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This is a danganronpa themed roleplay!
The roleplay is still starting, and apps are still opened, so feel free to join in and make new friends and have some fun!
- Many Staff members
- Amazing places to rp at
- Active members!
- Lovely people to give you a warm welcome!
- Many member based decisions
Welcome to a world where Hope's Peak is a college, and all of the Danganronpa characters are just your average everyday students! With the exceptions of their Ultimates of course. A world with no Danganronpa, and no war between hope and despair. The roleplay begins after the first month of their first year there. The After School Hangout club was created, which is pretty much a club about going out after school to have fun.

We're always accepting new members! We're a warm and welcoming community that aims to provide a space for you to take a break from the killing games, meet new friends, and more! Hope you take us into consideration and enjoy your stay if you choose to join!

Updates: The server grew a lot, but don't let the large number of members intimidate you! Big servers intimidate me too, but you don't have to worry with this one. Everyone is honestly really friendly and inclusive. We always enjoy meeting new people!

Notice: You can only choose characters from THH, GD, UDG, KH, Rebirth, and Another 1 and 2!
Taken Characters: Angie, Aoi, Celestia, Chiaki, Chihiro, Fuyuhiko, Gonta, Gundham, Hajime, Himiko, Hiyoko, Ibuki, Junko, K1-B0, Kaede, Kaito, Kirumi, Kiyotaka, Kokichi, Komaru, Kyoko, Mahiru, Maki, Makoto, Marin, Mikan, Mitsunari, Miu, Monaca, Monokuma, Mukuro, Nagito, Nekomaru, Ruruka, Ryoma, Seishi, Shuichi, Tenko, Teruteru, Touko
- Welcome to Black Rose Academy, probably the last school you'd want to end up in. A remodeled school located in the West of Japan, Black Rose is known for being the best at turning juvenile delinquents into successful citizens in society. The headmaster Ota Hayashi was a former corrections official at one of the largest juvenile correction centers. With his strong beliefs he built an entire school on the premises of getting troubled talented students the best education and social practices they'll need for the real world. Ranging from ages 16-19 every single one of the students who are enrolled were scouted, and every single one of them are troubled in some way. However, each student possesses a unique and ultimate talent that has potential to grow.
- Now a new school semester begins with class D, until something peculiar happens.... You can probably guess what happens next.
There was a dead body on the ground, blood pooling around them as the two students walked in. The girl let out a sad scream. A scream of panic. The boy threw up before clenching his fist, a determined look on his. "We'll find out who killed Sasuke-Chan, don't you worry Sakura. " An animal waddled out. Half white, Half black animal waddles out. "See Kiddos, It's a killing game! He-

The frame suddenly freezed. A figure twirled a remote in their hand, pausing to stick out their tongue. Making out their features was near impossible. "Are you tired of your typical killing game. All the Sad people crying over dead kids. Do you need a breath of fresh air? Well, do I have the deal for you." They leaned forward, sliding the discord link to the server over to you, giving a wink.

"This is DanganRonpa! Life in the Dream House. Or Just, Dream House if you don't like your mouth full. It's a new server. Irony is good. And the story is there, if you look for it. It's only for smart people, so like, square up. If you want a new ride, a break from the typical trip to a place of death. Join me here. I promise it'll be a lot of fun~"
Love Danganronpa? We’re offering a chance to join our RP server where you can read/write rps and talk with other DR fans. The 1st step is joining this gateway server to see if you’re a good fit…
More info here:
No places left, but spectators are welcome

Camp Danganronpa, destination despair

Out of nowhere you suddenly wake in a cabin that is unlike any room you recognize. As it turns out you are trapped on a campsite with 17 other students, how do you get out? What antics will take place here? And what is the matter with that bear? All these questions will be answered in the next episode of danganronpa RP.

1) There are two types of days, we have free days and plot days. Plot days are days where the plot advances as in motives, murders and trials. And free days which can be seen as school mode for the participants still alive.
2)You are not required to play on free days, but it is advised to at least participate a little to strengthen the bonds with other people.
3) plot days however are required to join. When these days are held are decided upon by all alive participants. These days fall in the evening of the European time zone. While we don’t mind if you are from other time zones, keep in mind that fitting it into your schedule might prove quite a problem.
4) Plot days are held twice a week unless circumstances make that impossible, then it will be only once a week.
Our RP has two hosts
The lovely Monomi: /u/derpybear_derp
and the hateful Monokuma: /u/TheBloperM
and questions you might have can be put in this post or direct messaged to either of us.

How to Join
To Join this RP you simply have to give us a direct message that you are interested in joining, from there either of us will send you an invite to the discord server. Once in the server you can read the detailed rules and make your character according to the template we have there. After direct messaging the character to us we shall review it and either accept it as is or ask for a few changes.

Notes for those considering:
No place left, but spectators are always welcome.

When does it start?
The starting time hasn’t been decided yet, as of now the starting time is around 10 February, but there is a chance that this date will be pushed back

We all very dearly hope to meet all of you at the camp.

-yours sincerely Monomi
A brand new, non-despair roleplay server! Once you join, please check the rules and the taken characters list to see who is available.
Welcome this is a non despair server for Danganronpa fans to come around and enjoy! We would really appreciate it if you joined us! —Admin Shuichi
As dawn approached, 16 unlucky students find themselves in a mysterious cruise ship branded as ‘MonoShip’.
They didn’t know where they were, why they were here or what has happened.
All they knew was that their lives possibly wouldn’t last past this..


In an all new adventure, all new cast and all new setting, Danganronpa V4 will keep you not only interested, but inside this fictional world!

So how about you join us today, everyone? The rest of the cast are waiting!
★ Welcome to Camp Hopes Peak! ☆

High school students with exceptional abilities have been scouted and invited to attend a prestigious summer camp placed in the middle of the forest. This wonderful environment provides campers with the opportunity to make memories with new friends while appreciating the beauty that nature has to offer.

But once campers arrive at the campsite, they’re faced with the terrifying reality lying before them…

This is no ordinary summer camp. Instead, it’s a killing game, hosted by the one and only Monokuma!

Camp Hopes Peak is a Danganronpa roleplay server that takes place on Discord. Currently, we’re only accepting canon characters from the game series. We’re newly opened and very eager for all kinds of Ultimates to join our camp experience! If you’re interested, please check the rules and head to taken characters to see who is currently available.

Thank you for reading!
*A chill runs up your spine... or was that something else? A long, slender, vine claps over your mouth before you can scream. Several more vines reach out from the blackness and grasp each of your limbs, around your waist, hips, chest, around your neck, squeezing, clawing, clutching. Your vision starts growing blurry, and you blacked out.*

25 students were brought to a mansion, and forced onto a game of life and death, being lead by their headmaster who called himself Monokuma.

With their lives on the line, how will they survive? Who will remain alive? Will the thorns of despair be cut, and will a seed of hope be planted? Join us in a game of Danganronpa, with murders and class trials!

Danganronpa | Thorns of Despair is a Danganronpa roleplay wherein OCs are used. The appearance of Canon Characters may happen. I hope you enjoy!
On an island far, far away lies a lovely little beach. You have been invited to join 29 other Ultimates on a government-funded vacation to strengthen your skills and bond with people just like you! How lucky!
When the sky overcasts and the tide grows stronger you can sense something's not right. Suddenly, a monochromatic stuffed seagull appears, seemingly out of the blue! It goes by the name Monochi, and claims you and the 29 other players were selected for the Ultimate Killing Game. Confused, you turn to ask the others if they know what's going on. They shake their head.

So, what's to become of our lovely Ultimates? There's one way to find out: Join Despair Shores!

The roleplay will not start until we have thirty characters. There's no deadline to apply. Until then, hang out in the general chat as we prepare for the deadliest game of all, the Ultimate Killing Game!!
Performa Arts Academy of Hope is happy to open its doors to you, the students! Join a school that is also a full time reality show as you aim to become The World's Greatest Superstar! The battle between Hope and Despair is only beginning.
- OC Submissions Only
- Limited Space 16 Slots
- AU Danganronpa RP
Welcome to a new world! Unmei Academy, a Danganronpa RP server, based off the Danganronpa franchise.
Create your character and RP as them! Make new friends and chat about Danganronpa and other interests!

This is an OC rp, meaning you use your own characters! Go wild with Ultimates! One of the most fun parts of the roleplay is developing a character.
YOU make the cases! Each chapter, a murderer will apply, with their case. Again, go wild! The more creative the murder, the more fun the trial!
ONE OF YOU is the mastermind! Figure out who at the mastermind trial!
NSFW is not allowed inrp nor ooc.

We're a group of teenagers experienced in Danganronpa rps, and decided to create our own public roleplay server.

Because we are teenagers, we prefer you be between the ages of 12-19. Other than that, there are no regulations. You don't have to be experienced; we accept newcomers as well!
Hey! Welcome to Danganronpa: Pre-Stage.
We're a danganronpa RP server! (obviously)

This is an OC roleplay, so you can't be any canon characters.
I hope you'll join!
An OC based killing game for up to 16 players. This is for the long run, and we hope to have a good time with this. Set in a school, not avoidant of spoilers for later games.
"Phuhuhu! WELCOME TO THE HOPE'S PEAK ACADEMY CLASS FIELD TRIP! You as well as 22 other students were on a Bus, heading Somewhere for A Relaxing, Calm & wonderful School Trip Break away from School but Tragedy Struck as Everything turned to Black and You Woke up in a Strange Place that seems Like The Place you were suppised to go to: The Paramania Hope Resort! What seems to be a Mixing of a Military base and a High end Large Resort! With Activities ranging From Skiing To Paragliding to Scuba Diving and any activity you can imagine and All seems Normal untill You Realise You and Your Fellow Classmates are Trapped in the Resort With Seemingly No Escape. As This Killing Game Begins, the Bonds and Trust as well as the Hope You all Have will Be put to the Test in the Latest And Hopeless Entry Of -DANGANRONPA! DESPAIRMANIA- Open the Curtains for the Most Tragic and Despairfueled Break away From academy life to FINALLY Begin!"
It’s the 60’s. The best of the best are trapped in a city and are forced to murder. If they can’t solve the case in time, everyone dies.
Welcome! This is a friendly ol' Danganronpa Roleplay Server!
We have a few rules which you can find on our server.
Feel free to join and just chat or perhaps make a character and start roleplaying whenever you'd like to! Ocs are welcomed!
Welcome to your new highschool but unfortunately you've been trapped here with 36 other students all of you wanting out but you're forced to kill to escape. Will you kill and become "the blackened" and risk being found out? will you be killed? Or will you survive? Only time will tell... (Also for now we have 34
spaces open for students and as time goes on more students may join and until then the story is 36 but they will come in later)
Appearing suddenly on a soft bed, color coordinated by either your outfit or your hair. You stirr awake, slowly pulling yourself off the bed. You hold your head, it stings. You peer around the room, the bedroom looking pretty normal. You find yourself interested in an oval shaped window. You slowly walk towards it, peering out the window. All you see for miles are clouds the light blue sky. You are on an airplane?!

[ This takes place after civilization rebuilds itself, maybe 1,000 years later than the others. You are placed on an airplane that's forever on auto pilot. The only way to escape is to kill. No way off this airplane, if you jump, you die. No parachutes. Only sky. For miles upon miles. ]

[ Looking for a bunch of students and Loonies! ]
[ P.S: For a quick explanation of the Loonies, they are certain people who have been brainwashed towards helping Zos in this game. They still have their own personalities and stuff, but they are mostly brainwashed into helping the headmaster. To put it in a way, they are the Monokubs. ]