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This is an Old Ghost Records official club.

This discord is based around dubstep music, and community building.

We help new and existing producers find new outlets to expand and grow as well as creating an environment for people to socially interact with other producers / music listeners.

Join now for





Join us and get involved in our community based upon our facebook group:
Why is this server different?
We organize virtual FESTIVAL with some very talented artists & affilied to some labels, and you could get booked.
You can submit your music to be uploaded to our youtube channel, for feedback, promotions etc...
It's also open to dj, djing is an art that deserves to be highlighted.
Weather your into the clean beats of house, the rugged synths of dubstep, or the reverberated vocals of pop, there’s always something for you at #Gastank! and I honestly don't know why disboard keeps insisting we're american, I guess most of us are, but the original creator (#Gasmask!) is australian.

note from the creator:

"hello, I'm #Gasmask! (yes, thats why the server is called #Gastank!) and i'm just here to talk to you about my server and about myself. first off, yes, i'm an amateure DJ and music producer generally dabbling in the genres of trap and retro synthwave. but there is people here of all musical capabilities and preferences. the server is just a place to have fun when you get down to it. and we're looking forward to seeing you there!" - #Gasmask!

•fun bots
•self promo channels
•collab opportunities (if you look in the right places)
• and LGBTQ+ friendly

Whatever your musical capabilities, there’s always something for you at #Gastank!

#Gastank!, you are no longer alone
Hypnotic is a newly formed music server for numerous different people in the music industry. Need promotion? Want to sell your beats? Feedback? This is the perfect server for that. Our welcoming community will help you grow as a music producer. Even though you don't make music, everyone is welcome.

-- Active Server With 700+ Members 🔥
-- Feedback From Music Producer All Around The World 💡
-- Many Upcoming Events And Giveaways 🎁
-- Great Place For Music Promotion 👍


-- Professional Feedback Calls 🎙 -- Virtual Music Festival 🎪 -- Remix Competitions 🎧 -- Online Stores 👜 -- Free Nitro Giveaway 🎉
This is the official server for the record label Elysian Dreams Music run by Wyatt Schmidt. The main focus of the channel is to build a community for progressive electronic music although it seems we mostly play chess, talk about anime, and make food...
A Music Production Server aimed at EDM and its plethora of subgenres. Music Enthusiasts welcome. The server is full of professionals with loads of experience and plenty of Resources to help you in your craft.
We are a growing community that sheds light on up and coming DJs and producers. We also occasionally host events that specifically aim towards mixes from our best DJs. As a result, If you are an aspiring DJ or producer and want to share what you're capable of, consider joining. We also have an active staff that monitors the server 24/7. If anything needs more clarification ask away, and they will be happy to assist you.
ϟ Welcome to 𝐃𝐉 𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐲 - 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥, our official discord server!
A community designed for fans, producers, DJs and more... ϟ

↜`What we offer you in this server:
》- 『discuss about music and literally anything』

》- 『meet & collaborate with other talented music producers & DJs』

》- 『receive professional feedbacks from experienced producers』

》- 『fun events & giveaways』

》- 『share and discover the world of music』

》 - 『friendly staff』

》 - 『find downloadable samples and presets』

》 - 『chill, listen to music or stream in voice chats (24/7 radio)』

》 - 『ranks & special roles』

》 - 『bot command channel (over 20+ bots)』

》 - 『gaming chats』

⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙

*Come and join the community! We can't wait to see you there:)*
Official Server Invite **->**

⋘ ──── ∗ ⋅◈⋅ ∗ ──── ⋙

Greetings, in this server we just... party and play games with gamers everywhere! We have chill people that aren't your every-day toxic person. This server is also home to Term The Gamer, the YouTuber! He usually makes events like parties and such on Roblox. WE also have friendly members, which you can chat with and hang out!
EDM producer Phoboz’s server

I’m a 16 years old boy who enjoys making EDM music, our community has a lot of music producers to discuss with if you are a music producer too. This server is friendly and well organized. This is the right place for you if you want to promote, ask for feedback, or simply talk to people.
Welcome to the XNOID RADIO CLUB

This server is made for people who just want to listen to music and be chill, we also have some great tunes all day everyday! This is the perfect place for you! :musical_note:
are :link:

Come today and have fun meeting new friend.
💀—Djcurry's official sever 💀
Are you a Dubstep/Edm lover or just looking for a community?This is the server for you! We’re a small community looking to find some great people to help us grow! We have awesome staff that are available 24/7. We hope to hold event nights/giveaways in the future, featuring game nights and movies nights.

Server Perks
General chat- Come and talk about whatever takes your Fancy

Voice channels- Public general voice channels, and limited space private channels.

Partnerships are closed

Ad is © DJcurry
The NovaBeatz are a team of very skilled DJ’s across the world. During the Covid-19 virus, we have been keeping world trapped in lockdown, vibing with house, rock, dance music!

Our DJ’s stream on a platform called Twitch. Twitch allows the DJ’s to perform live shows to all viewers.
5thmonthocean is a pop-rock mashup artist and nu-disco DJ. His server is a central hub for other mashup artists and music lovers, so if you like mashups with bands like Imagine Dragons, The Score, AJR and Twenty One Pilots, or dig funky disco mixes, feel free to join!
Bienvenue dans la Ciolciol's Radio, un serveur dédié aux fans de musique électronique en tous genres. Des mixes sont réalisés en direct, et vous avez accès à tous les sons utilisés. Vous voulez mixer vous aussi ? Pas de problème, rejoignez la Ciolciol's Radio ! Nous accueillons DJ et Music Producers

Vous pouvez aussi écouter et devenir pianiste du serveur, et participer à des blind tests ! Des giveways ont lieu aussi ! À gagner : des packs de musiques, des albums, des jeux, des comptes pro et + encore !

Envie de découvrir de nouvelles musiques sur un serveur qui vous apportera une bonne ambiance de fond, vous êtes les bienvenus ! Nous vous attendons avec impatience !
A server that allows people to Book a Concert for free and get access to Minecraft music venue. We will even build your stage and promote you in our private server. please note that the venue can hold up to 800 people max and the ip will not be released to the public until the event date.
We are an EDM based Music and Entertainment Platform located in San Bernardino, Ca. While we've been creating a musical experience for people and giving new artists an opportunity to showcase their talent at our shows, our discord serves as a place where DJ's, Producers and friends can come together, share their talent, collaborate, and make their dreams come true.
Awesome server with an active community that hosts feedback streams by huge artists from massive labels such as NCS, Monstercat, Mixmash Records, Spinnin' Records and so on!
Se trata de un servidor unicamente para la Musica. Este servidor tiene apartados de Noticias, Spam, Discoteca y muchas cosas mas!!
Si quieres hacer spam de tus sets de dj, lo unico que tienes que hacer es unirte a este server. Ademas puedes hacerlo de tus redes sociales (Instagram,Facebook...)
Vamos te estamos esperando!!
The discord of Nightflower Records welcomes DJs and producers of all electronic genres where you can share your music, mixes, news about upcoming events, stream or just have a general chit chat with other producers/DJs. Nightflower Records is also a promotional outlet on YouTube so there are regular uploads that are posted into the Discord.

Always looking for new members so feel free to join if you're a producer/DJ!