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Official Public Discord server for INTJ's. Freedom of speech along with discussion/debate is encouraged. Preventing mod power abuse is a strong value here.
This is a brand new MBTI server with a focus on INTJs. All types are welcome! We are also open to discussion about enneagram, socionics and various other type systems.

This server was made to be a chill alternative to other, similar MBTI-focused servers. No fascists, no trolls, no bigots. Everyone else, come on in! ☕
New and kinda quiet (for now xd) place for all typology, especially MBTI enthusiats! All types are welcomed :). Come and see for yourself. Might get weird at some point, but dw, everything is under control XD. A good place for those looking for fun, but also for those of you who are more serious.
P.S. It's my first time creating a server, so naturally there will occur some imperfections, but that's exactly what you people will be there for.
This server is dedicated to developing ourselves in a fostering environment for N-Dom types. We are a small server, looking to maintain a tightly knit community where many events geared towards self-expression will be held. If you would like to be a part of it don't hesitate and join :)
A cozy place with little moderation for people interested in typology and other things.
A cozy place with little moderation for people interested in typology and other things.
If you can say yes to all of these:-
You are an introvert.
You are irreligious.
You are very imaginative, open-minded and curious.
You like science.
You think that you have high potential.
You focus on objectivity and rationality, prioritizing logic over emotions.
You are weird, eccentric even, and proud of that.
You have or used to have a superiority complex.
You qualify! Consider yourself a member.