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Growth in our clan is what we love to see but having fun while interacting and playing games is what we’re known for!
hey gamerz, welcome to IGD. here we play games on all the mainstream consoles and of course pc. we play a variety of games including Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League, io-games, Valorant, RSS, League of Legends, and CSGO. We have recently converted from io-games to a more wide variety of games.
Want to join a fun sea of thieves community? Join our server, we can help new players and provide a good gaming environment with active members (we do not allow children)
A general gaming community for all ages, skill levels and platforms. We also have a couple of game servers for active members of our Discord server.
Looking for fun and adrenaline rushing Minecraft worlds? Well this server is just for you. We have diffrent roles, memes, music etc. We are focused on the bedrock edition of the game. We are trying to grow are server so more and more people can play at a time, and you can always have someone to play with. We hope you enjoy your stay!
A new gaming server for any game
(except fortnite) and platform.
Hosting on any platform like console, pc and mobile.
Anyone is able to host if they have they have the hosting role
We'll also be hosting events
Also partnering with other servers
We've expanded to include multiple platforms for people to reach out to all their friends and play together.
Howdy! Welcome to the Aviary!
A gaming server dedicated to the cross platform MMO game called Sky: Children of the Light!

We got:

-cool bots
-a friendly and inclusive community!
-a section for roleplay (and tupperbox for said rp)!

The server is still new so it is a bit barren, but hopefully we can build it up together! See you there!
-----------------hello random stranger, thank you for taking the time to read this brief description-----------------

Our server specialises in cross platform gaming for everyone to play. Main games we focus on Cod, Minecraft, rocket league and rainbow six siege but games of all games are welcome.
We have:
-friendly staff and members
-nice community (growing)
-first event at fifty members
-cool bots

We may be small, but we’re a tight-knit group of gamers just trying to find others like us
A server dedicated to connecting Utah locals. we are generally accepting of people from other places as well. We have lots of fun roles and verified discord bots to play with.
welcome to 🆈🅴🅴🆃 🅵🅸🅴🅻🅳 our server.
you are more that welcome to join but just follow the rules and listen to the admins.
this is a new server and we wud like to get more admins. (we only give admin to the people we really trust)
and if you are a friend of a owner youll get that owners sepcial friend role

join if you want to.
(one of the co-owners is really horny and hes called redex)(not really)
A simple minecraft server that is cross-platform (this means bedrock). We play later at night on the large server. You are more than welcome to start your own little servers with other members as well. If you are here to meet other minecrafters you are more than welcome. We are brand new and friendly. Please be mature and not a kill joy, we like to joke around and tease.
We provide support and hosting for the classic game Wolfpack Empire. If you have questions just join us!

If you're looking to play new titles or hunting for a established community then come on in! We're primarily an 18+ community with NSFW dedicated channels and minigames in the server.

Minecraft Server Java Edition: Spigot
Name: Slay Gaming
Server Address:
If you are interested in joining us and taking on roles to help with the Minecraft server just contact @TTV-Nemoclown and @Yesabella .
✨Welcome to Pachimari Lounge✨

We are a small and growing overwatch community based server!

As we gain more members, our server will grow and improve with it. Currently we offer:

☀️ Roles catering to your role in game, placement, and your own hobbies!

🌱 Many VCs for you to game in, stream, or just chat!

💫 There are art, meme, and overall community channels for you to express yourself in!

🍓 A game finder to help you find the perfect team!

🌟 Music bot...

💙 And more! Please suggest or help us grow our server. We are currently looking for staff or simply active members!
Were a chill server and would like some people to join and help each other out as well as make new friends whilst having fun. We would also like some people to help us out expanding the server as at the moment we are wanting some help. If your Chill or willing to help out then come and join us! We would love to see this community thrive and make friends and play together.
The Imperial Russian Federation is a Monarchy gaming clan that will become a very large sprawling community and virtual nation. We are new and only have 1 member (me) currently! We plan to have a Political System and play for fun casual or competitive.
Do you want to join a clan of players of different skill levels. Playing solo and need friends? X-Dojo is perfect for you. With a team of helpful Management. Competitive scrim/customs teams and standard looking for group posts. This server invites people to enjoy playing Fortnite. We allow all platforms and this includes the Switch. We consist of mainly switch players on most servers. Please join today and get your belt!

[Click here]( to join!
This a a community where you can talk about your favorite games and advertise your grx/vfx work and you can also advertise your clan but you can also meet up with new people and have a good time
Haven Scrims is a Discord server for Fortnite scrims. You can interact with the community and find others to play with! We host scrims for NA East players. All platforms are welcome!