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A brand new server for Roleplay, based in Camp Half Blood itself! More info coming soon as the server develops.
hi! this is my friends Percy Jackson Based server come join if you like pjo or greek mythology!!!
For a RolePlay Server, ask Megara or go into the Labyrinth!
everyone is very nice and respecting
there are lessons on Greek mythology
You can just chat if u want to in the mess hall
LGBTQ+ safe space
You will not be banned due to any race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability!
A camp Half-blood RP server! We have the entire camp set up with all the cabins, we have a sister server so all the oc's can have their own channel, with up to three oc's your first couple days, than as many as you want, why wouldn't you join this great community RP today!
Welcome to Camp Fola Dia, a Native American Camp Half-Blood. Come and make a child of a deity or creature, and live out the life of a camper.
This Rp takes place in a time after Percy Jackson and The Olympians, but this where it diverges. The deities of old have come forth, bringing their own children into the light. Every day there are more Deity Children and Minor God Children revealed, with new cabins added all the time. Camp is prosperous, yet at the same time, there seems to be something lurking.. How will you fare in the world of CHB : New Generations?