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hi there i am Zorgo the Top-DJ over here at (Zorgo's DJ company) we do DJ sessions and we let people apply to be a DJ. So please come and join here with us and become an official Zorgo Clan member
INFINITI's music production server for music producers, fans 'n' DJs. :)

Anyone welcomed!~
This is the DJ Twice discord server!

Dit is een Nederlands radiostation genaamd: Fmusic!
Wat zoeken we?
Spoedig DJ’s!!!!!
DJ Host:

DJ Co-Host:

Fmusic Eigenaar:

Welcome to Artist World! Here you can meet friends,look at and show off art and you can play music or play your own!
We are a new server looking for members! Join today!
The purpose of this server is to promote Divide & Conquer Mercenaries, Last of the Legends; a badass DJ group on IMVU started by AR1ES. If you're a DJ that's looking for a crew and you love playing IMVU then please come check our crew out! :-)
The Everything Lounge

Welcome to the Server of Everything, this server does contain everything you imagine. I hope you enjoy your stay and learn more about stuff. We will allow Pewdiepie vs T-Series in this server as long as you don't say "Subscribe to T-Series" and/or "Subscribe to PewDiePie"!

We allow
Live Music/DJ
Computer Science/Programming

We do not allow
And More!!!

Please join the Server!
This a Alan Walker fanzone here! Guess what and you are right We are music nerds and especially Walkers. If you are really a Walker fan then Ayou should definitely join! (SSH! I have super duper secret surprise for you if you reach lvl. 25 in the server!!
Welcome to the official DJ a×el Discord server!
Who is a×el?
He makes music. Typically electronic music!
Why should I join?
Since a×el is a small thing (hopefully just for now) it would be nice to spread the word!
What's in it?
This server has bots, furry stuff, and some NSFW channels! And, except for the NSFW channels, it's family friendly!
(Thanks a million if you join! I really appreciate it!)
This is for people who love music and want to listen to DJ's, and Edm, and Club Music!! Partner of Sharp Resistance a Fortnite Community
In deze server verschijnt om de week een nieuwe mix!
Welcome to ♡Marshmello♡,
A Discord inspired by the EDM DJ, Marshmello!~
The Owner, ♡JamesSparklez♡#2721 would love It If you joined!~

♡You wondering what we have to offer?♡
♡ Amazing Server Rules!~
♡ Simple Voice Channels!~
♡ A "All about Marshmello" Channel!~
♡ Updates from YouTube and Twitter!~
♡ Sweet, Kind, Caring, Welcoming Staff!~
♡ We offer Partnerships!~ No pinging at all!~
♡ Channels like; Introductions, Role Assign, Bots Chat,
Pokecord, Pictures/Gifs/Videos/Link Channel, Mee6 Leveling!~
be positive. be happy. and don't eat marshmellos

Open to all
Welcome to the official JAXTR server, here you can socialize, talk about music and many more things. Hope you enjoy your stay!
You found it. You found the hottest and newest club in the city. This is for your enjoyment, not for us. So join us for an amazing night filled with music, drinks, neon colors, drugs and sexual pleasure. We will not judge, after all.. This is Lucid Neon Dreams.

Want to join a Discord where all the DJs are together in one place? Want a server where you can listen to some new mixes and other trap like music created by fellow Discord users?

Don't even know how to DJ? That's fine. We even have a support channel where other DJs can help you get started.

A place to hangout with other DJs, a community. Join today
Discord server dedicated to the discussion of all things Techno, music-recommendations, djing, music production, events and raves and much more
We are a server were gamers and producers come together to have fun and become friends
An Awesome server with Awesome people Just talk with them and choose your gender there is an DJ to