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⚡ Advanced 1v1 system
⚡ Ranks / queue / fast bot
⚡ Join Now
Wenn ihr glaubt bereits alles zu kennen, schaut einfach mal bei uns vorbei. Wir beweisen euch das Gegenteil:

• 2 Musikbots.

• Rangsystem das von unseren hart arbeitenden Admins in schweißtreibender Arbeit mühsam eingeführt wurde.

• TTT Server für männliche Rivalitäten.

• Übersichtlich sinnlose Channel-Aufteilung.

Ihr glaubt mir nicht? Überzeugt euch selbst!

✦ Fun
✦ Active
✦ Gamers
✦ Bots, Including music and economy bots
✦ Social hangout
✦ Partnerships

Join us now using this permanent link!
This server is for anyone who enjoys kind members, writing and preforming music, a plentiful amount of fun activities.

🥔welcome everyone!🥔

This server is pretty much a safe place for any potato (person) to come and enjoy themselves through conversation, games and so much more! ❤

We would like to thank everyone who has joined and would love to create lasting memories/relationships with you no matter who you are or what you like.

As a potato, it's your choice to either be lazy and chill on the couch, or to climb those ranks for custom roles and so much more! Who will be the strongest potato? Only time will tell! 🏆

Thank you! We hope you enjoy your stay on the couch!

A server made to broaden our horizons and meet new people on discord. There is not much rule wise but if we find you annoying you will be banned.
A currently small server that needs members to join so it can grow. Offers all kinds of channels for conversation, gaming, scientific talk, memes, gaming voice comms etc. We also have member ranks to operate flawlessly as a community, rythm music bot and unbelieavaboat. For info contact Maxemor at, or send an email at [email protected]
This is just another small discord server to socialize, have fun, and make new friends. We hang out, share art, play games, and more!

Wanna change colors? The more you chat, the closer you'll reach the top!


❤ New roleplay channels added to the server!

🧡 Everyone has the freedom to express their ideas to expand the server even further

💛 Share art and mess around with the bots!

💚 Commands to grant and take away access to NSFW channels

💙 Change a new color every 10 levels!

💜 Everyone here is considered royalty, despite their social class and status


I hope you join us, Aqua's server of royalty awaits your arrival!

This server welcomes anybody and anything that wants to join!
You can chat, play games, get rad art and stories and goof off here. Make yourself at home and earn trust of the Janitor who is possibly the worst person to run a server ever.
You will get different roles with progress! Which is:
All the roles are given by hand, by the Janitor.
A small military gaming group, mostly for mobile games for the time being. Having different divisions for each game, and we are always taking suggestions. You don't have to be in the server for long to get NCO rankings, just show me your game stats.
WELCOME TO THE PICKLE CLAN!!! Pickle greets yuo and recruits you to join I pickle to take over the world!!!!
Join the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA today! We are open to all loyal comrades!
All new members of the server begin as the role of Keith. Through hard work and the building of a reputation amongst the Derek community, you can work your way up through the ranks - progressing past the Mega Keith's and the bosses - to reach the prestigious Official Derek status.

All true gamers welcome. If you don't join, you're literally unepic. Unless you're a streamer, in which case, you're banned.

zoek jij een server vol muziek, leuke events en gezellige mensen?
Join dan YourFavouritePlaylist!

Hier kan je genieten van de leukste Events, Playlist(en) en Gezelligheid

Wat kan je allemaal in onze server;
ChooseYourSide; elke dag een poll waarbij je jou keuze kan maken.
GuessThePicture; je krijgt een ingezoomd plaatje te zien, jij moet raden wat het is.
BlackStories; er is een raadsel dat je moet oplossen door ''Ja'' en ''Nee" vragen te stellen.
Pokecord; Pokemon op discord.
KaraokeZondag; 1 zondag in de maand 1 uur gekkigheid en kut muziek!
GameNight; 1 dag in de maand een uur een leuke planning van (gratis) spellen.
YFPawards; Stem per lid op de award wie je die gunt!
Join Overwatch Legends! We are a friendly Overwatch community that hosts competitions against each other and offer various prizes if you win! We also give roles depending on what level you are and also if you are bored you can find someone to play with!
NOTE: We accept people who are any level, however to enter a competition you must be level 25+
Introduction - Welcome to the Server or Group named "Degenerates".

In this server/group, you will find people to talk to/communicate, have fun, listen to music or other, post or find memes, fun Discord Bots to use, you will find a ranking bot, meme bot, music bot, a NSFW bot, and more!!

This server Degenerates was made by @MeanKillerBee or @Owner.

Expect to see dramatic changes to this server in the near future. The changes will depend by its high authority members and feedback from the people. There will also be polls/votes for unforced changes. Forced changes are changes that are made by members with High Authority and without the need of a vote by the people.

People with High Authority are people that are very trusted or are people that know @MeanKillerBee irl.
Online people can't get much trust, @MeanKillerBee has already seen the trouble that trust on online people can cause when given power or High Authority, expect to not even get admin perms in your entire life.

Purpose/Vision - The server's purpose is to connect everyone in a form that hasn't been done before, connect exactly everyone with no objections. Everyone can be accepted and not objected. That is the server' purpose. This server might exist and continue on for months or years to finally make its purpose a reality, not a dream or something imaginable. Some members might not accept this server's purpose, so just ignore them, the world must experience peace for its first time, 100% peace is almost impossible but can be done, we just need the will of everyone to risk everything for peace.
Join Pokeverse for all of your pokemon content!
- Pokecord
- Pokedex
- Reputation Ranks
- Friendly and welcoming environment
Sword Coast Mordhau RP, DND, Multiple Guilds, and Regiments.
Disclaimer: This is not a group made for depression, we just thought the name would have like a ‘sad aesthetic’. We are all friends here. Sometimes we play games, listen to music, etc... We have a kpop only channel for kpop talking and sending pictures. There’s a nsfw channel as well. We are online most of the time, so you can text us so we can play, talk, etc..
Join here to rp and chill talk with friends (eat humans to live)
This is a roleplay server, we hope that you will enjoy it. It's about crime fighting while also being in school.
Welcome to our army!!! come along and have fun and rank up, we have a ranking system where you get more perms the more you talk in the server. not only do we have friendly staff and people to talk to, this server allows you to send ALL the memes you want unless it is child pornography or gore, that is not needed in this server. but from dad jokes to dark humor its basically allowed. so have fun when you want to join this server!!!
A Military rp, that takes place in its own world. Times were once peaceful. Everyone was happy, kids were playing in the yards. No one had anything to fear until two countries found a spot in the once beautiful ocean, running with rich oil. These two countries were Republic of Krieg and Republic of Canngo. They have made many threats to each other, and many compromises have been rejected for the exchange of the oil. These two countries have been fighting for years over oil and land. Later on after many bloody battles and life taking wars, Krieg and Canngo are at a stalemate, which stopped the fighting for now. They both are keeping there eyes out for whoever makes a step in anyway, while they also plan to make that very step. It all depends on these two countries, or will one make it out alive or will both parish in flames.

- Active Server
- 24/7 Staff
- U.S. Military System
- Actual Ranks
- Army
- Marine Corps
- Air Force
- Special Forces
- Missions
- Training
- Jobs
- Currency/Pay

Make sure you check us out!!