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STEP OUT! This is my one and only Stray Kids Fandom Discord Server!

A place where you can:
-> chat,
-> have fun events,
-> listen to music,
-> customize your nickname with Stray Kids' recent and previous concept colours,
-> learn more about Stray Kids' members along with their ships,
-> and get updates on what our boys have been up to.

What makes this server a little different from others, is that we STAY care for each other very much in this server, as a family.

We look forward to you joining this community a.k.a family, and we guarantee that you will have fun here.
Welcome to Stray Kids!

♡ | All Stay are welcome!
♡ | A friendly place with friendly staff for you to enjoy!
♡ | Fun activities every week!
♡ | Self-assignable roles!

And many, many more!
Feel free to join my server. It's my first server so I'm still figuring out how to do everything.
This server is for k-pop fans who want to talk, roleplay, make friends and more.
welcome to the STAYS server !
for fans of the kpop group Stray Kids from all around the world to chat !!
whether you're a new stay or have been with skz since the beginning, we hope you have a fun time here !
・this server is dedicated to Stray Kids so the discord server is stray-kids related. but, we encourage and support other kpop groups and idols.

・please enjoy your time here in this community, feel free to invite your friends to the server, it would be appreciated for the server to grow
A fairly new Stray Kids server 💕

- real time Stray Kids updates!
- fun events!
- a new theme every month!
- a fun loving community who welcome everyone!

Been curious about Stray Kids? Are you a hardcore STAY? Never heard of Stray Kids and just want a fun server to chat in?

This server is for you! Join us and become apart of our lovely family 💙
just youtube, instagram, vlive and twitter updates for the 4 groups.

hello and welcome to k-playground!
we are a new kpop-based server!
━━━━━━ ✦ ━━━━━━━
。・:・゚【🍡】what we offer;
``🍰``┊updates on your favorite k-pop groups!
``🍦``┊fun games & events!
``🍰``┊friendly staff & members!

━━━━━━ ✦ ━━━━━━━
。・:・゚【🍊】join today and have a lot of fun!
welcome to my playground.

━━━━━━ ✦ ━━━━━━━ careful on the swings!
Join our server!
Where we support newer or older kpop groups that don't have much recognition! We even offer a channel where you can talk about popular artists if you really wanted to.

We offer -
❤ 50+ self-assignable kpop roles for boy groups, girl groups, co-ed groups and solo artists!
❤ 10 different colour roles!
❤ Access to the latest news in kpop

This server is still under development too, we also plan on doing events where you win personalized roles PLUS my messages are open so if you have any suggestions or you want a special role don't hesitate to message me!
a server for STAYs to interact! updating bio soon
We're a small but growing server, dedicated to the South Korean boy group Stray Kids! We hope you decide to join us ♡
° . • ° ☆ .° • * welcome to skz dorm! * • °. ☆ ° • . °

we're a new server on discord mostly focused on Stray Kids.
at the moment we are a very small community hoping to grow more in the near future.

we will provide you with
stray kids updates,
a bunch of bots,
two friendly owners,
a level system with mee6.

in addition to all of that we're also an rp server, where the staff is roleplaying as each member!
Hi👋 Welcome to stray kids server! You can meet other people and hangout!
Hope you will join💕🌙
A cord for all Lee Know stans!
On the server, we have sweet and helpful staff and we're always up for having lots of fun and chatting with everyone!
We discuss Stray Kids and of course Lee Know. Why don't you join? We're waiting for you!<3
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.
➸ welcome to stray kids central!
we are a small, sfw server based around the underrated group, stray kids, but we accept anyone and everyone! if you're new to stray kids, or kpop in general, we have a channel with a brief introduction to the group and friendly people to help answer any questions!

(🌱) 50+ self-assignable roles
(🌱) reddit updates on skz
(🌱) misc. fun like pokecord, counting, and one-word story
(🌱) open to partnerships!
(🌱) korean lessons!
(🌱) lots of bots to keep you entertained
(🌱) + so much more!
annyeonghaseyo, this is a kpop multifandom server, but mainly based on bts and stray kids. we have nice staff, fun bots, and channels for many groups and soloists. we take suggestions. we're still a very small server but please enjoy, saranghae
A server dedicated to connecting Stay and making friends within our fandom. Come talk about Stray Kids, life, and school with people who share your interests.
A community for the fans of Stray Kids to come together as a family and connect with new stays, you don't even have to stan SKZ a lot, everyone is welcome uwu.
▂ ▄ ▅ welcome to stray kids! ▅ ▄ ▂°°°·.°·..·°¯°·..·kpop server based on stray kids!·..·°¯°·...

what we have available...
-new and trained staff!·..·°¯°·...
-kpop media·..·°¯°·...
-self-assignable roles·..·°¯°·...
-nsfw, vent, and opinions are allowed!·..·°¯°·...
-partnerships·..·°¯°·... dm staff!

what we offer...
-active community·..·°¯°·...
-new and improved server·..·°¯°·...

thank you for joining
STRAY KIDS!·..·°¯°·...
A friendly, but small community with over 100 channels dedicated to kpop!! The admins and mods are very friendly, I can't speak for the leader, as that is me (though I'd like to think I'm friendly)...
come join the server!! its a friendly place where you can hang out and make new friends!! whether you're new to kpop or stray kids in general or whether you just want some new friends ☆ stray kids ☆ is a place where you can just relax and be yourself! (it is a new server so please excuse a few things)
A server dedicated to 9 Korean men called Stray Kids. Come in and meet many other fans to appreciate the growing legends.
We're looking for people willing to roleplay stray kids with our many AUs we have