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This is an 18+ server dedicated to the exploration of past lives and reincarnation. For anyone who wants to explore the topic, learn past life recall techniques, discuss past life memories, deconstruct the cosmos, or understand their soul journey better, welcome!

This is a spiritual and discussion focused space for those who have spent some time developing their sense of self. We want to cater towards mature, dedicated explorers of reincarnation. If you have a passing interest you don't actually want to develop or think exploring past lives is just for fun or amusement, perhaps this isn't the place for you.

Any type of incarnation (human, non human, ET, higher dimensional, etc.) are welcome to be discussed. We hope you'll join us!
Do you believe in reincarnation? Have people called you an old soul before? We are a community of old souls that discuss various topics about life, and spirituality. As old souls we are a select few, and that's why this server was made, in order to help other old souls not feel isolated and alone 😀. We also have starseeds and empaths on the server 👍. Whether you think your a soul from ancient or old times or a soul that has reincarnated enough times we welcome you! The server population is small but slowly growing.
We look forward to meeting you!

16+ server (exceptions in rules).
18+ for NSFW chats.
You must believe in reincarnation to join. Other rules in rules channel.
No hate or harassment!
"A war is coming."
Across the world, many were sought out for their talents. These were known as the Affinity, beings believed to be reincarnations of ancient deities from across the world. Their various abilities made them a danger, they needed to be taught, and given proper training.

With more Affinities comes their issues - their essence. Monsters wreak havoc, breaking free from the dark of the night. The invisible order known as the 'Pantheon Institute' has trained Affinities for years, to combat this threat.

|Pantheon Reborn| Is an RP designed around Mythology. Though it's also combining various teen fiction pieces, while also allowing a variety of deities to pick from.

The RP will focus on teen monster hunters of an invisible order. Destined to end up just like their predecessors. Will you join your brethren against monsters? Will you defy fate, and join the society? Or will you go alone, and just do it yourself?
This is a server for discussions on topics related to reincarnation and past lives - both anecdotal evidence and scientific research.
Hey you! Yeah you there! I just wanted to let you know about
The Cookie City
:new:We have the latest trend updates on our server!
:map:Got lost? We have a map to help you find your way around the city!
:moneybag:We have lots of giveaways!
:family:We are family friendly!
:ballot_box:We have lots of polls!
:iphone:We have advertising sections!
:clipboard:We have lots of assignable roles!
:video_game:We have channels for every video game you can think of!
:rofl:We have a daily meme section!
:sos:Need help? We have a bot to dm that we can respond to!
:robot:We have your favorite bots like Dank memer and carl-bot!
:ambulance:We have emergency lockdowns for raids!
:chart_with_upwards_trend:We have reddit posts right to our server
:desktop:We have custom commands!
Join now you cannot resist:point_right:
New Server Trying To Start New Community! NO E BEEF! EDGY MEMES , EDGY GOTH GIRLS! 3:1 FEMALE TO MALE RATIO. broken caps , cool satanic emotes. BEST EDGY SERVER
a roleplay similar to the usual disney college rps except this one is any fictional character you want (with few exceptions) living in a small town. your character will be a reincarnation of that character, so not entirely the same. please join if you're interested. we use realistic face claims.
we will soon rule over the entire planet.

If you struggle with relationships we will help you fix that issue, this may include hormone therapy in some cases.