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DOOTDOOT.EXE; A magnificent place for young musicians from all over the world aged 13-18 in orchestras or bands to talk with each other, share memes, performances, or just complain about how we all suck.

This server is for you if you're a young musician, and are looking for a laid-back, diverse musical community!
We have:
- A variety of different channels, including a meme channel; a creative works channel; a band vs orchestra (Orchestra wins btw) channel and several more!
- Practice room voice chats! Now others can hear how good you are!

- A light-hearted and diverse musical community for you to talk to!

- Receive critique on compositions, and share any music you want people to listen to.

- A ranking system with rewards available!

Currently, there are plans to play a piece from La La Land together over the internet.

Join our musical community! You won't regret it!
Welcome to the Ultimate Orchestra! We are not just your typical classical music server, we welcome all instruments and music genres. Stop by to talk with other musicians.
This server is all about Trivium. You may speak about any bands you wish and we have friendly members. Hop on and see for yourself!
Welcome to the Culture of Dionysus!
Absolute chaos rules here where Theater and Band kids are welcomed alike!

Ex-Band Kids count too, however keep it pg-13. We got minors in the server.
ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ʙᴇᴇɴ ɪɴᴠɪᴛᴇ ᴛᴏ sᴜɴʀɪsᴇ

We're a friendly server based on an amazing band named, day6. Come join us!
Welcome to Waterparks, a server for the band. We have a loving, caring community, as well as great staff. For fans of the band, or people who want to get into the band. Everyone is welcome! (Talking about real waterparks is also okay)
Welcome to Outclassed By The Brass, a discord server exclusively for trumpet players!

We have:
🎺 Sheet music!
🎺 Bots!
🎺 Memes!
🎺 Games!
🎺 Custom roles!
🎺 Group projects!
🎺 Music!
🎺 Friendly staff!
🎺 And more! Join to discover the possibilities!

We welcome trumpet players of all ages and skill levels, we're loose on rules, and we will help you with your playing! You can come to hang out, meet new friends, find new sheet music, and improve your playing. You're welcome in (unless you don't have a trumpet!)

Join the trumpet player hangout today!
🥁Attention all percussionists. Come join a server full of Drummers and percussionists, just like you. Our server is one-of-a-kind and offers places to talk with people that play your instrument, help with your music, music channels, and lots of fun general chats. You can join even if you dont have marching band experience. Come check it out🥁
Play an instrument or two, maybe more? Join our community of musicians! We're a friendly and welcoming server to talk about anything music related and even get help from fellow musicians!
Oh a new scroller! It's so good to see there's still people around here. Let me get my script. Ahem..

The Discord Band is a place where you can play your instruments to or with others, give showoffs and concerts to the spectators or even see awesome talented people playing instruments for you! We are an open coumminty, ready to grow, ready to action. You get roles depending to the instruments you play (up to maximum 3 instruments) and depending on to the request, we are ready to add more instrument roles! These roles are for the people who play the same instruments can discuss, give/get help and play/practice together! You can have discussions with the people who does not your instrument(s) as well. We accept every genre of music. Even if you dont play any instruments, you can always hear the people who can, or have them guide you when you try to learn one. Come and join !!

Or just dont, I guess...?

Who am I kidding you're gonna leave immideantly after joining, probably.

...perhaps not

(PS: Please let me konw if there's any technical issues.)
Hello fellow jazz cats! This discord server is a sever about jazz open to anyone willing to join! The server will be used for education purposes such as lessons and music discussions cover a verity of different topics in the jazz world. This server can also be used as a place to jam with others and share your favorite jazz standards!
We basically just gamble and post memes, but we need more members to revive the memes
Howdy! Dieser Server ist von einem The BossHoss Fan für The BossHoss Fans! Leider ist keiner der Jungs auf dem Server. Aber wer weis wenn wir wachsen wird das ja was? Was euch erwartet?

• Viele Spiele mit denen ihr Coins verdienen könnt
• Quizze, Schere stein papier usw
• ihr könnt auch Wer ist das in The BossHoss Version spielen
• Roleplaygruppen/Fanfiction die ihr mit verfolgen könnt
• Einen Admin der das alles stemmt und einen Roleplay/Fanfiction Chef der dort alles regelt (alle Roleplay Gruppen werden vorsichtshalber als NSFW Channel gekennzeichnet dann kann keiner meckern)
• ich gucke Abends gerne noch mal alle Insta accounts von den Jungs durch und mache Screens und schicke diese in einen Channel, ich sei denn ich hab das schon rein geschickt...
• ihr könnt über The BossHoss schwärmen und infos austauschen
•einen deutschen Bot der alles kann auch musik abspielen(man versteht was der von einem will...)
•andere Fans mit denen ihr euch unterhalten könnt.
• und infos die ihr evtl noch nicht wusstet?

Der Server besteht erst seit 30.07.2019 dementsprechend noch etwas im Aufbau. Und ausprobieren. Wobei ist das ein server nicht immer? Egal kommt rein wenn euch etwas nicht gefällt dann schreibts in Vorschläge für alles. Und bitte geht nicht wieder sofort! Dankeee!

Ich hoffe wir sehen uns auf dem Server!
Der Admin
Nicolas Taavi
Music.mp4 is a new community dedicated to music Students, Teachers, Casuals, Beginners, Professionals, and more! With varying categories like Jazz, Concert, and Marching band to Orchestra and Choir!
If you're currently playing in a wind band, a band alumnus, an aspiring band member or even someone who's never had any band experience but is just curious about the going-ons of bands, Another Band Hub might just be the place for you!

We offer:
- Tons of self-assigned roles
- Openings for partnerships
- Friendly, laid-back staff
- Events, and opportunities for you to request events
- Channels for everyone AND individual channels divided up based on instruments, so you can meet other trumpet/flute/whatever players from around the world!
- Opportunities for you to meet other like-minded folks with similar interests

We hope you decide to come join our community here! We're just starting out, so we're small, but we hope to grow!
Brass Central
Hello there, members and visitors of DISBOARD! This is a server for brassists. Free feel to join and talk!
I'd appreciate it if you'd join and communicate with other brassists! We have many brassists in here, from trombonists to buglers, and many more! Feel free to join our community! We're also looking for staff, so feel free to apply. We invite you to spread an aura of positivity in this server, so chill and chat in our server, Brass Central!
Yoyoyo, I am Titus, and welcome to Tubatown! A server dedicated to the tuba! Here, we can give you tuba advice, share tuba music, and talk about anything music related. Come and join the online tuba community!
Feel free to discuss and interact with other musicians! You can also perform for others as well as learn from other people!!