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We are a brand new music discord server just opening !!
We have a vision of an amazing place for people to share and find new music!
Come and and join us today to start a music paradise <3

**What We Offer**
~Channels for many basic genres
~Voice channels to listen with others
~Leveling up system with music themed roles
~Channel for Musicians to share their creations
---Music For The Homies---

🌈In our community you can find a wide variety of genres for Electronic music like:

------------------ EDM, and more!

🔥This server has weekly events where everyone can participate in to have fun and makeing new friends along the way!🔥

🌟We allow you to discover new music and share your music for other people to listen too. Join and become part of the Homies!🌟
Welcome to the Daft Punk server, a server for the band. We are a small, fun loving community with a love for all music. Come on by if you love Daft Punk, or just want a chill place to hang out!
A fan made server dedicated to one of the pioneers of industrial music and heavy music, Ministry.

If you're a fan of Al Jourgensen, the rest of the band past and present, or similar bands (Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Fear Factory, etc.), feel free to join and help it grow!
Welcome to the furbvolution! We’re a fun-loving Furby community dedicated to keeping furbies a safe space for everyone.
Electronic Music Underground covers most of unknown or lesser known electronic music genres along with experimental and noise music. Been looking for a place to promote your music, talk about it or get to explore new genres? This is a place for you then. Brand new server which may still be in development
Welcome to the wub cafe! Grab a seat and enjoy your coffee while we listen to the latest tracks and discuss electronic music >-<

What we offer:
>Genre Roles<
>Appreciation for great music<
>Open for partnerships and looking for staff<

We just opened so if you're looking to join a community and discuss your favorite music come join us!
Community for Dark Synthwave / Cyberpunk music sharing, discussion and production.

We also have channels for self promo, other music genre sharing, design and collabs!

Join the Dark Side!
A discord server based on the VAPETAPES record label but is also just a general vaporwave community.
We are a small community of EDM artists and fans and would be very happy to see you join us :D

We've got plenty of cool stuff :3
-Find people that like what you like!
-Become part of a good community
-are you an Artist? Cool we support and encourage you share your content here! and even DJ it live for us
-Shy? No Problem, cause we will warmly welcome you to this server and talk to you no matter the case.
If you love: Rock, Pop, Rap, Electronic Jazz, Classics, Alternative, Country, Folk, Lofi, and even Metal this server is definitly for you.
If you are a DJ, a vocalist, a producer, or someone who just loves to fucking Jam out, than I totally welcome you here. - Jakkoni
Welcome to New Day!

New Day is a discord server dedicated for producers, djs, and other like-minded people. No matter if you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, this server is open for people of all skill levels.

- Join to talk about music, gear and other topics.

- Promote your work and share your sounds.

- Learn new tips and tricks to improve your skills.

- Get feedback from other producers in our community.

- Compete in server-wide competitions to show us your skills.

Sawphonics's music production server for music producers, fans 'n' DJs. :)

Everyone welcomed!~
Melodic Haven is a music-based server for almost everything! From meeting new people with similar interests, getting feedback, sharing music & information and being part of a community. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to create music or do it well to join :)
Ce serveur est principalement un serveur de jeux vidéos/programmations avec des personnes du monde entier (Russes/Américain/Belges/Français...)
De nouvelles personnes rejoignent et passent du temps avec nous et nous avons créé une petite communauté grâce a eux !
Vous êtes les bienvenus !
Flexanima is a community dedicated to Techno, House, and various other forms of Dance music. Throughout the years, Electronic music has taken on many forms, some as fads, and some a mainstay. Whatever it is though, it's still apart of it.

Our main focus is of Electronic music, people from different communities are welcome as well.
Welcome to #ElectronicCentral!
#ElecrronicCentral is a discord guild dedicated to reach out to producers, artists, and followers to explore, share, and chat about all things electronic music!
We have self promotion channels!
We are fairly small so do not expect high popularity at the moment! Please have faith in this server. We striver to keep all parties happy! Keep on grooving!
The Ultimate Music Server is a discord hub made to discuss everything music whether it's shoe-gaze, classical, ambient or hip hop, we discuss everything. Our server also prides itself on very active mods and fairly unrestricting rules. If you like to talk about life, politics and such, we have different text channels for that too.
Enjoy your stay!