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Coffee And Chill
Welcome to a friendly server that has its own perks. We have many channels, and not so many strict rules that cause you to be rated pg. Although NSFW should be kept to a min. We are trying to build a community where we have gaming servers available for play, so others are able to chat and have fun. I am a Twitch streamer who welcomes more Twitch streamers into the community. We are strong growing server who welcomes all who join :D

- Come here to chill and make new friends
- Drink some coffee or whatever you wish and enjoy
-Don't forget to talk and have fun in each voice chat
-There are many improvements coming with each users help

Enjoy your stay, and if you join try not to leave immediately, please!
Hello! Welcome to the Coffee Crib, I would like to extend a hand and invite you to become apart of my discord family. In this server we are trying to make a peaceful, supporting and fun community.

This server is mainly a chill and relax server. We want to bring people who love talking and relaxers together. There is no judging allowed in this server so be yourself!!

Here's what we have to offer:
-Friendly staff
-Food Porn
-Role Play
-Political Chat
- Custom Emojis

A place where we can be free to speak and share. However, do not exaggerate the use of bad words please.

This A place where you can Enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and family.

We hope you'll join our server. THANKS! 😊
Welcome to our Café!
Our newly made café is open for business and waiting for new customers to hang out! If you want a place to chill, talk about stuff, drink coffee and listen to music this place is for you!
Hey! we’re a small yet friendly community looking to grow, no toxic behavior whatsoever, and we are open to suggestions because we constantly want to better the space. Ping @/staff for any questions when you join, we are happy to help :D
The Dark Oak is a casual hangout for lovers of warm morning beverages. Grab your mug and sit down to nice conversation or relax to the jazz in the background. I'm sure we have something to suite your cup of tea...

(Still under construction but its organized enough for the time being, please join its very empty... :c)

▬▬▬▬▬Willkommen auf dem Server▬▬▬▬▬
▬▬▬▬▬▬🏮 𝓢𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓾𝓴𝓮𝓵𝓼𝓽𝓾𝓱𝓵🏮▬▬▬▬▬

Wir sind ein recht neuer Server und bieten unseren
Mitgliedern eine Mischung aus Kommunikation &
neuen Freundschaften & zum anderen Platz für
Gaming begeisterte Leute. Anime Liebhaber sind
auf unserem Server auch am richtigen Platz.

𝓦𝓪𝓼 𝓫𝓲𝓮𝓽𝓮𝓷 𝔀𝓲𝓻 𝓮𝓾𝓬𝓱:
『🍂』Ein aktives und nettes Serverteam
das euch rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung
『🍂』Viele Rollen zur Gestaltung deines Profiles
『🍂』Zahlreiche Sprachkanäle für div. Spiele
『🍂』Div. Themenkanäle wie z.B Anime,Technik etc.
『🍂』Spannende Events an Tagen wie Ostern, Halloween
& Weihnachten.
『🍂』Level System mit spezifischen Rollen.
『🍂』Und ganz wichtig - eine angenehme Atmosphäre.

『🏮』Sollten wir dein Interesse geweckt haben, dann schaue
doch gerne mal vorbei! - Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Hey this is a description of the server caffeine town
caffeine town is a chilling coffee themed server we pretty much talk about coffee because we're addicted to it hey if you love coffee and you're addicted to it or just love it join the server we hope you enjoy your stay in it and we're gonna welcome you to it or if you like fun and being chill all the time join too we're gonna be happy seeing you there ^_^
📌 So you want to find love so you decided to go online

Well this place is a server for all the people who wishes to get in a relationship
May it be Regular, Trans, Gay or even Poly you are welcome to my shop ☕️

We offer some things right now
- Crappy but reliable staff
-Game Events or just Competitions
-A Large array of channels
-Roleplay channels
-Custom Roles
-A nice looking and quirky server

We are also looking for partners we have 100 members so that's something I guess

May you find love ❤️

Welcome to Pumpkin Latte!

Here we like to offer a warm drink to any of our members and to just sit down and hang out!

We are a small server looking to grow!

We also have

Self Roles!

NSFW section for those of age!

Gamers will not be oppressed here!

Come join and have fun! Invite your friends!
Coffeehouse server dedicated to customers looking for friendly, meaningful conversations.
★★Community of coffee heads.★★
Teaching and learning about coffee!
Looking to recruit new and old Baristas, Roasters, and Enthusiasts!

- we support and teach SPECIALTY COFFEE
-- specialty coffee is NOT gas station, starbucks, mcdonalds coffee!

- we do coffee give aways, i make a CUSTOM coffee for you to brew
-- which is higher than grade 85's

This server is unlike any other servers, we are an ACTUAL coffee server and everything is coffee related you better know when joining.

k thnx.
Anteiku Cafe jest miejscem spotkań Ghouli i Ludzi! Przyjdź porozmawiaj i popisz z nami w wolnym czasie! Posiadamy Radio Eska oraz 10 wolnych stolików (Kanałów głosowych)! Z pewnością ktoś się do ciebie przysiądzie i wypijecie pyszną kawę!


Hyju (To ja ^.^)
Madziulaa (Nasza prywatna lolitka)
Mr. Bednarskyy (Nasz zazdrośnik)
Reaper (Udaje poważnego! Ale tak naprawdę jest spoko! ♥)
Welcome to The Fully Caffeinated!

This server is for streamer @Muzzy#3642 on
it is a welcoming community for everyone! 53 different self assignable roles gaming talk, artist area and much more!
・゚゚・:.。..。.:゚::✼✿ !Ghost's Café RP Server! ✿✼:゚:.。..。.:・゚゚・*

・Everyone and Anyone is welcome here! No matter your gender or sexuality!
・Friendly Staff
・Growing Server
・Active owner
・Fun bots
・Fun Events
・Voice Calls
・Friendly Members
・Roleplaying (duh)
And Much more!

・゚゚・:.。..。.:゚::✼✿ Join !Ghost's Café RP Server! Now! ✿✼:゚:.。..。.:・゚゚・*
This server is meant for discussions, events, art, recommended music and more. Sip your coffee or tea and feel the love, friend; we're here coding away <3

im starting and building this community on my own so please dont be scared about the small amount of people x)
Come join Sequoia Café!
We are a warm and welcoming community looking for more members. It is a friendly place to relax, chat, and make new friends! We welcome anyone and everyone. We also have a roleplay area.

☕Identity Roles
☕Roleplay Area
☕Custom Commands
☕Fun Bots
☕Color Roles
☕Custom Roles
☕Currency System
☕Music Channels

Come on inside!
Γειά ! καλώς όρισες στην ομάδα μας ! έλα μπαίς και κάθησε μαζί μας να γνωριστόυμε !!! Σε περιμένουμε !

Hello ! welcome to our team! come in and sit with us to meet you !!! We are waiting for you !

A small safe place for everything Korean related (:
We offer :
☆-- self-assignable roles
☆-- safe space for lgbt folks
☆-- music rooms
☆-- and more !
Do you like coffee? So do we! We are a growing community that loves things like coffee, anime, games, NSFW, and much much more! Some of our bots include Pokecord, Coffea, Dank Memer, and a few others. We offer a comfortable and friendly environment and hope that you will join our little Pour-Over Paradise!
⤪【】 Welcome To The
⤪【】 [Today's Special]
⤪【】 Hangout With Friends
⤪【】 Be The Customer
⤪【】 Or You Can Serve Up A Smile
⤪【】 Roleplaying Server
⤪【】 Advertise Your Servers As Well
⤪【】 Take A Coffee Break And Stop By^^
An upcoming domestic e-chill and chat discord community, picking up the pieces from its 8k-member predecessor, *Barista Palace*. Tons of friendly e-girls.

Enjoy many benefits from this server such as partnering, userphone, party games, sharing music tastes, shitposting, exotic selfroles, venting and all you can ever dream of.

We also cater channels such as:
★Events such as coming soon!
★Looking for more Partnership and Event Managers!

Pls don't leave!!! ;((

*Why not live a little?*~
Welcome to the perfect coffee discussion server, Caffeinated!

This is a discord server for any discussion mainly related to Coffee, but we do allow general conversation! You can join us here to talk about anything you want as long as it follows our rules and Discord ToS.

Want to make friends, just chat and have a good time? Especially about Coffee? Join us in Caffeinated!
Welcome to our Coffee Shop. Which is like any other community server.
Meet with complete strangers and discuss everyday life. We got Coffee Roles and alot of different personalities put in one virtual box , so called a discord server.