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Come meet new friends!
Things the server has to offer: Kind Hearted staff, Welcoming members, NSFW bots, QOTD, fun bots, and much much more!
Just a friendly server to hangout and meet new's still a growing community. Talks are about Anime, Games, Music, Photography and Life...

We Offer you:

➽Non Toxic Community
➽Self Assignable Roles
➽Fun bots and games
➽Helpful Staff
➽Music Channel
➽We have art channel and we're giving events
➽Same Goes to Photography

We offer Partnership ( Just dm the owner or the mods)
Hello! Discover a family-friendly server ★彡 Friendly Gamers 𝔽𝕒𝕟 ℂ𝕝𝕦𝕓 彡★ If your looking for a place to have some entertainment and and talk about real life, or game related things or anime then this server may be good for you.Currently, we have 33 Bots, and 54 Users Here is what you should expect when entering the server:

*Friendly community and staff who will help you the best they can,But watch out , there might be a dark side.
*Entertainment, Gaming channels for different games and Anime channels

*Nice Bot Channels for talking Bots and Point collecting Bots and others etc.

*International channel to speak multiple languages

*Spam to do all the spam u can do for fun instead of making mess in main chat with spam. *

*Selfies, Memes, Photography and artwork channels

* Self roles but colour roles will be coming soon

* Custom emojis to make the server fun with emojis

* Suggestion channel for ideas that you think could possibly make the server better

*Staff application channel to be a staff (looking for new staff members and partners tooo)

*Custom Ping reaction role so you decide if you want to be pinged
We look forward to welcoming you to our kind anime gaming server !! See you there
Hey! Do you like communities where you get to meet new friends and hang out? Well, this is what this server is for! We have places to:
-Share art
-And some other things.
We accept everyone with open arms, no matter the gender, belief, sexuality. Everyone is welcomed into this server!
But what we don't allow are rude people, trollers, etc.
So please be nice!
Welcome to the Official Myth Co Discord Server(Myth Co isn't a real company but is the name of the gaming team I: OhBotCASDidIt own)

We're New: Although this may be a new server, it doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try!

This server wasn't made for just one person, not a group, not a fan base but EVERYONE in the world out there, so you can meet new people, find worthy challengers, make the best friend, and create big teams!
Because we're open to all, there's a channel for everything, and we mean it, if there's something missing, just ask us to add it!

Make Friends: You can find many like minded people there and find friends!

Fun Bots: There are Fun Bots like Pokecord in here and even a Bot Recommendation chat!

Welcome to all: We welcome any and all kinds of people: Gamers, Game Developers, Animators, Bookworms, and more!

Big Events: Events are a big thing here, if you think we're lying we ain't!

Join the Competition: For each goal we reach, we do a competition! One if them is a Icon competition!

Sub-Servers? WHAT?!: Yes! We have Sub-Servers that fills similar goals as the original, but they have different things for different needs!

Odd ones are good too!: If your gay, a furry, or anything we don't care, your still able to join!

Monthly Quizzes: Once we reach 100 members, we'll start doing Monthly Quizzes!
Welcome to Delta Colony
This is a server where you can come and chill out with some other chilled people.
= Well, lets get to it. Here is what we have: =
- :robot: Fun Bots
- :tada: Giveaways
- :lock: Professional Staff
- :fire: Fun Events
- :moneybag: Economy Bots
- :musical_note: Music
Hey guys, welcome to Lit-scussion and I am ur founder, <@401640396091817985> and ty for reading this partnership info. Lit-scussion is a server where we all can hangout, chat, and make new friends. Plus, there is no toxicness or saltiness. Here are the features that we have something for u:

Memes 😂

Selfies 🤳

Partnerships 👍🏻

Color roles :)

Self assignable roles 👋

Roleplay ☕️

Fun bots 🤖

Anime 👀

And so much more...

If u guys wanna learn more about this server, then join my server and u will learn more about it

Founder: <@401640396091817985>

A fun server where we have bots such as dank memer, pokecord, boobbot and more, we have nsfw and music bots, and more stuff that may be added in the future. we hope people will join give us ideas on what this server is missing so we can try make this server the best it can be.
Koding Kingdom is a Discord community based around Minecraft, programming, anime and of course making new valuable friendships!

Reasons to join: Kind staff and members, fun bots, meeting new friends and more!

Join the kingdom!
Chill discord for people who enjoy chilling and talking to people. Sometimes the discord maybe empty for the week days, but we get around and hangout.
~ Welcome to ♡ ғᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ғᴀɴᴛᴀsʏ ♡ ~
Here, we offer many things!
» From:
• Colour Roles to Reaction Roles
• Anime to Manga
• Art to Memes
• Roleplay to General Talking
• Music to Voice Chats
And so much more~! «
You can roleplay to your heart's desire, you can rant about which character is hotter (Honestly, debate to your heart's desire), and just bond with the people around you!
We have a few specially picked out bots for everyone to enjoy and have a load of fun with~
» Some of which are:
• MEE6 (For your levels, ranks)
• Rythm and Groovy (To enjoy some music~)
• Dank Memer (Because why not?)
• Neko-Bot (For all the fun things that others can't provide)
and last, but not least (for now...)
• Pokécord (to play to, once again, your heart's desire)
These are all the bots as of right now! «
Not only this... but we also offer ranting and venting areas where you can receive help from your peers. All we ask is that you keep the more 'soft' issues int he ranting and venting and the more 'hardcore' issues in the trigger warning.
This server is for 13+ to 19+ (people over the age of 19 will be carefully looked upon, for we some people can be deemed uncomfortable... we don't want that)
So, what are you waiting for? Come on in!
We've been waiting for some new faces~
This is a Neko rp/erp server right now we are a small server but we are hoping to grow. The minimum age to join is 13
Just a server for you to talk and make new friends.
We have lovely staff
Fun bots
People from different places in the world
Be sure to join and have fun :D
❗⚡💥🤣 Welcome to the ***IDK SERVER*** 🤣💥⚡❗
Here we have fun Moderators, not too strict rules, and a lot of fun bots:
🎵2 Music Bots🎵
👌And Lastly, 2 Dank Memer bots!👌
-Dank Memer
If you do join...... make sure to enjoy your stay at:
❗⚡💥🤣***IDK SERVER*** 🤣💥⚡❗
Welcome to the DANKEST server of them all! Frequent polls, funny memes, music, and an active community! Come and enjoy!
Der grenzgamer Server ist ein wachsender Server, welcher sich auf das Gaming konzentriert. Wir bieten nicht nur für Spiele eigene Kategorien mit Sprach- und Textchats, sondern auch einen Radio Bot, welcher 24/7 JamFM streamt. Langeweile gibt es bei uns nicht. Wenn man kein Spiel zum zocken hat, stellen wir Discord-Bots zu Unterhaltung zur Verfügung, z.B. Akinator, CS:GO Case opening, Klink Bot, etc. . Täglich zwischen 19 und 20Uhr veröffentlichen wir Fun-Votes und haben einen Patch Bot, welcher von beliebigen Spielen neue Update-Informationen postet!

Joine und überzeuge dich selber. Wir freuen uns über jeden der joint. ^^
This is a work in progress server for dating, offensive humour, gaming, meeting new people and so much more! We have fun bots and are currently working on rolls and such! Feel free to join the fun VCs and claim some sexy ass waifus !! Can’t wait to see you in there!
I don't really know what to put in a description, but basically we're open to anyone and anything, feel free to be yourself in this server. Also, in this server you can make new friends too! You can use bots in different channels, get caught up with announcements, and more! Welcome to the blank space!
America is under the control of a militarized lab named Cleanup that aims to take over earth itself. Superhumans are being eradicated for posing a threat to this goal.

Will you join the sweep or fight it?
Fun server, welcoming people, all here to make friends and have a good time. We’ve got friendly,weird and active staff who don’t take rules too seriously which is fun. There’s channels for all to make sure everyone can have an equally good time here. Make sure to join and have fun.
This is Snaps Community Discord! Friendly environment with an Admin!
-we have bots
-self promotion channel
-public/chill channels
Hi my name is P1LLH3AD, head admin of TEA AND CRUMPETS server we have a very fun community and are looking to expand we have 48 members most are active if you feel like joining and working your way up our ranks please add me as a friend P1LLH3AD#9383

Looking for a place to make new friends? Then this server is right for you!

We are currently looking for Staff to fill in positions

We Have:
Active Members!
Friendly Staff!

Tea and Crumpets!!!!!!

Self assignable roles!
Join Now! Invite Link:
-=[{==}]==B e n z e e l ' s c h a t r o o m==[{==}]=-


Welcome To a fun place, Where You Can Play With Bots, Chat With Friends, Rank Up, Use The !crate Command AND Listen To Music!

We're a small community striving to become a bigger one!
We have..
-Friendly pepes
-Lots of ranks!