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Animation Plantation is home to many talented, amateur, and even beginner animators! The server also includes friendly voice actors and actresses, musicians, writers, and all types of artists! We encourage all forms of art, and we're dedicated to collaborating, giving tips, and helping each other out on projects. Featuring many different art channels! We also love playing games, eating junk food, and participating in contests! Age 13+ only!
Welcome to Graphic Community! This is a server based on graphic design and visual effects everyone is welcomed to join from beginners to to experienced ones, we hope you enjoy your stay.
The Art Club is a community of artists that are all in a similar field. We don't just focus on one area of art but look to include every practice. Whether you're painting a canvas, sitting in-front of technology or strutting your stuff across the dance floor, we want you!

The friendliest art community on Discord! :)

What we have to offer
- Resources Chat for all your art needs
- Artwork feedback from well known artists
- Games lobby - casino and games to play with your friends!
- Very clean channels using reaction roles.
- Adobe Recognized
- Weekly Contests and Events
- Self-assigned roles
- Bot Command cleanup in every channel.
- Server Tier Ranks - Earned while chatting
- Marketplace for buying and selling art

Come join our friendly community today. Trust me... We are different than the others!

- Ran by @ShaunRyken - Instagram
Welcome to Night Gang a server where you can learn how to make and upload graphic and video arts and effects(GFX/VFX). If you wanna learn anything consult with the people that have the GFX role or the owner. The tool(s) needed for you start to editing images will be provided if you don't have access have a great time editing images and more
I made a server because most servers that you join for art, they are not very active. I'm trying to fix this. I wanted a server that people can have conversations and talk with each other and discuss art. Hopefully this server doesn't become like all the others. We are looking for anyone who likes art, whether if they think theirs is good or bad. You don't need to be Van Gogh to draw.
We are a server focused on photomontages and photo editing in general (especially photoshop fun arts). Join us for weekly Photoshop challenges and share your supramazing works on "u wot made" channel. Pretty xD HUH?
-Find people that like what you like!

-Become part of a good community

-Are you an Artist? Cool we support and encourage you share your content here!

Photoshop is a completely SFW server, no NSFW content allowed.

-If you want a role, you have to send a picture made by you to the Owner of the server!
Here at Staples' Designs and Modfications we pride ourselves in providing the best quality skins and graphical designs quickly at a reasonably cheap price in comparison to other place. We do host giveaways as well as publicly released skins every 50 member milestone we hit.
We also specialise in making bots, scripts and custom vehicles for gta5/fivem so feel free to check those out as well.
In addition we also have a NSFW-memes channel for all ya'll meme lovers out there.
Feel free to pop along and check it out for yourself.
[PN] Custom UI/UX Is a Discord server for people to get their custom Graphics, and UI/UX work done. We assure that all customers will be treated fairly, Extremely cheap prices.
We do not charge much!
The reason that all of our prices are extremely cheap is because Graphic Design is something we love to do, I am not trying to take money from others, I am just trying to make money to live my life!
What does PN offer?
💎Graphic Design
💎Custom graphics
💎Cheap prices
💎Friendly staff
💎Professionally done designs
Hi, we are a gfx server (mainly fortnite however others can join) All types of editors can join

We offer FREE blender models, backgrounds,GFX packs and more

We also help designers find customers and people find designers.
This is Visional Graphics. Here we have GFX artists who have their work to offer and so can you offer your work. Great community with active staff. We frequently do giveaways for high quality GFX, the more members we have the more giveaways we do. Thanks for taking your time to read about us and we hope to have you come check us out!😄
Hey! we are "Design Hub"
Design hub is a place for all designers, customers and hobbyists to hang out and socialise.
With channels to show off your designs and to even buy or request designs for any customer.
We highly encourage and enforce positivity and networking to grow and get recognised for your designs.
Overall Design Hub is a great place to get work done for you, meet new people and socialise with designers and others!
This server is a general chatting server, it is an epic gamer club and an anime and manga club for weebs. There are also Photoshop contest that happen every 3 days. This server includes every bot you need, and if not you can suggest them and they'll be there without douht.
This is the best GFX Community on Discord! Our server with 500+ members got nuked recently and we are rebuilding it. Help and find your place here, you will love it!
[Server includes: Profile Pictures, Images, Gifs, Backgrounds, Skins, & Chat (w/ basically no rules), (dm owner for gfx related work; banners,custom profile pictures,thumbnails)]
Bransive is a Graphic Design/Developer server filled with various levels of designers. This is a server for beginners and experienced people alike! The aim of Bransive is to make a great place for people to learn and get tips about any field of design as well as a place to relax and have some fun with like-minded people.

We have:
🎨 Color roles
🎁 Giveaways
💖 Helpful and friendly staff
📝 Buy & sell graphic services

A list of common topics;
• Graphic design
• Illustration / art
• Typography
• General layout
• Technical help in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.
An Adobe discord for people of all skill levels. Just started using Adobe? Professional with Adobe softwares? You're welcome here!
Created this Art server for people,who want to be part of art community,and are always keen to meet new artists from all over the world and have a good time together. I guess this Art Server,is the one you have been looking for,it is a chill art server,where discuss art and life. This community is by Artists,for Artists. We feel the pain and joy together in this community,and best part of this community is, it is growing everyday,which will make us even more stronger. Join this for a great "ART TIME".
Server Creator Instagram- @shagun51 or @shagun_damadia

Here at Altered Visuals (AV) we are looking for digital artists of all sorts! Whether you specialize in photo-manipulation, music creation, design, or film-making, there's a spot for you here! The goal of the server is for feedback, criticism, and overall helping each other become better artists! We have novice and experienced artists within our little community, but we hope to grow it even more! We want everyone to feel welcome, and we are looking forward to seeing your work and can't wait to see you at AV!
A place to advertise your songs. Talk with other artists or music promotion channels. Show your photoshop skills. Listen to songs...
Join this server if you are a GFX artist or looking for one our server has the best artists and trusted buyers for you if your an artist yourself.