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Anime, memes, lewds, fanart, gaming, other generic weeb related stuff, active staff, music bot, MEE6 rank system, and a social community. Not into anime? Who cares join anyways; we're better than those other servers. Those other servers said you smell bad. We wouldn't talk about you behind your back like that. So come join.
We are a small community looking to grow bigger. We have gaming sections. 18+ for our more exotic members! As well as active staff and bots. Lightweight friendly community. We have channels that no rules are bound too etc.
anyone is welcome :100:
NSFW server :underage:
fill out self roles :white_check_mark:
nice and welcoming community :heart:
no bullying or racism :x:
chill out and listen to tunes with [email protected] and Dj @ⱢṶϾḭĐ ĐṜΣΛṂΣṜ :headphones:
meet new people :writing_hand:
have fun :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
Scrutiny is a clan full of active, joyful, and enthusiastic members! Currently, our goal is to reach 50 members in the discord and 25 in the TT2 in-game clan. But, we can only make that possible with you and your friends. I'm sure you're curious about the discord, so here's a little background check.
-Custom Emojis
And many many more.
Be wise and make the right choice wink
clan- 9r7eb
After Earth Server Hub
Hey there friends, this is a hub server for y'all to chill, and hang out and just have a good time in!
-Hub server
-Great Staff(and staff sign up)
-Role play servers
-Economy System
-Ranks, and V.I.P. Ranks
-and more!
Join the Gaming Cartel! We do Tournaments, Karaoke and even Game nights! With your help, we can become a huge server and a nice community! * Active Server * Game Nights * Tournaments * Giveaways * Custom emojis (suggest some also!)
Come join us we’re a really new server and we need more people to become big and to be able to start becoming a big happy family
Hello and welcome to Peaches & cream cafe!
This cafe is about a roblox game that is called Peaches & cream cafe, but we still working on the roblox game so make sure to join the server so we can notify you when we open the cafe.
This Pokecord is a small discord looking for new members and just people to bring positive energy into the server. We do have the pokebot (obviously) and we chat about pokemon!