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Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy! We are a semi-selective Danganronpa server set in a non-despair AU! Characters will simply be living out their school days together in harmony. Currently, we accept characters from every game except for Killing Harmony, but we are taking reserves on characters from that game. Join the server to see who's taken and to begin your application process! :)

Canon only - Literate/Semi-Literate writing format required
**Danganronpa RP**
Danganronpa RP is a small Danganronpa roleplaying server with every character across the entire series, fangames, and OCs!

**Here's what we have to offer**

* Roleplaying events!

* An active and friendly staff team who is willing to help you with anything!

* Tons of locations from the Danganronpa series to roleplay in!

* OC’s!

* Lots of bots such as Blackjack, Dank Memer, Groovy and more!

* Self assignable roles!

* Partnerships!! Message a staff member!!

* Killing games!


Our killing games have a lot of thought and participation from the staff team and the community and we would love for you to join us. However joining the killing game is 100% optional and you can casually RP instead if you choose too

“.....The culprit lunged at Yuri and attacked him! However, Yuri did not go out without a fight, Yuri fought back against our culprit, which explains the struggle at the crime scene and the culprit’s external injuries. After the crime, our culprit tried to frame Tenko, but it worked against them in the end.”

▷ **Link:**
Welcome to Druganronpa, an active Danganronpa server for discussion and roleplays. Sometimes, the roleplays are serious. Usually, they're utter crack.
Wanna join us in roleplaying hell? That's cool. Would you rather just stick around and discuss Danganronpa with us? That's cool, too. Just prepare for chaos...
You're on your way to your first day of primary school! You're excited to start off the new year as you are a Lil' Ultimate who attends the Elementary School Division of Hopes Peak Academy. But as you enter the classroom, you black out.

You wake up on the floor of room that looks like a daycare with wild windows that are scattered around the room. You see several other students with you as they slowly regain their consciousness too.

{{ Hello, hello! Welcome to my killing game. This is a killing game for Lil Ultimates between the ages of 6-12. This killing game takes place in Utah in the Fun Time Kidz Care Day Care. If you have any questions, just ask! }}
"Alright guys, so this city is supposed to be haunted or something, and I am ready to start exploring. I'll let you all know when I find something interesting."
That was the last anyone ever heard of Toka Kirishima, a famous vlogger known for his horror exploits. This was 3 weeks ago.
Now, you are brought here for various reasons, and suddenly, two kids tell you it's either kill or be killed. You don't know why this is happening or who is doing this, but one thing is for certain: you must find a way out of here, even if it takes killing someone. What will you do? It is all up to you.


Welcome to a world where Hope's Peak is a college, and all of the Danganronpa characters are just your average everyday students! With the exceptions of their Ultimates of course. A world with no Danganronpa, and no war between hope and despair. The After School Hangout club was created, which is exactly what the name implies. The clubhouse is open after school, and there's also a billboard inside for activities the members could do! These activities are basically roleplay events, so there's always something to keep you busy! This all pretty much sums it up, so now that you've got the gist of it, get out there and have fun!

We're always accepting new members! We're a warm and welcoming community that aims to provide a space for you to take a break from the killing games, meet new friends, and more! Hope you take us into consideration and enjoy your stay if you choose to join!



⟐ The server grew a lot, but don't let the large number of members intimidate you! Big servers intimidate me too, but you don't have to worry with this one. Everyone is honestly really friendly and inclusive. We always enjoy meeting new people!

⟐ You can only choose characters from THH, GD, UDG, KH, Rebirth, and Another 1 and 2!

⟐ We've recently returned from being a private server after the whole fiasco with the Discord hackers from July, and server construction.

this is a danganronpa rp server that has a normal school life rp where u get the chance to rp with any character that ur heart desires without any restrictions and we also have a Killing game with a unique story that you can participate in...
-how the killing game begins:
It's a journey that will be filled with Despair, absolute Despair.....
there is no place for such thing as "Hope" its only DESPAIR!
An announcement woke u up in the middle of an unknown room...
What happened?
What will you do?
Are you going to be safe?
What is this place?
All I can say is, you will suffer in this place....and you will wish that you've never been born.....
make sure to join us and have fun while ur at it!
After Hope Peak have been destroyed by a famous well-known actor named Aimi Ueno. The school decided to relocate themselves to a more..’safer’ environment, in which, they did. It have been 10 years since the incident, and nothing major had happened, or has it..?

This story will be changed

Only 16 students had entered this game who knows who’s going to survive.
Will you be a Survivor?
Will you be the Culprit?
Or will you become a Victim?

Stay in tune...
[This server role-play is heavily inspired by the game Danganronpa.]
welcome to hope peak, a place where you can roleplay your OCs without the stress of a killing game. the students enrolled in this academy get to live the life of a normal teenager!

as you may have guessed, this is a non-despair AU for OCs ONLY!! we do not accept AUs of canon characters, or canon characters in general.
we will be holding events and (hopefully) mod applications when we have enough people!

🦇🎃 our current theme is: Halloween! 👻💀

i hope to see you there!! :)
A Danganronpa trigger happy havoc roleplay server. that i guess exsits and stuff. it might be in progress. so you can help it and if you join i hope you have a nice time there
The world as we once knew it is gone... Mum, dad... Auntie and uncle... They’re all dead... All because of that war... I wish I said my final goodbyes... I wish I told them how much I loved them... And I wish someone told me how much I was loved before I left...

Danganronpa: Rain of Despair is set in a post World-War 3 world. After the Earth was nearly destroyed, a ceasefire was finally called thanks to the incredible group of people known as ‘Ultimates’. Finally, there was some hope for humanity...

But will that hope last after these ultimates are thrust into a rainforest and are forced to kill one another?
Kioku City.
A hive of activity, a wonderful paradise. The culture is everywhere in this pristine city!
You awake one day, in the school building that resided in the heart of the town. Something is off.... the wind feels like waves of ice, blanketing you as they hit you. The sun doesn’t shine as much as it used to. It’s all.. dead.
You awoke in a room that almost looked like a.. dorm? That couldn’t be possible. You’ve been going here as long as you can remember, and there’s been no dorms or boarding systems what so ever.. your contemplation is cut off by a loud crackle followed by a voice, piercing the silence. A monitor on the wall lights up, showing a strange silhouette.
”Pyukukukuku! It looks like you’re all awake now- deeeeelightful! The doors to your dorms will now unlock. Please proceed to the Auditorium at your eaaarrliest convenience!”
Welcome to Ketsuki Highschool! Here our wonderful headmaster would do anything to protect his students. But what happens when he’s forced to select 16 of them to be forced to kill each other?
A Danganronpa communal server! Please be respectful and in character! This server is semi-lit so at least 3+ sentences please!
Welcome to Lucifo academy where ultimates... Die!

You were handed a letter from someone adressed to your first and last name. It said your application to your dream school, Lucifo Academy, had been accepted! You jumped up with joy and could barely sleep the next night. Morning came, you got up and went to the entrance. There were 15 other ultimates there and you all were talking as you were waiting for the gates to open. A person, one of the other students, maybe, offers you all a snack, and then everything blacks out and you can't remember who it was.
A Danganronpa Roleplay! We are OC only and need 16 people to start the KG, it is set in a reality tv show our two hosts have trapped you in a killing game, we have a peaceful RP if you're waiting and regular chats!
Welcome to my server! If you have read chatfics from wattpad or ao3 or somewhere else then I'm taking that idea into discord servers where everyone can play as that character from any danganronpa game so far.

Short story; Every character has discord :)

This is a non despair AU so it's like normal everyday life for the ultimates!
Every character that is created so far is free right now, if you came late and there's no characters taken then you could stay a spectator or you could switch with someone if you both agree.
Your choices and your fun !

[ I did not add Monaca and the others but if you want them to be here then ask :D ]
:+: You wake up in a school with people the same as you, people with talents. You look around to find a robot that some find familiar. The robot claims that you are part of a killing game, the only way to escape is to murder your friend. Throughout the killing game, more people will wake up in the school, involving them in the never-ending killing game.:+:

This RP is for Danganronpa Fans everywhere, it allows anyone to join in and doesn't need silly things like apps and seasons. This is LGBTQ friendly, we all love each other.
Welcome to Danganronpa Future AU RP, a non-despair AU server where the students have now graduated from Hope's Peak and are now on their own. This can range from going to college, getting a job, or even starting a family.

Make sure to read the rules and post an intro when you're ready, or you can even spectate. Just remember to be nice and have fun!
A half destroyed office building, in the middle of a ruined city.
Your new killing school lives..

Ran by kids?

Your new headmaster of the Warriors Of Hope Killing game is Monaca,
The Lil Ultimate Homeroom.
Of course, it’s not everyday that you get kidnapped by elementary school kids, but guess you’ll have to live with it!

Come join Monaca in the new killing life,

We await your response.
(Spectating is allowed)
Welcome to the Ultimate Academy! We're a selective Danganronpa RP community focused on a Talent Swap AU! People are free to pick the talent they want for their character, as long as it's not taken! This is our gate server where you'll fill out a writing application and get a preview of our rules.

Welcome to ダンガンロンパ, a roleplay group for Danganronpa.
↬Majority of characters open!
↬This server is dedicated to SFW style LITERATE roleplay focusing on the characters from Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair, Ultra Despair Girls, and Killing Harmony. As well as any characters shown in the visual novels or anime.