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This is an open community server, dedicated to new Twitch affiliated streamer NiaWithAnN!

Hello! Are you a musician or artist? Or, just like great music? Either way welcome to the ♬ || Nia Nation discord server. Where we invite you to join us in our causal fun and music chat. Even if you aren't a musician its a great hangout spot for anyone.

We have an active Admin/Mod team always willing to assist you in anything you may need. Voice and chat channels for everyone. There's always fun happening in the Nia Nation discord. Come join in on the fun!
This is a server for people that likes to sing or play music.. You dont have to sing you can just listen to others if you want to! You can listen to others sing if you want to do that aswell.
PROD By. is a Music community server (in the makings) to bring PRODUCERS, ARTISTS, ENGINEERS & LISTENERS together in order to gain more knowledge within the music industry, gain feedback, form more bonds and relationships within the music industry, as well as learn tips & tricks to help you out.

| What we offer others don't|
➤ 1 v 1 Beat & Song Knock-Out Tournaments
➤ Weekly Beat/Song Concept Competitions
➤ Daily Articles On Sound Design, Theory, and anything prior in the Music Industry
➤ A Very Friendly & Friendly Environment To Share Music, Receive/Give Feed Back
➤ As Well As A Place To Go When You Have No One To Talk To

We offer Channels such as...
Feed-back on beats & writings

Think you've got good looks, talent, spirit, and charm? Compete for the title of Miss Universe!

♛Miss Universe is a pageant that will take place within Roblox.

♛There are friendly judges and contestants, so don't be nervous!

♛Join the contest today!

♛We are also a new server so please be kind if we have no members.

♛ Note : This is a female-only pageant but male judges are available.

Join here!-
We do a lot of events for karoke
There's a lot of chances to be staff
We have NSFW, File Access, and Staff roles
Come on in!
We are new and want some people to come and join our server we are all nice and funny and if someone says fuck you or something in a vc or chat its usually as a joke and shouldnt be taken wrong
Voice is a discord server that is a judgment free place to sing and have fun with weekly events that are determined by the members.
🎵🎶Karaoke Klub🎶🎵

Come join the party at Karaoke Klub! We offer great Karaoke/Open Mic events, great environment, talented people, and even a custom bot that lets you cheer for great performances!!

We are not your normal Karaoke server, we don't just do singing events, we also offer many giveaways to active members, games and gambling, an area to practice your skills and get feedback, and Public Auditions where the crowd gets to vote on your performance! We aren't a Karaoke Server, we are a community that loves to perform and hear music!

If you love to perform, we want to hear you! Accept the invite and join the party! See you there ;)
This server is about all talents coming together in one place to learn, thrive, and prosper in your particular area of expertise! This server is mainly based around beatboxing, acoustics, rap, and singing! We serve to help you grow at your skill, and maybe introduce you to new things such as beatboxing, acoustics, rap, singing, anime, gaming and much, much more! We will be hosting all sorts of events for all the different categories such as jams, battles, sing-offs, anime nights, Z.E.S.T.Y jam, Z.E.S.T.Y showcases and much more! We want to have a respectful, considerate, and all-round helpful community! We do not tolerate any kind of disruptive behavior!
Everyone has Talent❤️ A Discord server to hear talented people or show your Own talent On one of the shows
Hey, Welcome to Esh Beatbox Community. In this server beatboxers, singers and rappers meet, converse and improve together. our members will also try their best help anyone who is new to beatboxing, singing or rapping learn. Enjoy!
Hello! We are currently accepting 15 people to join The Voice! A competition that puts vocalists head to head to compete for vocal stardom! Do you have what it takes? Join to audition!

This server will be reverted to its original state after the first season ends. [Back to Coffee Shop Open Mic]
A server focused on music and general talking. You may join as a performer or a listener, all are welcome
Here you can come and sing and win rewards from karaoke, for right now it’s just Roles until I get more things to give away! Join us today, hiring mods and admins. First 10 people in the server are helpers.