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I thought it might be a good idea to get the online USNSCC community together in one place. So I made a discord server. Come hang out and chat about anything Sea Cadets related! Even if you're not a Sea Cadet you are welcome here!
The Royal Naval Air Service is a proud branch of the Royal Navy and member of the British Armed Forces. We fly to protect the British land and her allies and welcome new members to do so as well.
The U.S.S. Hampton SSN 767 is one of the mainstream Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine stationed at San Diego. Come join our growing crew and help serve you're country. You'll be part of the best, the submariners of the U.S. Navy.
A fun discord server with a WIP custom discord bot to fly through the ranks and complete fun and well-thought-out questions to answer to complete the mission.
A fun role-play servers with private channels so you can chat to your friends privately. Join to become part of an awesome community and embark on adventures together and at the same time help us find peace in the world!
All welcome!
Join us in the Ashes of the Empire! We take place right after the Battle of Endor when Imperial splinter factions arose. Create or join a faction and take over the galaxy!
A community for former and current military members worldwide as well as youth military groups.
The USS H.W. Bush is a Carrier Commissioned in 2009. We are simulating some fictional conflicts so nothing will be 100% accurate. We also have some planes that have been fictionally redesigned for carrier use. Be ready(Don't get triggered at me it isn't 100% accurate)If you don't make a character within 48 hours of joining you will be randomly placed.
Science Fiction / Military RP, set in the year 2988, Earth Survived a large scale invasion by a multi-galaxy spanning force known as the Khix Coalition. With the help of Xandau, Th'Vellian's, Kress and other species, who rebelled against the Khix alongside humanity, the planet was freed. Now, Humanity and many races are on their way through space, liberating once owned land from the Khix Coalition. Aboard the Hanamura, embark on a quest to free the galaxy from the threat of the Khix Coalition. Meet other fellow characters and progress to new heights of camaraderie and work together to settle a score long in the waiting.

We also are recruiting GM's.

Most characters are accepted.

Progression is a must, don't join hoping to start very high up.

Also, remember this is sci-fi, don't feel limited to real life stuff!
Admiral Renais Navy
Who are we?
I'll start off by introducing myself, I'm Admiral Renai-Aryu, the founder and leader of this server. I made this server originally as a Navy Hideout for all the navy-nerds and people who like the navy. Now, we still are a nay-based server but we integrated into an Anime Navy-based Server. We have many different chats and categories to suit every ones needs and we hope to grow into a fairly large server that does giveaways and stuff.
I hope you enjoy your stay here, and have a great day!
**We offer:**
-An NSFW channel
-Various channels to suit your needs
-Friendly staff
-mee6, rhythm, and other gaming bots
-anime/waifu bot
-special roles, ranked roles, future giveaways.
**Looking for Staff!!**
**Looking for Parteners and Members!!**
We're a community of icons who support Rihanna together. Join to be able to meet more people and join The Navy!

↦ Rihanna Pictures!
↦ Rihanna Updates!
↦ Events
↦ Tons of Rihanna related roles!
↦ Overall chill environment for the navy to hang out in.
The oceans are large, and they are free to explore well currently they are. In Navy Battle Roleplay you'll be able to fight your way across the oceans using ships from across history, U-boats, destroyers and many more types of ship to choose from you can join a crew with your friends or fight alone.
This server allows you to destroy navy ships, patrol and show dominance. This semi-serious RP also allows for comedic conversations between fleet leaders.
A server for all service members around the world, including law enforcement and those simply interested in joining or discussing about the military.