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For English speakers living in Japan!

Find/Create a group for Gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, anime, outdoors, etc!

Hey everyone, I'd like to invite you to this server

- Make new friends
- Chat to new people
- Invite as many friends as you like
- Help build up the server
- And most importantly HAVE FUN!

all we ask is don't argue with any staff, follow the rules and it'll be great +13 only (as that is the Discord TOS)

And not to be rude but decent English speaking

Welcome and enjoy!
This is a serious Reich server. We have ranks such as civilian classes (lower, middle, higher) and Army ranks. (Gen. Lt. etc) Come, join the Reich.
A sever that is welcoming and friendly, we are a roleplay group designed for the Japanese empire during world war 2.
Welcome! We're a gaming/hangout community of chill people and we're here for a good time. (12+ recommended, English-speaking server.)

Our server hosts events, giveaways, and a fantastic group of people which creates an environment for all to enjoy.
Welcome to the Isle of Teratoúrg, a dinosaur RP! We focus on literate, and fun, active RP. Here, we have to offer:

-Friendly, though strict staff.
-An LGBTQ+ friendly community.
-A safe place for vents and rants.
-Plenty o' artists.
-And more!

If you're interested in this RP, feel absolutely free to join! We'd be happy for new members to join.
This is a roleplay server somewhat based on the Super Smash Bros series. However, it's not //strictly// a roleplay server. There's plenty of OOC chats for those who simply wish to join for gaming or making friends. :D
It is a 16+ community though. Expect to see swearing/cursing.

So far, we're attempting to tailor the server to be a very relaxing experience, and not be too intense, so you won't have to join expecting a rough time. And while it is an RP, it's meant for many more than just RPers.
Are you looking for promoting your own server? Do you like giveaways? Do you want friendly and active members? Well here’s the place for you! Come join us now