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In the beginning there was absolute darkness within this Realm of nothingness as something sparked in which the human beings in different civilizations was dragged across universes, their entire cities ripped apart and put into different places mashed all together in The Realm assimilating different cultures into one, which created a drastic upheaval. For someone tried to create a perfect utopia of a universe, whichever deity that did it managed to convey one thing utter chaos and much more. During the convergence 90% of the human beings ripped from their worlds now possessed abilities unlike other ordinary 10% normal average people who is normal, but the abnormals possessed the ability to create fire from their body or fly in the air this uneven realm gave rise to heroes and villains, yet chaos still around.

- Brand New Server inspired by Marvel, MHA, DC.

- Active Staff

- Good Community

- A place to enjoy themselves.

-Non-Toxic Community
Welcome to DC Roleplay! We have an amazing level up system, daily quests and teams, amazing roleplay channels like Gotham and central city, and no complicated character forms! We also have NSFW, events, hobbies (part of the leveling system) that give you special abilities, and great members and staff! So go ahead and join this amazing roleplay today!
Hey everyone and welcome to the plot of Marvel: Beyond! Let me set this up for you. Imagine the normal Marvel Timeline, Earth 616. Assuming Infinity War took place in 2018, that means this roleplay Universe takes place in 2033, 15 years after 2018. Most of the Avengers have actually had children by this time and are at the age 15-16 if they had them in 2018. Since the Avengers have retired by now, it's up to new heroes and also their successors to either take their mantles or make new ones. This is, Marvel: Beyond.
Let's list the new offers this server has.. Alright?
- Helpful Staff!
- Lots of Character Opportunities!
- New Villains Coming Soon!
- Original Characters!
- Tons of Event Opportunities!
- And More!
We are a server about Marvel and DC, We roleplay a lot and talk about both companies We have serious and funny talks!
Minitropolis is a great place for size enthusiasts, comic fans and gamers to gather. Go on fantastic RP adventures featuring hero vs villain action with sizeplay as an option! Or enjoy the company of fellow geeks and just relax to have a great time!
We are an elite Arrowverse server, mainly based on *The Flash* as well as other shows such as *Arrow*, *Supergirl*, *Legends of Tomorrow*, *Constantine* and the upcoming *Batwoman*.

To prepare for CRISIS OF INFINITE EARTHS, we have decided to revive this server.
For All Worlds Must Live. All Worlds Must Die.

Come along to show your ever-dying support for the Arrowverse.

This house is bitchin'!
Welcome to Marvel RP server..what is it?...well it is in the name anyways at the time of writing this (29th of april 2019) we are at the endgame so in between infinity war and endgame movie so.You can make your own characters or OCs up to you..try to have fun..keep in mind this is WIP (Work In Progress) and still early stages so yeah..
◆Regular events..all the avengers events and OC events as well as even events around your own character
◆Active staff team that is non-toxic
◆The owner is really active since he doesn't have a life so you can DM him any time
◆We actually try and listen to the RPers and make the server balanced
◆Open to ideas/suggestions about anything if its about the IRP events or even the server in general we are open to suggestions and hope to improve/grow
The setting is dropped in the busiest of New York! The city of Manhattan and what surrounds it. Choose whether you want to be the good hero, or the evil villain! Go to school, make friends or enemies, and then dish it out with your powers after! And get this... even symbiotes are allowed! Just don't abuse it, or you'll lose it.

Not only are the whole spider powers allowed, but almost any are as long as they're within reason. So maybe become a super hero with such high respect you become a part of the New Avengers! Or be so bad and have such fear sent through others that you are registered as a Weapon X!

Now, this server is high with respect for others and a loving community. Just be able to RP with detail, and you surely will be okay when it comes to the RP. The community will show kindness to you, as long as you do to them.

Well... this is Drago, and I hope to see you in my server! Ciao!
Marvel Comics Roleplay is a brand new Marvel RP server! We have rooms where you can rp, hang out, joke around with friends, talk about Marvel, and much more! Barely any of the canon characters are taken, so most of your favorite heroes and villains are still up for grabs! We are also very OC friendly and encourage you to create unique characters and share them with our server. We just recently added a lore that will grow as we have events and we have friendly staff, so if you have any questions just let us know!.
Roleplex is a Server with friendly members, friendly Staff and some Cool Features. In this RP Server you can be any Marvel or DC Character you want or even create Custom ones! We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Marvel: Heroverse!

Marvel: Heroverse is a small RP server with unlimited possibilities! Here are the benefits of joining

-Chill chat
-Semi-Literate to Literate roleplay
-Play as your favorite Marvel characters
-And so much more!

We're a small RP server wishing to grow, and we hope you can fufill that wish! We look forward to you joining!
The world of Moral Integrity used to be just like ours. Then, over 300 years ago, the first child with powers was born. Soon, more and more people were being born or waking up with powers, and many of those people were causing destruction as they struggled to control their new abilities or using their powers for crime. Two people, Anthony Darkroot and Isaac Golding, wanted to stop this before the law got involved and got permission to start a college, specifically for teaching those with powers to become superheroes. The college worked, and things calmed down.
However, it did not stay calm for long. Isaac and Anthony disagreed on the best way to be a hero - Isaac believed a hero should seek justice above all, and that if the ends were great enough loss of human life was justified. Anthony insisted that nothing was worth the loss of life, and that a hero should seek to do as little harm as possible. The two’s bond soured and they split the college: Isaac created Nemesis Academy, and Anthony founded Pallas Academy. The two schools were locked in a fierce rivalry, which endured beyond the deaths of the founders.
To this day Pallas Academy and Nemesis Academy, the two oldest and greatest hero schools, are locked in competition. Although they’re on the same sides of one city, and their students share two different floors of the same dorm building, the two schools despise each other - Nemesis thinks Pallas is weak and too focused on individuals, and Pallas believes Nemesis is cruel and heedless with human life.
Welcome to DC Rewritten, a roleplay server where you can choose your character from the DC Universe and RP to your heart's content! This server is open to everyone of all ages/sexualities/genders/any other category, and lot's of roles are still free so grab them while you can! Line by line RPing is allowed, and we host events as well!
━━━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━━
Marvel: New Dawn.™️
━━━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━━

@everyone @here
On Earth 6016. This earth was very similar to earth 616. But with a few changes to origins of many heroes and villains.
Kang the conqueror, after destroying earth 6015 he sought out to destroy or rule another he captured the Eternals from earth 6015 and brainwashed them in doing his bidding. He and his Eternals seek to rule earth 6016 and kill or imprison its heroes or maybe even brain wash them. We need heroes and villains.
Join Marvel: New Dawn now!
Note: We have a lot of Marvelous Roleplaying channels to you to Enjoy with. It's all open! We have great Organization, Set of Rules, Roles to select, And a lot of Character slots Available! Please, Don't be toxic if you do indeed join the Server. Make some friends! Maybe even Best Friends! So Come on in, Marvel: New Dawn.
is a wonderful server full of great people and a lot of fun. Discussing about movies, comics, and everything else that is comic related. we are sure we won't allow harassment in our server. we will have a great time having a few laughs here and there. but mostly we come together to talk about our favorite characters in the comic book community :) PS: we are not apart of a RP community.
Welcome to My Hero Academia : Life Beyond! This is a MHA Roleplaying server founded 11/18/2018, dedicated to creating a fun and immersive environment that expands on the universe of MHA further! This roleplay is based 110 years after the events of MHA!
DC: Reborn

This is a Semi-Literate, and realistic server built around DC Universe! Built around it's own stories, yet we still try to keep things as canon as we can, with some freedom of choice. We also allow the Greek Mythology side of DC, and are interested in exploring the Amazonian aspects. We even allow Demigods and other such characters as possibilities. On top of that, we've also included the Heaven and Hell side of DC, as well as some Vertigo stuff.


In this server, we strive to bring a fun, and friendly experience to those who wish to be a part of our growing community. We have a very friendly, and equally helpful Staff Team that keeps things running smooth.


We are always looking for people to fill our ranks, and be a part of something legendary in their own right! Below you find examples of what you will find here:

-Ability to claim Canon Characters, and join iconic factions.
-Freedom to create OCs.
-Many, many locations based on DC.
-Friendly, and helpful Staff Team.
-Mature, and chill community. Void of toxicity.


So if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the DC Universe, come on in and forge your legend! The Presence is watching.

It all started in an alternate universe, when Doctor Octopus, retaking his mantle as Superior Octopus, along with his Sinister Six comprised of Mysterio, Rhino, Electro, Sandman, and Speed Demon, succeeded in exploding multiple weapons set up around the world, the weapons known as “venom bombs". A rather self-explainatory weapon, the venom bomb detonates to release the symbiote as a byproduct, potentially turning anyone within its blast radius into venom-like creature, lest they have the will to resist it. The symbiotes quickly overran the planet, and naturally began hunting those who would seek to oppose the symbiotic takeover, **the Resistance**, as well as slaughtering world leaders, both military and political. The Resistance, comprised of both former heroes and villains, they fight against their old allies or are forced to join. With this army of both civilian and superhuman symbiotes under his control, Superior Ock and the Sinister Six rose into power. Each member took a continent, as well as multiple powered symbiotes; Speed Demon took Australia, Sandman took Africa. Rhino took over South America, Mysterio chose to reign over Europe, and Electro was put in charge of Asia, leaving Doctor Octopus in charge of North America. Now, the heroes must rise up to take down the armies of symbiotes that flood the streets, take down the sinister despots one by one and restore order to a world conquered by... **The Venom Bomb**.
Welcome to Mathew's World of Supers! This is a fun server where we have superhero Roleplay going on, following a Season basis. And if that's not for you we have a fun and happy community where you can chat to your hearts content! So come on, join us and have fun! 😁
Nexus Earth. Known as the Hub Earth in Nexus Universe where a Wormhole opened up that caused many problems for the planet. That wormhole has since been put in stasis by a satellite branch of the Multiverse Agency seeking to keep balance. That was 5 years ago. Recently being have been getting ripped from their universes all across the Multiverse and are being dropped onto the planet's 8th continent and no on yet knows why. Will you be someone who seeks the truth behind the myster? Will you be someone who decides to make a new life here? Or.. will you use this opportunity for villainy? As either someone who's been displaced or are native to the planet, this is for you to decide.

Welcome to Nexus Earth.


Server details:
-18+ Only
-Multi-Para and up only
-Rich Lore with detailed locations
-World Building as the story progresses
-Helpful staff
-NSFW Channels available
-OCs and Canon characters welcome
-Primarily PVE
-PTK Server


[Disclaimer: This server is an 18+ Only server that caters more to the Multi-Paragraph and Up style roleplayers. If you don't fall into this category you may want to look elsewhere as the posting requirements are non-negotiable. The server also has NSFW and some ERP elements so if this bothers you, once more I would suggest you continue scrolling for an RP Server that's more to your liking. Additionally the server is primarily PVE as the server caters more to character development and story; though PVP can happen. If you're good with what you've read so far continue on below and hop into the server. Otherwise, i'd suggest you continue browsing servers.]
So many servers that revolve around fantasy stuff but not enough heroes and villains. Why don't you relive your childhood and revive that superhero you used to draw in your spare time to role play with many others?

Welcome to our server: Antagonistic Heroes! Where you have the option of creating your hero or a super villain to save/destroy our cities. Yay! We're still a new server and was literally made in a day, but we're welcoming new members! Not too many roles at the moment, but please have fun here.

We have:
-Active Staff
-About five fictional cities to explore
-Pictures of possums from yours truly
-Awesome channels
-And so much more~!

-There will be some subject matters that get dark.
- If you're not one for violence then this server probably isn't for you.

*Thanks for reading! Hope you join us sooner or later!

This server is a Marvel AU (We also allow DC Canons and OCs) in which you can make an OC, or claim a canon character! We allow heroes from Daredevil, to Iron Man, villains from some random thug, to Doc Doom. Also, we have a memes channel!
This server is a roleplay server focused on a world with aliens, demons, monsters, superhumans, and just some normal humans! Admins are active and easy to contact.

In order to roleplay you have to post your character and get it approved, but you probably only have to wait a few seconds for that.

We have a lot of variety, I mean, we have a talking psychic cat and an 8 foot tall alien, there's a lot. You can make any character you want as long as it's not overpowered or anything. There's no character limit, and your OC can be any species you want. As long as it's not completely stolen, you can use an OC from a roleplay you've done before.

You don't HAVE to roleplay at all times, there are servers for talking, bots, info, and most importantly, MEMES!
After the reveal of the Marvel's avengers game by Square Enix we decided to make a RP Server set in the MGU(Marvel Game Universe this includes: Marvel's Avengers and Spider-Man PS4) for everyone who can't wait for the reveal! Join us to RP or just chat with other fans of the game