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You're walking all alone in a dark and shrowded forest. the fog clouds your vision, you can barely see five feet in front of you. your legs are tired, your phone is dead, and your stomach is beyond hungry, but.... "what is that" you say in a fearful tone as you see a golden light in the corner of your vision. you think to your self you must be hallucinating, all this time in the forest has made you crazy... but the more you look at it... the more it looks like a very small cottage... you can almost smell freshly made cookies coming from the cottage, making your stomach growl like a vicious animal... you swallow your trepidation and blindly wander to the cottage... as you knock on the cottage door, no one seems to answer at first, you think to your self that it makes sense, who would live all the way out here-... before you can finish, the door opens, and the smell of, yes, homemade cookies wafts over you, and you can feel the warmth of a campfire crackling. the lady who opened the door says, with a huge smile stretched across her face "hello young one~~ you must have gotten lost in the forest... it happens a lot more than you may think....would you like to come in~ you look so hungry~" the girl seems so nice, and you're so hungry. you feel you have no other choice but to come inside, what's the worse that could happen. as soon as you walk in, you notice that the inside is so much larger than the outside, it's almost magical. the lady sits you down at a dinner table and serves you a meal of foods that are seemingly all of your favorites, was this just by chance... or did she know this before-hand... but there is no time to consider, you must have been starved for days in that forest. you scoff down all of the food, barely even breathing or chewing before swallowing, you were just so hungry... after your done eating and your belly has extended, you finally notice the lady's devilish smirk, before you realize that all of the food had a bit of a weird taste... your eyelids are heavy, your body is weighted, you can't move... you can only sleep... you wake up in a cage in the basement, wearing a pair of cat ears and a tail, there are other catgirls and boys there playing and loving each other, the door is unlocked and you are allowed free roam of the cottage~ so please enjoy your stay~ and don't mind the basement~
hi welcome to cat cafe. you should join for funny people maybe idk maybe..... we play Roblox a lot. we use a lot of mature language/swearing and things like that. no one over 18 unless you buy us all nitro. we also hate British people we will hate crime you if you are british
A small server not for talking,(Join Neko Cafe for that: but just a place to archive cat girls.
Welcome All!
We are a wonderful and growing Neko community wanting to create an environment for everyone within!
We offer within our server:
🍇- A small but kind community! 🍇
🍎- A helpful staff team! 🍎
🍓- And an array of characters and bots to talk and play with! 🍓

🍍Come Join Today And Position Yourself In Our Community!🍍
we are an amazing rp server we have lots of fun and we respect the heck out of our members (except rico) come join have fun!
Hello and welcome to Mystics Emojis

- In this server you get access to alot of cat girls emojis, We have loads of Unique emoji collection that you wont be able to get anywhere else ;)

- We have chatting section but you have to earn your access there ;) isn't that fun :3

- We have loads more of emojis to explore and use on your discord :3 You can even suggest Some for us to add

Come join now!! and be part of the MYSTICS!!