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EDM producer Phoboz’s server

I’m a 16 years old boy who enjoys making EDM music, our community has a lot of music producers to discuss with if you are a music producer too. This server is friendly and well organized. This is the right place for you if you want to promote, ask for feedback, or simply talk to people.
A server for gamers, music lovers, DJs, or just people who want to hang out! we have a goal of getting as many types of people on as possible!
【WGNB 1.2GHz トップをねらえ!】𝙍𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙤 𝙂𝙪𝙣𝙗𝙪𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧

space music
Your place for interstellar (dub) techno, synths, beats and sweet funk from the future.
Share your favorite tracks and promote your own.
Auto twitch announce channel! Get your name on the list
Chill out, listen to music and e x p a n d your mind.
LGBTQ friendly
Community oriented, chill folks only
This server is for listening to live raves/sets, sharing your own music, and to overall talk to people with similar interest. You don't like this stuff? You can still help with being a mod, or channel moderator (more info about that later). If you have any questions feel free to dm me!
Notre but est de pouvoir vous aider à trouver des musiques spécifiques, à vous faire de la PUB si vous le souhaitez. Notre Staff est à l'écoute total envers les personnes ayant besoins d'information ou autre. Nous espérons partir sur quelque chose de gros avec une bonne communauté. A vous de jouer maintenant ! N'hésitez pas à partager le Discord pour pouvoir accueillir plus de monde et nous permettre d'agrandir cette famille.
This is for people who love music and want to listen to DJ's, and Edm, and Club Music!! Partner of Sharp Resistance a Fortnite Community
A community for DJs, Producers and Musicians. Share experience, ask for tips, exchange music.
Welcome to DJ Lilith's Server ヾ(≧▽≦*)o This is for communication, fun, and a helping hand server. We talk about music, and other things like that! So come on down and join the fun! And make sure you read the rules ヾ(•ω•`)o
Server for Artist collaborations & promotion (Music). Join in!

*Focused on creating a friendly and relaxed environment.

*Staffs are approachable and active.

*Be able to promote your works.

*We accept musicians/artists of all skill levels.

*An online Radio (24/7) streaming to Shoutcast and to 15+ video sites like Youtube, Chew.Tv , Mixer, etc, specially created to promote the musical collaborations in the server and also live dj sets/events.
Welcome to ninjas club where you can hang out play music and maybe play the music as a DJ!
Welcome to The Scratch Society. We are a brand new community for people who love Scratching, Turntablism, Beatboxing, Looping, Sampling etc.
Serveur pour discuter entre jeunes producteurs ou fans de musique éléctronique d'à peu près tout genre

Ce serveur propose de partager sa musique avec les autres membres. Vous pouvez également monter en grade et bénéficier de nouvelles capacités au sein du serveur.

Les deux administrateurs sont: BRUTALHSM et IMMORTAL SQUIRREL
Leurs créations sont également disponibles sur Youtube et Soundcloud.
The EddyG DJ Zone is the official Discord server for the Eddy Gibbons YouTube Channel. You don't just have to be a fan to join though, all music lovers are welcome. Have a good day!
The discord of Nightflower Records welcomes DJs and producers of all electronic genres where you can share your music, mixes, news about upcoming events, stream or just have a general chit chat with other producers/DJs. Nightflower Records is also a promotional outlet on YouTube so there are regular uploads that are posted into the Discord.

Always looking for new members so feel free to join if you're a producer/DJ!

W41K3RS J01N

Welcome to Alan Walker discord fan server!

We are the number 1 AW server with the most members and fans from all around the globe!

We have people who crack unknown links to Alan Walker news videos and music so you can hear it before it comes out! (if we can)

Yeah that's it.
*psst we know how to get you a walker id!*
Hello Everyone! This is a discord channel for those who would like to play games with friends especially League of Legends ^^ You are welcome to join my channel.
P.S: We have a DJ in our channel!
Servidor de produção músical, Entre e converse com outros produtores, Divulgue e compartilhe suas musicas, converse sobre outros assuntos e faça amizades collabs e conheça produtores músicais novos !
DJ en el servidor, gaming de todo tipo de juego, se permite todo dentro de este servidor, siempre que se me avise antes...
💽 Du bist herrangehender oder professioneller DJ und möchtest dich mit anderen der selben Interesse austauschen? Dann bist du auf diesem Server genau richtig. 💽
Un serveur de partage musical et d'aide au développement de mashup, et ou de remix de tout type de musique
An Awesome server with Awesome people Just talk with them and choose your gender there is an DJ to