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💥ART COMPETITION IN PROGRESS! Join us now to enter, we need as many entries we could get!💥

This is just another small discord server to socialize, have fun, and make new friends. We hang out, share art, play games, and more!

Wanna change colors? The more you chat, the closer you'll reach the top!


❤ New roleplay channels added to the server!

🧡 Everyone has the freedom to express their ideas to expand the server even further

💛 Share art and mess around with the bots!

💚 Commands to grant and take away access to NSFW channels

💙 Change a new color every 10 levels!

💜 Everyone here is considered royalty, despite their social class and status


I hope you join us, Aqua's server of royalty awaits your arrival!

We have many bots to mess around with, we also have nice and friendly staff and the server is well managed, we do have an NSFW chat, also there are many roles you can easily earn in this server one is for how long you have been in the server that goes from the time you join to a whole year! :3
and the other is you leveling up with bots and you can also earn them in giveaways! hope to see you join!! <3
p.s. we have many emojis almost 100 so there are many for nitro users but no global emojis :( sorry
Hey there Gamers!
Welcome to Gamers Hotspot
Our Discord server is new so of course we don't have to many people in it. I'm hoping we can build a big community of a wide variety of gamers. Our discord gives you an option to choose a role which will let everyone else know what platform you play on. We do have bots to keep you entertained when you are not gaming. Our community is small but I hope you join and help us grow and improve overtime!
The Void Hub, A place where you, the gamers, can find other like-minded people and share things you all have in common. We host regular giveaways, we are friendly and inviting. If you're looking for somewhere to hang out then come on by.

* Custom bot (Void Bot) to manage everything
* Unique captcha verification system, rules acceptance
* Time-based ranks - Veteran Rewards
* Currency ranks - Veteran Rewards
* Donator ranks - Donor Rewards
* Discord games
* Frequent giveaways and events for each tier of rank

Disclaimer: If you join, type the captcha image to the bot itself, then accept the rules. We are a new community, be forgiving.

🥔welcome everyone!🥔

This server is pretty much a safe place for any potato (person) to come and enjoy themselves through conversation, games and so much more! ❤

We would like to thank everyone who has joined and would love to create lasting memories/relationships with you no matter who you are or what you like.

As a potato, it's your choice to either be lazy and chill on the couch, or to climb those ranks for custom roles and so much more! Who will be the strongest potato? Only time will tell! 🏆

Thank you! We hope you enjoy your stay on the couch!

__________ ςђค๓קเ๏ภ'ร гєรt ___________
☼ Growing community
☼ SMITE Veterans and New Players
☼ Ranked and Custom matches
☼ Internal brackets
☼ Professional Server
☼ Friendly Server
☼ Female Leader
⟖=======Join Today=======⟕
⟖===GTc Member Count:31===⟕
Welcome to our Server GTc! Here we welcome everyone to be part of our family. We are a gaming group that uses a ranking system close to that of a military system. Though we aren't much of a Military RP group we like yo use this better then calling people "Admin" and "Mods" and it s quite rewarding to gain a rank every so often. GTc calls it's self an Empire of Darkness and our symbol is a wolf to show our pact as a family just like a wolf pack that would stick together. So if you got what it takes to join us than hell come try.
We are a small Community and we would like to grow! Welcome to Yoshi's House where you can communicate and have fun with other
Juztiz' Justice - a yuri-centric server, although we offer space for casual and off-topic talks as well.
You can level up and gain new ranks (with neat colours) by it and text with chill people!
Join for the yuri, for the weeby, or for Hanebado.
A Soviet Rp and more discord server. Got all ranks for army, Airforce, Navy. Many regiments like 5th Spetsnaz Brigade, VDV and KSSO. We offer rp and many other things. Full ranking system and medals. Open to all ideologies
**The Harmonious Dwellers**

**The Harmonious Dwellers** was created on 22/12/18 by Genuine Disgust. Here, we allow you to:

In this server, you can

✓ Advertise your own server!
✓ Make new friends, or play with them!
✓ Use different bot commands! (adding more bots)
✓ Self promotion! (like advertising your own Discord server!)
✮ and much more! ✮

We also have:

✓ Of course, bots!
✓ Friendly staffs! (we will hire staffs soon!)
✓ Ranks that can be earned through giveaways or by yourself! **yourself!**
✮ and much more! again! ✮

Here, we are glad you will be one of us. We are just a little server soon to grow and rise.
We want to hear your opinions and suggestions about the server.
Like seriously, we are just small starting from scratch.

We wish you to have a good day, and thank you.

~Owner, Genuine Disgust

Join Us! ➢
In a galaxy far far away, the Empire reigns supreme. In this exciting role play, you can be a stormtrooper and prove yourself in battle! Join a squadron and work your way up to the top! Events happen frequently featuring other servers where you can fight the rebellion, wipe out nations of sandpeople, or even team up with the bounty hunters!
Build and run your own Island on Minecraft or just join the server and meet new Minecraft players
Welcome to the Barbecue hangout!
We have a great server where you can freely talk with other guests.
This server always has a warm welcome and we also have ranks for levels!

- MEE6
- Soft rules with no heavy punishments
- Talk about anything you want (Racism, toxic, illegal and NSFW is not allowed)
- We are searching for staff!!

And way more stuff!!!

We hope to see you there (:
Gaming, Giveaways, Ranks, One hell of a time! We are an international gaming community, based in Sydney. We are a brand new server and we are hiring people who have admin and leadership experience! Immaturity is not welcomed.
just a server, made for a fun comunity, who also like ice cream!
We have a Level & Pizza Economy System on this Server that really explains itself and gives you a lot of opportunities on our Server.

By climbing the Leaderboard and Leveling Up you will gain new Ranks and Roles, which will give you access to special features and hidden channels.
Oh hello there! This is a server that is trying to grow! Please help!

We have the following:

We also have CAH/Cards Against Humanity! Join us for random games to have a great/fun/erotic/kinky/messed up time!
(We may or may not have nsfw, don’t tell your parents ;) )

That’s all folks, please enjoy your day, and make it a bit better by joining and helping us grow!
This is a fun sfw server for people to chat and have fun advertisement is allowed we will have partnered servers and more ! Also support and get C.A.S Gaming to 500 subs !
We are The Shattered Dawn and we just recently started to expand onto other games. We have a fun community and role playing for those who want to venture out on their own stories. We support all platforms and even have a server ranking system. In our server we have various miscellaneous activities for you to do and you can even contribute to the server. So if you like gaming, talking with people, and having fun then this is the place for you!

We are a friendly server where everyone belongs! :)
Join in and make your way up to the general and be the one everyone loves.
We play all games, so if you play minecraft, fortnite, csgo, dota... we don't care :)

Join us and have a good time!