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*What do we have?*
• Great Staff!
• Incredible Lore!
• Astonishing Power + Training System!
• Fair Race Caps!
• Literate RPers!
• Events and MRPs!
• And Much More!

**Lore:** Thousands of years ago, there was a massive war between Monsters and Humans. Gods, Humans, and Monsters had inhabited the world at the time, the war annoying the Gods. To end this, the Gods granted the Humans "Borrowed Powers", which allowed them to use the power of the Gods themselves. The Humans started to devastate Monsters, until one God had arisen and fought the Humans in order to protect the Monsters. This caused the God to have to face the other Gods, having been defeated and sent to India to become a Buddhist. The God had become one, but his ways stayed the same, returning to war. The God had devoured a sage, knowing it was the only way to defeat the other Gods. The sage was an ally of the God, causing him to feel great anguish, although the sage had simply allowed this to occur. He had a battle with a Supreme God, soon having beaten him with a brutal and bloody battle. The aftermath was devastating, the God having become a Supreme God, though he was heavily weakened and defeated by the remaining Gods. The God had ended up on Earth, the other Gods having relocated the Monsters to the Sage Realm. The Humans stayed on Earth, while all but one of the Gods had left, going to the Heavenly Realm. The King, leader of Nox, has been living on Earth and the Supreme God's whereabouts is unknown. Recently, around hundreds of years ago, Martial Arts were developed and people started using those as well. One stands out more than any other, Ryujin Tai. He is the current most powerful Human, but also living in isolation due to The Six hating his guts completely.
**Invite Link:**
**This is not a RP Server, but merely a Place to discuss your Favorite Webtoons.**

Hello Stranger!
Do you Read Webtoons? Then this place is perfect for you!
It's true that we are not exactly a big Discord, but you're welcome either way.
We have Channels for Webtoons where you can discuss Spoilers, but also a spoiler-free lounge.
From time to time, there'll also be Reviews of Discover Webtoons!

But heeey, instead of reading this Boring Descriptions, just check in and decide for yourself if you like it here or not!~
Comic Zone is a server aimed towards comic creators and enthusiasts, though anyone who loves art and loves to create is welcome, even writers and non-artists!
• A place to talk about Webtoons.
• A place where you can meet other aspiring artists and writers as well as channels for you to showcase your art and writing—maybe improve on your current skills.
• Self-assignable roles.
• A self-promotion channel.
• A critique channel.
• Entertainment bots, e.g. music bot, entertainment bot.
We are well-staffed and are looking for wonderful people to add to our growing community.
**We are currently looking for active members.**
Hope you see you there!
A place for the lover of aesthetics & music! We offer 24/7 live tunes for all to vibe with whilst playing games & or creating art. Join our aesthete community!
Welcome to comically pointless comics! This comic series was inspired by eddsworld. We hope you like our comics!!
Hello! Welcome to Lumine. If you don’t know what Lumine is, everyone on the server can help you. Lumine is a story where you can find it on webtoons. Here is a basic summary of it: runaway werewolf, Lumine, meets a witch boy named Kody and is being hired to work as his bodyguard. Lumine, being determined to befriend Kody, tries everything to get Kody to trust him, while Kody tries to keep Lumine away from him. Their life gets even more complicated after an unfortunate event that leaves them to try to survive on their own. You decide whether this is a story for you. In our opinion almost everyone loves the story. Lumine is such a cinnamon roll!
We are a group of people who geek over manga. Filled with people from around the world and a diverse community, this is the place to go for manga nerds! We are also a scanlation group who are looking for new people to join our team! No experience required and you can get VIP access to a bunch of manga and webtoon series. SOS we need your help!
Hello! We're a fan-made LINE WEBTOON Discord server! :D We have over 200 members, great staff, and a wonderful community! Come join us! :D