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our server is a small sever that was made for the many people in the geometry dash community who want to collab on short notice. There is a general chat for normal talk about normal things. (like how its impossible to get over 3% on bloodbath)
This is a brand new server and we would appreciate if you would come take a look, there are two owners, very laid back and we are hoping to build a friendly community
1. Respect everyone.
2. Respect Staff and special roles.
3. So not send links of other discord servers.
4. If there is a problem with your permissions, example: (you have the permission to @ everyone). Please report to me, Owners or Admins to help you.
5. Raids will get you banned and the security will increase.
6. If there is any fights please report to staff.
7. Post links and pictures in appropriate channels.
8. No members under 12 years old
9. Have fun!
Not alot to follow :3
Brand New server that's all bout different erp scenarios that can happen to an oc, the first few people who join will get to be mods (tho I will watch da new mods).
This is a new discord server that is looking staff members. This is server is looking for new games channels to add.
Hello this is my very small server! if you join, my heart will explode. anyone is welcome~ :)
”Hey, welcome to Who We Are! Glad that you’re here. The dream for this place is that it becomes a sort of home to people and even has places for people with various talents to show their work! Come along and make friends or just share your work! The owners are pretty chill as long as you don’t cause fights. We offer support for those in need as well. Hope to see you there!”
Desolated Dying Space Reawakening Roleplay is a Brand new Roleplay server that you can have custom characters From any TV show, Games, Movies, Comics.. etc there are so many earths that you can explore and places to explore, there's bots for games and for people who love some things like Pokemon, we are serious with role playing but there are sometimes hilarious role playing, we are trying to get maximum fun and any suggestions to improve on things in the future like adding more places to go in roleplaying just say and suggest, we like to have a bit of fun and joke around (we do not tolerate any bullying, threatening, hurting people out of role play and general hate is again not tolerated) hope you enjoy your fun and hope to see you guys and girls soon
Hey There! Welcome to 1987!
We're a chill community that's focused on Pokecord
We hope to be able to become a great server with an awesome community

Here's what you'll find here at 1987 😄
🎈 Pokecord
🎈 Giveaways
🎈 Events
🎈 Amazing Community
🎈 Fun Bots
🎈 And hopefully, you!
Come Check Us Out! We'd Love To Have You Aa Our Members!

Hello! We are Overwatch RP, a Brand new RP me and my friend decided to make, we are currently starting to build ourselves up and are accepting partners, all people welcome! We ask that you do not grief/spam here, it will be an instant ban. Being a new community, we are gathering up new members so we can grow and become a great RP where all of us can have fun! Hope to you see you here, bye for now!
Welcome to The Raven Cave.
A server dedicated to educated/philosophical discussion, and self improvement. We provide a loving family-like atmosphere, support for your work, a nerdy community. Open to members and suggestions. We hope our raven family can grow!~
Hello everyone, my name is Ikuze, the owner of YuGiOh! Worldwide. I made this server because I wanted to be able to meet a lot of different people as well and grow as a person myself by meeting new people from all across the globe, hence the name "Worldwide." This server has multiple channels for almost all of the major countries and languages. For example, we have a Japanese Chat, Italian, Spanish, German, and Chinese. Those are just a few examples of what I have so far and I will continue to expand the server and add more chats and languages to allow more people to join from smaller countries and hopefully, still feel comfortable.
Brand new discord server need as much help as possible. This will be a Community and gaming server where u can find people to play with or just chill around. Join now and help!
Help find a server name please.