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This server is a hub for anyone wishing to manifest or heal using the chakra system. The subtle energy system acts as a vortex through which prana/energy is absorbed, by making sure your chakras are balanced you provide a safe conduit for anything you wish to manifest in reality. Each chakra acts as an agent to the other bodies i.e physical, mental and emotional.
Hello and welcome to Divine where absolutely anyone may come by and check out what we have to offer! This is a social community focused on self-improvement, remote seduction/influencing, the teachings of Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy, and the law of attraction as a whole. We are a small, but growing, group of individuals striving to help others as we help ourselves on pursuing our goals and overcoming challenges. Don’t be shy, come say hello! What have you got to lose??
Improving the World; one Destiny at a time! Welcome to a server welcoming all souls of any background! The goal here is to help you reach your full potential in manifesting all you seek and desire while simultaneously helping the world around you! Take a leap of faith and be the best “you” imaginable!
This is a Law of Attraction-based community. You can hang out, promote your subliminal channel, share useful subliminals and all have a great time
A community that follows Neville Goddard's Teaching. We are helping each other in our journey to embrace a manifestation lifestyle.
A spiritual server based on radionics, free energy, ufos, meditation, law of attraction plus more! All are welcome.
A friendly family site for all that find us on discord and via our website. May we cater for all genuine people on the path to helping others through mindfulness, and psychic, higher-focused but positive development. Forums:-
We are a server of people that are interested in Law of attraction. Some of us just learn to use it, and some of us are trying to find out how exactly does it work. We're open to teach our members how to use it, and help them manifest properly.
If you're looking for a community related to law of attraction, remote seduction, meditation or other similar stuffs then join us on 'I AM'. Share your story, manifest your desires and raise your consiouness together. Your questions will be answered and help will be provided to keep you going on this journey.

Note : only join if you're interested & can contribute on the server. (inactive users do not join)