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Group of survivors of The Tragedy and overall the Chaos that Junko Legacy brought, tries to survive in this cruel despairful world with their lightly shining hope beliving that they can do things.
They were escaping away from remnants of despair as everyone of them decided to get to bus not knowing what conditon of the machine is and started to drive...
That ended badly with an accident where everyone of the people in here died.

They were welcomed in Limbo

Limbo is the other world where all the livings gets another chance of life, another chance to fullfil their dreams they couldnt in first one, to continue where they left, before they die and go to heaven or hell or purgatory.

Group of people ended up in the Limbo alone not knowing that they will be trapped in Limbo's "city" without anyway to escape as they couldn't escape anywhere, whole Limbo is the place of another Killing Game... Killing games are even in limbo... They always will haunt humanity.

Yahooo~! Its Host Iwahara!
Nice to meet you everyone, we hope you will like this server like people here enjoy it.
We search people for Killing Game in Limbo, a dimension of people who died once and got another chance to live.
What we have~!
- Nice and Kind community
- helpful mods~
- Two hosts~!
- There might be some danganronpa mini games (who knows maybe not x))
- You can apply to be Mastermind / Traitor~
^ To That you can get your ideas done in our killing game we can help you do a little chaos in killing game or have your ideas come true~
- Interactive Hosts, you can befriend them for some perks~

As from you we would want you to
Follow the rules and be active~ only this~!

We will like youto join us and see how would you like us and our community so if you would like to check out come and check out~ 24 August is the day of final applies~!
Memes, roleplaying, chatting, pretty much anything Danganronpa. We also have game nights and movie nights (if that's anything you'd be interested in). Come join us in the Danganronpa Lounge! No worries, we don't bite.
```Dear [REDACTED]
We are pleased to invite you to a tour of a historic pueblo! This includes lodging and meals, as well as fun activities and the ability to meet other Ultimates like you! We hope to see you as we explore the lives of the Tenochtitlan natives! Attached are images of the fun you will have, please contact us at [REDACTED] To confirm your stay with 17 other travelers!```

You receive this letter in the mail and after time, decide to agree and join. Whats the harm in checking out some history in a foreign country with others as special as you? And the exposure opportunities! You would have never expected to have see human blood on the altars after a few days there though . . .
- Pretty much what the title says
- Owner is lazy, just a warning (a mod is writing this.)
- A mostly serious roleplay
- Who knows whats happening? Not you, that's why you should join.
- Rantaro stole a chicken
- Join or your dick comes off


Welcome to a world where Hope's Peak is a college, and all of the Danganronpa characters are just your average everyday students! With the exceptions of their Ultimates of course. A world with no Danganronpa, and no war between hope and despair. The After School Hangout club was created, which is exactly what the name implies. The clubhouse is open after school, and there's also a billboard inside for activities the members could do! These activities are basically roleplay events, so there's always something to keep you busy! This all pretty much sums it up, so now that you've got the gist of it, get out there and have fun!

We're always accepting new members! We're a warm and welcoming community that aims to provide a space for you to take a break from the killing games, meet new friends, and more! Hope you take us into consideration and enjoy your stay if you choose to join!



⟐ The server grew a lot, but don't let the large number of members intimidate you! Big servers intimidate me too, but you don't have to worry with this one. Everyone is honestly really friendly and inclusive. We always enjoy meeting new people!

⟐ You can only choose characters from THH, GD, UDG, KH, Rebirth, and Another 1 and 2!

⟐ We've recently returned from being a private server after the whole fiasco with the Discord hackers from July, and server construction.

Hello, and welcome to Hopes Held High; A new Danganronpa RP set on an airship and hosted on Discord ! The roleplay is set after the events of the DR3 anime, with no mention of V3, where the Future Foundation is recruiting a new generation of students. This RP is a killing game, so characters will be in a setting similar to that of the Danganronpa games. That being said, the rating of things will be kept similar to the games as well: There will be no inappropriate RP or excessive gøre allowed. We hope to see you there !
A small screen flickers to life in the middle of a dimly lit room. It was hung on a wall near the ceiling. The room contained the contents of what seemed like a bedroom, including off-white walls and tiled floors. A young looking man appeared in the screen’s frame. “Hello there!” He started with a fake smile on his face. “Welcome to the Etsuko project! It’s a very simple test, you’ll see. You will be placed with 17 other students in a simulation to make you look like a customized character of your choosing. The only stretch is, you need to act like them as well! You will be put into different scenarios to test to see how you should react to them. You should be back home in merely a few days time. Now, we’d like to ask that—“ The man’s voice was abruptly cut out by static, the screen flickered a bit, then showed a new face there. It was definitely not a human, instead it looked more like a robotic, black and white bat. It giggled a sweet, but mechanical, giggle, then smiled at the person watching the screen. “Hello hello!~ I hope you don’t mind if I take over for a bit! Oh, of course you don’t!” The bat said with a cheerful tone, and seemed to be eating from a bag of popcorn as it spoke. “Now, I know you all are wondering what’s going on. Well, I can tell you that you’ll be here longer than expected. And, even more exciting news, I get to watch you all kill each other! How exciting is that?? Oh, the blessings of technology! It was very simple to hack the simulation system’s mainframe. Anyway, we hope to see you in the dining hall in the morning! Bye bye!” And with that, the TV shut itself off, and the room went dark.
Hey guys you like danganronpa and role plays then join this server!
.We do written role plays
.VR chat rps
ill see you there ^^
this is a server where you can talk about anything danganronpa or meme related. there is dr1 and sdr2 roleplaying. :)
Welcome! This is a server where you can play our loved killing game and make friends along the way! Please keep in mind that this is a SERIOUS Danganronpa server. We like to about our beloved Danganronpa serious and have fun playing our own killing games! Enjoy! Cannon and OC characters are all allowed!
Welcome to Druganronpa, an active Danganronpa server for discussion and roleplays. Sometimes, the roleplays are serious. Usually, they're utter crack.
Wanna join us in roleplaying hell? That's cool. Would you rather just stick around and discuss Danganronpa with us? That's cool, too. Just prepare for chaos...
An audition server to join a Danganronpa Roleplay server with amazing staff, members and writers! We prioritize quality of your writing and how well you as a person would fit in with our server, and going through the audition process you will meet not only most of your staff members but also some potential new members to do scenes or speak with in an out of character message!

Our community is a great one, and once you get past the audition process to join our server I can promise we are a great community with close friends we speak with and an amazing staff team who will work with and help you for the ultimate experience of our server.
A killing game which takes place in an alternate universe where Hope's Peak Academy has never existed, and Ultimate Students go unrecognized for their talents. Trapped in a mall, 24 of these Ultimate Students find themselves in a killing game with a twist. The Monokuma Bangles from Danganronpa 3's Future Arc make a return along with a new daily game acting as a permanent motive. Both O.C. and Canon characters are allowed, though Canon Characters are not recommended.
Love Danganronpa? We’re offering a chance to join our RP server where you can read/write rps and talk with other DR fans. The 1st step is joining this gateway server to see if you’re a good fit…
More info here:
This is a Discord Server where you can roleplay Danganronpa characters from any Game in 1, and we will also do events every now and then to do a game event like the actual Danganronpa games.
This server is being re-listed as it's mostly dead. Please join! Personally I believe all the members are fun and upbeat, and we've just entered Season 3 of the Killing Game Roleplay. Even if you don't want to roleplay, you can join and chat with us! Thank you! :)
This is a danganronpa killing game! Much like the other ones, you kill to graduate, but this’s on a space ship with new hosts!
Welcome to the game where you kill to survive. But it’s not normal killing,
you have to vote for who you want to die. If you don’t vote, you’re the one killed! There are more rules to this death game, but what’s fun in a game where you know everything that’ll happen from the start? Pupupu~
Welcome to Lucifo academy where ultimates... Die!

You were handed a letter from someone adressed to your first and last name. It said your application to your dream school, Lucifo Academy, had been accepted! You jumped up with joy and could barely sleep the next night. Morning came, you got up and went to the entrance. There were 15 other ultimates there and you all were talking as you were waiting for the gates to open. A person, one of the other students, maybe, offers you all a snack, and then everything blacks out and you can't remember who it was.
A danganronpa roleplay set in a school, you can use OCs or canon characters, and there's also a peaceful RP for those who get bored!
» [ Danganronpa! ] is a server perfect for all your shitposting desires. We have cosplaying, roleplaying, art chats, edits, and a funky and fresh array of staff members! (I'm totally not biased,,) Looking for places to worship Kokichi? Share your passion for Byakuya? Show off your new Tsumugi wig? Spam pictures of bald Komaeda? This is the server for all of those things and more, I swear. We're a small community hoping to grow, with lots of roles and chats. We'd love it for you to come check us out!
Danganronpa Survivalist Paradise is a slice of life roleplay where you can visit numerous fan-favorite locations and interact with other ultimates! You can play as either canon characters or your own original characters, meaning you can see all sorts of interesting interactions and unlikely meetups.

This server also includes
-a community of Danganronpa fans who are glad to see new faces and friends
-an underlying, mysterious plot that the community itself must work together to uncover
-occasional events that rewards interaction and activity
-nsfw roleplay channels