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Welcome to the losers club, Asshole!

A place for fans to find other fans, playlists, fanfiction, roleplays and more! Join the losers club, discuss theories and connect with others.

>Mature Language
Hi Person reading this!

Welcome to the Losers Club- no contracts necessary

Here’s a few things you should know before you join

•This server takes place in High School so the characters are a little more aged up
• We support LGBTQ, all races, and genders— IF YOU DO NOT, YOU CAN SEE YOUR WAY OUT THE DOOR
•There will most likely be NSFW so if any of that stuff triggers you, don’t say I didn’t warn you


We hope to see you there!
looking for a place to gush over your favorite ships? you've come to the right server! post crumbs of your favorite otps, make edits, roleplay, and so much more in our community! <3 some of our fandoms include IT, BNHA, AOT, Your Lie In April, Holes and more!
Welcome to our Derry roleplay server:

Whether the It fandom has your interest in Roleplay or solely the conversation and lore, this server is a broad and widely accepting community. This is a server where people of the same interests can connect and grow to be adjacent to family.

This server offers:

⫸ Customizable roles
⫸ Literate roleplaying community
⫸ Multiple Alternate Universe roleplays
⫸ Original character templates
⫸ Ship friendly (Reddie, Stenbrough, etc.)
⫸ Supportive Derry family to call your own
⫸ Various roleplay locations

The two main roleplay locations in this server take place in IT Chapter 1 and IT Chapter 2, this server offers the best of both worlds, a murderous clown, and the kid or adult IT experience to go with it.

We look forward to seeing you soon, this group doesn’t smell like caca to me, senor. You should join, we look forward to meeting you, later 𝕃𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕣!
Welcome to the Losers Club!
This is a Server to hang out and roleplay! No homophobes allowed! I don't know what else to put here so yeet
Here's the server you have been looking for!
Fan of It the famous Eater of Worlds? Looking for a place where to role play that offers a wide choice of channels and both, canon and original characters to use? You're in the right place!
This doesn't smell like caca to me senor, which means you should totally stay!
What's the story behind this AU?
This server is based on an AU in which the Losers managed to kill It when they were teens, so now they are free! All of them are safe and sound, living their lives in the best way possible... Well, Bower's squad is still there though since nothing too bad happened to the bullies either. Anyway, Bill, Richie, Eddie, Bev, Stan, Mike and Ben are now attending high school. They grew up, being close as always and they left that one terrible summer behind. It's time to focus on studies, fun and even love now!
Welcome to the Losers Hideout.

This is a welcoming place for any losers to hideout in. Anyone 13 and up who likes IT is more than welcome to come join us & here is what we have.

- Welcoming and friendly staff & members
- Assignable roles & role color
- Safe space to vent
- LGBT+ friendly
- Much more!!
Welcome to the Losers Club! Here you can talk about Stephen King's IT, the actors, or anything at all. This is a safe space where you can make friends and have fun.
place to hang out and talk about that thing with the murder clown (book and on-screen adaptations)!! lgbtq+ friendly and sfw
Welcome on our Derry, IT Fan Group Server! In here you're not RPing, but just talking with other IT fans, making friends, sending memes, edits etc.! Have fun!
hey! a double friendly IT kin chat?! insane! feel free to join in and chat with us, it’s still in the works but we hope to grow n thrive , all are welcome <3
This is an IT fan club server for anyone 13+! All members are friendly, and this is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals!
IT 2 spoilers ahead!

About a year after they defeated pennywise, they all decided to come back to Derry once again. They wanted to see what they had accomplished. See what town they saved. Derry would always be terrifying in their eyes, but it was also amazing, to know that they, The Losers Club, defeated a extra terrestrial being, and avenged so many deaths. Eddie had divorced Myra. Beverly divorced her husband, and is now dating Ben. Stanley’s wife left him, but he was fine. They all lived in a cul-de-sac together, their houses next to each other. It was perfect.
Welcome! Canon characters and OCs are always allowed! Have fun, and sure to check us out!
You can roleplay as your favorite characters and ships from IT, or just original characters you made up for this universe. You can also talk to people about what you like. Various stuff included.
Hello! Welcome to the server.

In this server we talk/rp about everything IT and sometimes other things-

Come for:






🥑A safe and fun place to be!

LGBTQ friendly

No pedophilia/slang/negative things 💖
Just a nice place to relax and have fun!
Welcome to the loser club! A place where IT fans can come together and RP or just talk! Most characters are available! Also you can create man oc!