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hey all welcome to the the Fxllen seraph official discord server, join us and I can guarantee you wont be disappointed, We play many different games like R6 and CS:GO, we have teams to play in scrimmages and tournaments in those games too, I hope you join us for an amazing time.
Hi im Finding members to my community
Bots that will help you:)
Much more

I hope you join to my community

We are a chill community who really like to play among us! Join for some fun matches on among us and chill interactions! Anyone is welcome regardless of age! We hope to see you there!
- Among Us Dedicated Server : English Only
- Looking for Moderators
- Premium Dank Memer Server
- Robbing and Heists DISABLED
- Ranks and Leveling
- PokeMeow channels
Steamaway is a giveaway server where they hold free to join giveaways, with no condition at all.
Giveaways contain Steam game keys, Discord Nitro and server points, which can be turned into various other stuff.

-Have fun :)
Solve ARG-style puzzles and get points! Move up the ranks of puzzlers! And of course there isn't any ȗ̶̀n̸̂̾ď̴͒e̴̍̅r̴̓͂l̴̏̃y̸̐͊ì̵̱ǹ̴̙g̵͐̃ ̶͐̎m̴͂̃ă̵͛s̵̛̀t̵̔̒e̵̽̒r̵̛̔p̵͌͝l̴͆̎ȃ̷́n̷͑̈́ or anything, why on earth would you think that?
ChillZone is a discord server with many social and gaming channels, a uprising server with many games and fun things such as: movie channels, music and more.
This server is an all in one family-friendly community which means Chatting, Gaming, and Memes are all in Edextory Network. The main topic of this server is Minecraft!
--><--Welcome to Anime Vex!--><--

This server is all about Anime!
- Post Memes
- Rank up
- Introduce yourself
- Manga
- Anime Art
- Recommendations
- Reviews
- Giveaways

We are a new server, updates will be made in the coming weeks to keep improving the server. I love anime and want to talk to others who do too!

Chaos Crew is a group of 3 streamers who want to bring people together! This is our community! We are open to anyone and everyone! If you meet certain criteria within our server, you can get special roles, and we have a leveling system too!
LGBTQ Kingdom, the true Kingdom of LGBTQ+
I know what you´re thinking.
We are not just another LGBTQ server,
We are more, true pure and special.
- Divine -
The LGBTQ+ Kingdom is a friendly and safe haven for all ages starting at 13+.
You can hang out here, just look around, advertise, participate in games and giveaway, contests, and much more. Please see the attachment below.
Founded 2019 24th of December.

We offer:


-Art and writing including contests!


-A friendly community!



-A lot of fun bots including marriage.

-Advertisements and partners!

-Self Assignable roles!


-Trained and friendly staff!

-NSFW section

-Manual verification

-Many fun other events

-And a LOT more!
Welcome to Community Hangout
Our server is dedicated to chatting with other people, making friends, and just having a good time!
Our server includes the following:
Earnable/Self Roles!
Many channels to talk in!
Captcha Verification on entry to prevent Bot Spam.
Friendly community
24/7 moderation to keep a postitive community
Growing community
Lenient staff members.
Bear in mind that the server isn't always active, but with your help, it can be!
This is a roleplay server (kinda), we give roles that you have to earn just how much you have chatted. And how long you have been in the server, you can Apply for higher rank by dm to a clearance [1-2]
We have a growing community with awesome things!

- Bots
- Chats
- Ranks
- Music
and more!

Join now to be a member of our community and to help it grow!
Welcome to Otaku Gamers, where you can come to chill, hangout, be a nerd, and talk about anime. We also have a ranking system depending on someone’s activity. We have events, and other fun things such as game nights
Hey! This is Panda! It’s a chatting gaming server! Where you can have friends and talk to others and meet new people while all having the same interests!

This is a community based server focused on games and vibing. Daily activity promises highly rewarding ranks and fresh content.
If you're interested in a community that is actually welcoming and made up of unique personalities,
Join Now, there's no sense in delaying.

The server provides you with:
• various channels to keep you entertained -> customize the server layout for yourself!
• gaming announcements + news + gaming screenshots
• anime announcements + news + anime feedback
• over 40 emotes to make the chat lively and filled with expression
• nadeko-bot
• a welcoming community
• self-assignable roles
• amazing staff
• mental health support
• LGBTQ+ support

Need help?
Ping any of our staff members and they will make sure to solve your problem as quickly as possible.
By you joining, you are making the server 2% better! In return, we are giving you an active community with many channels and fun; challenging games! With more information after you join, you wont regret it!
This is a server in building highly revolved around the pokemon bot: myuu. This server introduces a new kind of ranking system where you can gain points and ranks as you battle. There is also a elite 4 system and a champion system. JOIN NOW!!!
Aquarion Network is a new "company" that is hosting 2 game servers one fivem server and one unturned server. This is the discord for the Unturned server. Join and you will be nice greetly
Join The realm of Darkness!!! We have many bots to play games with. Have fun with all our members. Climb up in the ranks to unlock new commands and channels. Join us and let’s have some fun!