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Anime, memes, lewds, fanart, gaming, other generic weeb related stuff, active staff, music bot, MEE6 rank system, and a social community. Not into anime? Who cares join anyways; we're better than those other servers. Those other servers said you smell bad. We wouldn't talk about you behind your back like that. So come join.
Welcome to A Pirate's Life!

A Pirate's Life RP is a fully fledged roleplay server set in the Caribbean in 1728, the Golden Age of Piracy. You can play as a Pirate, a Navy sailor belonging to one of the prominent countries of the time, or just a civilian trying to make their way in the world. Jump into the great existing story, or set out to forge your own.


The year is 1728 and black flags can be seen flying all over the Caribbean. It's the Golden Age of piracy and no pirate is slacking to show it. The British Royal Navy is cracking down hard on pirates, offering pardons to all who would take it and give up their life of piracy, and killing those who would refuse.

Only a few great Pirate Captains still roam the Caribbean. The infamous, Eddard "Cutthroat Ned" Warrington, captain of 'The Kraken,' one of the largest ships in the Caribbean. Leon "The Lion" Alacantra, captain of 'The Pride.' Lastly, Angeline Freya, captain of 'Cruel Firestorm.'

The famous Admiral Henry Baratheon, of the British Royal Navy, who has made it his lifes goal to wipe away piracy from the globe, has grown in power in the Caribbean. Some say he will succeed, while some say he's a fool. So far, the man has lowered piracy in and around Port Royale and the surrounding islands. When he first arrived as Admiral of the fleet in that area, Henry took on two of the daring, infamous pirate captains, Eddard and Leon. The battle ended in a stalemate and Eddard and Leon left to lick their wounds while Henry did the same.

It has been three years since the battle of Port Royale, and things are heating up. Henry is making plans to end piracy, while others are making plans to continue it. The Caribbean is becoming a dangerous place, even more so than it was.
After Earth Server Hub
Hey there friends, this is a hub server for y'all to chill, and hang out and just have a good time in!
-Hub server
-Great Staff(and staff sign up)
-Role play servers
-Economy System
-Ranks, and V.I.P. Ranks
-and more!
We are a small community looking to grow bigger. We have gaming sections. 18+ for our more exotic members! As well as active staff and bots. Lightweight friendly community. We have channels that no rules are bound too etc.
A Minecraft server in open BETA stages, in need of members to actively play as soon as possible!
We have a custom Skyblock plugin, and a custom undersky gamemode, and we will have much more such as minigames, and PvP!. We have amazing giveaways once every month and you can get support from any active staff member! I promise you the best we can give... So what are you waiting for? Join before it's too late!
-Artis Network Staff Team
Here at the mile high club you can expect the high life with a great staff anti pedo protection lots and channels and fun things to do 1 on 1 voice channels and lots more level up and become a great member
We are a fun place to hang out and chat. Join today and participate in awesome giveaways and epic io game battles. We also have a wide array of different bots.
Hello! Have you been looking for a server with cool bots and memes? If you have you have come to the right place!

On Just Another Server, we have:


-Cool Bots

-Great Mods

And more!
Welcome To The CF Calm Force

We are a Clan that plays Fortnite. We have amazing bot we can play with are bots in the bot CMD channel.
Come join today for a chance of getting staff. We have application for you to become on of the staff members on the team. You can give us your ideas for future events.
We got awesome staff,
Good members,
Fun bots to play with,
And more.

Co-Owner: CF Dark Fitz, CF CEO
Management: N/A
Head Admin: N/A
Admin: N/A
Admin In Training: N/A
Head Mod: N/A
Mod: N/A
Mod In Training:CF Legend, CF Charlie_0418
PS4 Gamer_YT
We Are A New Small Community. We Allow Members To Advertise Their Streamers whatever Platform And Also Social Media Accounts. We Also Have Setup A Gaming And Random Chatting Area For Our Members Which Are Constantly Being Improved With Suggestions.
anyone is welcome :100:
NSFW server :underage:
fill out self roles :white_check_mark:
nice and welcoming community :heart:
no bullying or racism :x:
chill out and listen to tunes with [email protected] and Dj @ⱢṶϾḭĐ ĐṜΣΛṂΣṜ :headphones:
meet new people :writing_hand:
have fun :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
Scrutiny is a clan full of active, joyful, and enthusiastic members! Currently, our goal is to reach 50 members in the discord and 25 in the TT2 in-game clan. But, we can only make that possible with you and your friends. I'm sure you're curious about the discord, so here's a little background check.
-Custom Emojis
And many many more.
Be wise and make the right choice wink
clan- 9r7eb
Join the Gaming Cartel! We do Tournaments, Karaoke and even Game nights! With your help, we can become a huge server and a nice community! * Active Server * Game Nights * Tournaments * Giveaways * Custom emojis (suggest some also!)
Come join us we’re a really new server and we need more people to become big and to be able to start becoming a big happy family
Hello and welcome to Peaches & cream cafe!
This cafe is about a roblox game that is called Peaches & cream cafe, but we still working on the roblox game so make sure to join the server so we can notify you when we open the cafe.
This Pokecord is a small discord looking for new members and just people to bring positive energy into the server. We do have the pokebot (obviously) and we chat about pokemon!
Hey there! :)

We are a brand new Iowa based server,
we are small due to being brand new but
we are a mighty group! :)

[Server Benefits]
-Self Assignable Roles
-Friendly staff
-Friendly Enviroment

Want more like minded Iowans to meet?
This is your group! :)