we’re always waiting for another musician to enter our domain and have a good time with us :)
This server is all about Trivium. You may speak about any bands you wish and we have friendly members. Hop on and see for yourself!
Welcome to Outclassed By The Brass, a discord server exclusively for trumpet players!

We have:
🎺 Sheet music!
🎺 Bots!
🎺 Memes!
🎺 Games!
🎺 Custom roles!
🎺 Group projects!
🎺 Music!
🎺 Friendly staff!
🎺 And more! Join to discover the possibilities!

We welcome trumpet players of all ages and skill levels, we're loose on rules, and we will help you with your playing! You can come to hang out, meet new friends, find new sheet music, and improve your playing. You're welcome in (unless you don't have a trumpet!)

Join the trumpet player hangout today!
This is a server for fans of ‘emo’ bands and those who like fun! We are LGBT+ accepting and have fun channels and bots!
New server, new chapter, new album;

✧・゚:* **Welcome to Book of Us: MyDays! *:・゚✧

💜 A brand new Day6 server where MyDays are welcome to chat and be trash about the Kpop band from JYP Entertainment 💜
✨ An active server with responsible, respectful, and meme kind staff! (We’re hiring at the moment 😊)
👀 Self-assignable roles 👀
🎵 Multistans are welcome 🎵
🎮Games, events, voice call memes in a friendly environment 🎮
🧾Other news like motivational quotes, incorrect quotes, day6kilogram and social media updates, youtube updates, and more 🧾

Even if you’re just slightly curious to see what’s so great about this kpop group, we welcome you to check our server out. Hope you enjoy your stay in Book of Us: MyDays!

Server link and gifs (There’s two because that’s Day6 for you… it really do be like that sometimes):
A server, part of the Discord Music Server Coalition, dedicated to the concert band! Join to become part of the wonderful music community on discord!
Do you love paul mccartney? Of course you do, join the cult. It includes daily paul mccartney pictures to satisfy your paul mccartney needs
Welcome to the official **All Time Low** Discord Server!

- 50+ members
- Active chats
- Friendly staff
- And more

Come discuss the band, the members, other projects (ex. Simple Creatures, Who Hurt You), and just about anything else with the Runaways!
This server is for satanists, ghost members, and ghost fans! Just some roles we offer here: Papa Emeritus 1, Cardinal Copia, Ghouls and so much more. We aren't afraid to ban you if you act up.
Fans of the band Tool, fans of any type of music or people who are just cool in general are welcome to join. We are a small but growing server that regularly listens to music together and share new music we come across. Cool people, fun channels and just a good place to chill.
🥁Attention all percussionists. Come join a server full of Drummers and percussionists, just like you. Our server is one-of-a-kind and offers places to talk with people that play your instrument, help with your music, music channels, and lots of fun general chats. You can join even if you dont have marching band experience. Come check it out🥁
DOOTDOOT.EXE; A magnificent place for young musicians from all over the world aged 13-18 in orchestras or bands to talk with each other, share memes, performances, or just complain about how we all suck.

This server is for you if you're a young musician, and are looking for a laid-back, diverse musical community!
We have:
- A variety of different channels, including a meme channel; a creative works channel; a band vs orchestra (Orchestra wins btw) channel and several more!
- Practice room voice chats! Now others can hear how good you are!

- A light-hearted and diverse musical community for you to talk to!

- Receive critique on compositions, and share any music you want people to listen to.

- A ranking system with rewards available!

Currently, there are plans to play a piece from La La Land together over the internet.

Join our musical community! You won't regret it!
hello, welcome to『the beatles fan hub』!!

a friendly server that revolves around, the one and only band, the beatles!

includes the most fun things like:
—and in 300 beatlemaniac
(member) mark, an election will
be placed.

enjoy your stay!
A server for fans of the heavy metal band Disturbed!

Feeling a bit Disturbed? You came to the right place! Join your fellow brothers and sisters in a fun environment where Disturbed fans can be themselves and chat about the important things in life! (Or totally non-important crap!)

This server is a safe environment, and by that, we mean we will not tolerate hate in any form, whether that be hate against sexuality, gender, race, or religion. We want to be The Light in the world, not The Night!

With that out of the way, we hope you have fun!
Are You Ready for The Sickness!? OH WAH AH AH AH
Yoyoyo, I am Titus, and welcome to Tubatown! A server dedicated to the tuba! Here, we can give you tuba advice, share tuba music, and talk about anything music related. Come and join the online tuba community!
Welcome to Band Cult International!
If you are in your school band or play any Instrument, please come along!
We have many things to do, including self assignable roles and many text and voice chats!
small community where we chat about music and share our favorite songs and albums. (Includes bot)
Welcome to Waterparks, a server for the band. We have a loving, caring community, as well as great staff. For fans of the band, or people who want to get into the band. Everyone is welcome! (Talking about real waterparks is also okay)
welcome to our server this server is all about band even if you aren't in band your still welcome to join we would love that. Color guard, drum majors, and band managers welcome. If you sing or are in orchestra you can also can and join us seeya there.
This is a server for fans of the band "Waterparks." You can join this server to interact with people who may have many of the same interests just like you, that's basically it.


[We are crackheads]