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This server is for longtime fans of it, or people who are new to the series. . The staff are toxic free, there are chat categories of your favorite games in the series, plus an off-topic category (for the WWE2K series, WWF games or any other games)
Welcome to The Wrestling Nation, a server for wrestling fans to come and talk about wrestling!

What we offer:
- Plenty of wrestling channels and roles for the shows you like
- Leveling system
- Gaming channels
- Less rules.
- Open to partnerships!
A server of one of the greatest sports entertainment sport ever, introduce you to, WWE News!
We are a fan server that loves wwe raw and smackdown. So join if you love the wwe as much as I do Also need staff if you want to help.
1. This server takes after the events of WrestleMania 36 The shows are taking on a whole new aspect Vince has decided to separate the brands! Why you ask damnit becuase this is WAR!

2.Vince Has changed alot about WWE Raw and Smackdown have new logos and new general managers
@"The Scottish Psychopath"Drew Mc RAW GM
Smackdown GM

3.Wwe has decided PG isn't cutting it were going back to ruthless Aggression. We are now deciding blood is encouraged and Brawls cussing well it will all be seen a bit more if ya just
Sorry my bad
4.Lastly The Wrestlers now have a choice what brand they want to go too

Have FUN!
WWE Roleplay is a roleplay server where you can have your fantasy career as your favorite wwe superstar or diva.
We have 3 brands available
**__Welcome to Wrestling Enthusiasts!__**
Welcome! This summer revolves around the whole WWE scene. In this server you can meet with people you have in common with, and talk about the thing you love. Gather with everyone in the server and make predictions, and claim the “Prediction Champion” Role! Also live chats during every show! Enjoy your stay!
Hey There! Ever Heard of this New, Amazing, MMORPG Game called RAW! I bet you have! RAW is a Player Based MMORPG Where you must be a functioning member of Society to help build you town up. You can also be your Own Towns Mayor and run it however your want. Or you could go the complete other way and turn to a life of crime. You can Rob Houses, Stores, and if your brave enough Banks. But be warned once you do that the players who want to keep peace and order will be coming after you! So. Do you think this is a Game for You? Well Amazing. Well this is not an the Official Server for RAW. I plan on making the Biggest and Best Server RAW will ever see! So if YOU want to be apart of my Journey and even be one of the highest ranking Officials then Join this discord and we can Chat!
Hello fellow wrestling fans, this is an homemade wrestling server for wwe fans. IWE is where you can rp and win belts and prizes and special ranks and giveaways time to time. You can also rp as your own fanmade wrestler or a wrestler in todays age. We also have wwe trivia and our rules are very simple. So if you like WWE and play 2k come to our wrestling server!
A Discord Server for all Wrestling fans, Fans of WWE, NXT, NJPW, AEW, ROH And more! Come join us
Somos una Comunidad dedicada al ROL y esperamos que lo paséis bien entre nosotros, este servidor en concreto esta dedicado al Juego RAW que saldrá en el mes de diciembre de 2019. Ahora mismo solo somos dos integrantes en el staff, si quieres apuntarte puedes rellenar un formulario, después de haberlo rellenado con éxito, publicaremos si has sido aceptado o denegado con un pequeño mensaje privado de por que has sido elegido o por que no, Mucha Suerte!

Il y a des salon news,quiz ,sondage et autres ! Je précise mais c'est un serveur RolePlay. On parle seulement de catch et du RP de Raw.
Signé: Charly_2007WWe#7752
Si vous avez des question envoyé des MP a Charly_2007WWe#7752
C'est un super serveur RP qui est assés cool.